Caring for God's creation

Caring for God's creation
Calvin's community garden has plots for students, faculty and staff to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Learn to care for God's creation by growing fruits and vegetables in Calvin's community garden. Even if you don't have a green thumb yet, this opportunity will help you develop skills to grow healthy, sustainable food right where you live.

The community garden is just one way to get involved in creation care initiatives at Calvin. You can learn more about environmentally sustainable living by participating in the residence hall's annual Kill-a-Watt competition or by living on the Creation Care/Outdoor Recreation floor in van Reken Hall.

Learn more about Calvin's commitment to environmental sustainability at

Made in God’s image to live in loving communion with our Maker, we are appointed earthkeepers and caretakers to tend the earth, enjoy it, and love our neighbors. God uses our skills for the unfolding and well-being of his world so that creation and all who live in it may flourish.

Our World Belongs to God, A Contemporary Testimony

VERGE: fall 2013

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