Alumni Profile: Ben '03 and Cherie Katt '03

Ben '03 and Cherie Katt '03

Ben and Cherie Katt are working hard in a north-Seattle neighborhood to make worlds collide. Together with their church, Awake, they run a neighborhood meeting spot that connects the two socioeconomic classes living in their area: highly educated young professionals and urban poor who struggle with things like drug addiction and homelessness.  

Through activities like art classes, yoga, community gardening and game nights at the Aurora Commons, Ben and Cherie hope to see people who have nothing in common build the kind of Christ-centered community where everyone has something to contribute—and learn.

Experiences in prayer groups and Project Neighborhood at Calvin helped the Katts form their revolutionary vision of what the body of Christ should look like. Ben says it often starts with something very simple: work. Quoting Christian activist Shane Claiborne, he says, “Everyone wants a revolution, but no one wants to do the dishes.”

Read Ben's blog about ministering at Awake Church in Seattle. 

Check out the neighborhood blog that Ben keeps about Aurora Ave

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