WOODTV Internship Q&A

WOODTV Internship Q&A

In many ways, an internship is like a first date with a potential career, a time when you can ask questions like, “Are we well-suited for each other?”

and "Does the lifestyle you offer line up with my long-term goals?" That’s just what Calvin’s own Josh Schroyer got at his internship with WOOD-TV 8.

So Josh, how did you get connected with WOOD-TV 8?

Josh at his internship

Basically it was just the experiences I had at Calvin that got me the job. Over my freshman, sophomore, and most of my junior year, I kind of built my resumé. Then when I was a junior, I applied for the position at WOOD-TV—went in for the interview, and got the job.

So what did your day look like when you went into work?

Josh at his internship Well, usually I show up at eight every morning for the shooting portion of the show. Then I talk with the executive producer, pick up the scripts, assist the floor director between set changes, greet guests in the lobby, bring the guests coffee and water—that type of stuff. I guess that’s a typical morning. Then sometimes I stick around in the afternoons, and I’ll get to do some filming.

Was this your first internship experience at Calvin?

Josh at his internship

No, it was actually my second internship at WOOD-TV. I also interned the summer between my junior and senior years. Over the summer, I was doing more production and news, and then this spring I was working on the Show 8 West, which is more entertainment focused.


Oh, so you actually got to do some shooting for the show?

Josh at his internship

Well yeah, one day I came in, and one of the people that usually shoots the stories was sick. They knew I had some experience shooting, so they were just like, “Hey so-and-so’s gone, but we still really need to shoot this story because it needs to air tomorrow. You’re the only one who can do it.” So I was pushed into a position that I was kind of ready for, but I wasn’t actually trained to do.”

So what sort of projects have you been working on lately?

Josh at his internship

Well, my favorite was definitely the Rocket Summer lipdub we did last year.We actually shut down the fieldhouse for the afternoon and had like 100 students come in.Yeah, that was probably one of the biggest projects I tackled at Calvin. And it wasn’t even for a class! It was just kind of an idea.

What advice do you have for incoming students hoping to study media productions?

I would say definitely get involved in student organizations on campus. When you’re a freshman, that’s the easiest way to get to know people and start getting hands-on experience right away. Ask to help with some of the larger projects juniors and seniors are doing. They’d definitely love your help, and they’ll probably teach you a few things along the way!

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