Alumni Profile: Lia Kaufman '05

Lia Kaufman '05

Major at Calvin

biology, biochemistry (minor) and pre-med

Graduate Studies

Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic (residency), University of Pittsburgh - fellowship in gastroenterology

Lia Kaufman is no stranger to hard work: after four years of medical school at Loyola, she's in her third year of residency at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. Still, Lia says that some of the most difficult academic work she's ever done was in Calvin's pre-med program.

Her classes, along with research she did with chemistry professor Darla McCarthy and volunteer work at places like the Cherry Street Health Clinic, Hope Rehab Center and Metro Health system prepared her well for medical school.

Her advice to aspiring doctors and other health professionals? "Identify good mentors in your professors and get involved in research as soon as possible. Also, volunteer or find jobs in the medical field to get patient exposure."


VERGE: spring 2012

First-Year Experience