Track star RACHEL BOERNER '11

Rachel Boerner captures the national title in the indoor 400-meter dash at the 2011 NCAA III Indoor Track and Field Championships.

HOME: North Dakota, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan and North Carolina

ACADEMICS: physics major with a double minor in Spanish and astronomy

ATHLETICS: Four-time NCAA DIII national champion

WHERE SHE IS TODAY: Attending grad school in medical physics at East Carolina University

Rachel Boerner made her mark at Calvin as an outstanding physicist. In fact, her college job included working for the physics department as a grader, lab assistant and observatory assistant. 

But when she wasn’t in the observatory, she was running. Rachel is an NCAA Division III four-time national champion. In the spring of 2010, she captured the national title in the indoor 400-meter dash. At the NCAA III 2010 Outdoor Track and Field Championships, she captured two individual national titles—the 400-meter dash and the 400-meter hurdles—on the same day. Capping her career was the 2011 national title in the indoor 400-meter dash.  

“Calvin has affected the way I approach life. Calvin taught me to think deeply and critically about what I believe. Calvin also taught me the skills needed to explain my beliefs in a coherent manner. I don’t have even the remotest idea of what direction my life will take; I’m just trusting that God will be beside me in any circumstance that comes my way.”

WHY CALVIN? "I chose Calvin because of the astronomy program. I was looking at private schools in the Midwest and most of the schools only had one or two astronomy classes to offer. I investigated Calvin and realized that I would never find another Christian school with even half of the astronomy program that Calvin has."

VERGE: winter 2011

First-Year Experience