From Grand Rapids to Ghana Your passport to Africa

Take a little trip with us. Just for the next few pages. It won't compare to the real adventures you could take as a Calvin student, but at least you can get a taste of what it might be like to study abroad in college.

Let's go to the continent of Africa, where dozens of Calvin students travel each year. 

  • Travel to Ghana and help a village soccer team score a winning goal and shadow doctors at a local hospital. 
  • Intern with a Grand Rapids-based organization that installs water filters in places where people regularly die from drinking contaminated water. 
  • Learn about AIDS research a Calvin political science prof is doing in Zambia—and what you could do to help out. 


1. Spend the fall semester in Ghana learning the native langauge, Twi, African drumming and dance, and much more about history, culture and politics. 

2. Use one of your January interims to study leadership in Kenya, healthcare in Ethiopia or the history of apartheid in South Africa.

3. Get an internship in Niger, Nigeria or Zambia through Calvin's international development studies program.

4. Help a prof conduct research on journalism in Kenya or help teach Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to geography professors in Ethiopia. 

VERGE: Winter 2011

First-Year Experience