Alumni Profile: A well-rounded biochemistry major Biochemistry grad embraces more than just research at Calvin

A well-rounded biochemistry major
Nick Be '05 was involved in plenty at Calvin, including a band he founded with his friends.

MAJOR: biochemistry

GRAD STUDIES: PhD in biology from Johns Hopkins University; post-doctoral fellowship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"The research environment at Calvin is a huge advantage. Being familiar with advanced techniques and cross-disciplinary research certainly gives you a leg-up. One comment I got consistently during my interviews was that it was rare for an undergrad to have such a thorough understanding of his research, which was entirely a credit to my Calvin professors."

As a biochem major Nick Be knew that graduate school was in his future. Since he also wanted a life outside of the lab, he chose Calvin.  

Study-abroad programs took him to Vietnam, India and Ecuador. The band he formed in the dorm didn’t make it big, but the friendships did. His classes, along with research he did with chemistry professor Eric Arnoys, provided an onramp to his grad school plans.

Nick recently completed his doctorate at Johns Hopkins, where he studied central nervous system tuberculosis, a devastating disease that affects children in developing nations. Next, he’s heading to California for a postdoctoral fellowship in biodefense research, studying better ways to identify unknown pathogens that are of interest to national defense.

Nick Be: Set up for success

VERGE: fall 2011

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