Alumni Profile: David Cieminis '04

David Cieminis '04

Energy on a Grand Scale

When many people think of solar energy, they picture a few black panels mounted on the roof of a house. Not David Cieminis.

"I work in utility-scale solar development. Utility-scale solar projects are characterized as ground-mounted projects on 40 acres or more. The projects I work on in Califorinia's Central Valley and High Desert region typically span over 200 acres."

It's a big job, in every way. David is responsible for all aspects of such projects: determining project scope, negotiating with landowners, connecting grids and deciding which sites are the least likely to disturb critical wildlife habitats. In California, projects of this magnitude take at least three years to build, so each project is also an exercise in looking to the future.

David credits his time at Calvin with provising a great foundation for his life and his future. An interim in Tanzania opened his eyes to the poverty and pain in the developing world and also the opportunities present there. His classes, extracurricular activities and role as a student leader taught him the discipline, prioritization skills and a biblical worldview that contintue to motivate him long after graduation.

"I hope to combine my passions for Third World development and solar energy to bring solar energy to some of the 1.3 billion individuals around the world that lack access to electricity. Solar energy is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective solutions to improve standards of living around the world."

"My interest in solar energy is driven by God's call in Genesis 1:26 to be a steward of His creation and to act as His agent of renewal throughout the world. Working in renewable energy allows me to play a small part in caring for God's creation."

VERGE: spring 2012

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