Four years of blessings

While Calvin students learn and grow on campus for four years, Calvin supporters also demonstrate a deep commitment to students by investing in the college for four years or more. The Calvin community is grateful to those who have partnered financially with us in our mission in each of the past four fiscal years.

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Anonymous Donors
Mr. Kevin and Dr. Kay Aardema
Ms. Mary Jane Aardema
Ms. Gwen Aardema
Miss Joyce Aardema
Dr. Adel Abadeer and Mrs. Kimarie McTaggart Abadeer
Dr. Daniel and Dr. Elizabeth Abbas
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Deborah Abbring
Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Abkes
Mrs. Gertie Abkes
Mr. Ross Acheson
Mr. James Achterhof
Mrs. Judith Achterhof
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Gail Achterhof
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Carol Ackerman
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Ackerman
Ms. Cheri Ackerman
Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Joyce Ackerman
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Barbara Adams
Rev. Kevin and Mrs. Gerry Adams
Mrs. Kathryn and Mr. Vincent Adams
Ms. Margaret Adams and Mr. John Ambrosius
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marianne Adams
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Jill Adams
Mrs. Audrey Adema
Mrs. Mary Adgate
Mrs. Karen Admiraal
Rev. Richard and Mrs. Rose Admiraal
Ms. Suzanne Admiraal and Mr. Patrick O'Brien
Mrs. Marlys and Rev. Henry Admiraal
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Lois Admiraal
Mr. Judson and Mrs. Evelyn Afman
Dr. Marc and Mrs. Darcy Afman
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Kenneth Afman
Rev. Carl and Mrs. Janice Afman
Dr. Scott Ahrenholz
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Mary Ahrenholz
Ms. Marie Albers
Ms. Sheryl Albertie Becker and Mr. Stuart Becker
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Martin Alberts
Mr. Patrick Alberts
Pastor James and Mrs. Suzanne Alblas
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Robert Alderink
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Jamie Alderink
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Lynda Alderink
Mrs. Sandra Alderink
Mr. Jacob Alderink
Mr. Cleo Aldrich
Mrs. Helena Aldrich
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Joy Alferink
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Melissa Allen
Mrs. Marion Allen
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jean Allison
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Virginia Alofs
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Alphenaar
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Jennie Alsum
Mr. Christian and Mrs. Heather Altena
Mr. David and Mrs. Grace Altena
Dr. Ruth and Mr. Samuel Alward
Mrs. Kara and The Honorable Justin Amash
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Todd Ambrose
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Roxanne Ament
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Penny Ames
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Evelyn Amick
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Stanley Anderson
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Anne Anderson
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Corrie Anderson
Mrs. Erica Anderson
Mrs. Gloria and Mr. Grant Anderson
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Beth Andre
Mr. Don and Mrs. Wendy Andree
Dr. Dale and Mrs. Mary Andringa
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Carolyn Andringa
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Donna Anema
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Marilyn Anema
Miss Helen Anema
Mrs. Krystene and Mr. James Antvelink
Mr. John Apol
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Diane Apol
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith Apol
Mr. Arvin and Mrs. Lois Apol
Mr. Henry Apol
Mrs. Alice Apol
Ms. Annetta Apotheker
Ms. Janet Apotheker
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. John Apotheker
Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Richard Applebee
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Elizabeth Aquino
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Jamie Ardis
Mr. Del and Mrs. Muriel Arendsen
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Lou Arendsen
Mrs. Wanda and Mr. John Arenz
Mr. Garry and Dr. Helen Arkema
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Armistead
Mr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca Armour
Mr. David and Mrs. Joanna Armour
Mrs. Grace Armour
Dr. Anton Armstrong
Rev. Harry and Mrs. Kathryn Arnold
Mrs. Joanne Arnoys
Dr. Eric Arnoys and Ms. Anne LaGrand
Ms. Marilyn Ashley
Mrs. Claire and Mr. Robert Ashman
Dr. Ralph Askam
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Dawn Asma
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Bethel Asma
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Asma
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Dorothy Assink
Mrs. Ibilola and Mr. Clement Audu
Mr. Julian and Mrs. Elaine Aukeman
Mr. Alan Aukeman
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Justine Aultman
Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Margery Aumann
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Aupperlee
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Edward Ausema
Mr. John and Mrs. Tatiana Ausema
Mr. Daniel and Dr. Margaret Ausema
Mr. David and Mrs. Chin In AuYeung
Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Anita Avery
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Joanne Avink
Mrs. Alice and Mr. Richard Avrit


Mrs. Doris Baak
Rev. Larry and Mrs. Sharyl Baar
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sarah Baar
Mr. Clare and Mrs. Marlys Baar
Mrs. Phyllis Baarman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Baas
Ms. Amy Baas
Mrs. Terri and Mr. Mark Baas
Mrs. Henrietta Baas
Mrs. Marilyn Baas
Miss Shirley Baas
Ms. Martheen Baas
Mr. David and Mrs. Rene Baatenburg
Dr. Dirk Baay
Mrs. Muriel Baay
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Linda Babechenko
Mrs. Edith and Mr. David Bain
Mr. John and Mrs. Maria Bajema
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Joanne Bajema
Mr. Derek and Mrs. Sarah Bajema
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Ruth Bajema
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Patricia Bajema
Mrs. Judith and Mr. David Baker
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Baker
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Dianna Baker
Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Velda Baker
Dr. Laurence and Mrs. Linda Baker
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Douglas Baker
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Dawn Baker
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Connie Baker
Mrs. G. and Mr. John Baker
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Vivian Baker
Rev. Ronald and Mrs. Everdine Baker
Ms. Cynthia Baker
Miss Jerene Baker
Mr. David and Mrs. Paula Baker
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Joan Baker
Mrs. Corrie and Mr. Michael Bakker
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Barbara Bakker
Mrs. Thea Bakker
Ms. Doris Bakker
Dr. Durward Bakker
Rev. Paul and Mrs. Margery Bakker
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Ann Bakker
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Joyce Bakker
Mr. Loran and Mrs. Kathleen Bakker
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judith Balfoort
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Joyce Ball
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Patrice Ballast
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Linda Ballast
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Ruth Bandstra
The Honorable Richard and Mrs. Cynthia Bandstra
Mrs. Alice and Mr. James Bandstra
Mr. Bert and Mrs. Elaine Bandstra
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Laura Bandstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Phyllis Bandstra
Mr. John and Mrs. Ann Bandstra
Mrs. Gerry Bangen
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Tiffany Bangma
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Annika Bangma
Mrs. Gladys Bangma
Dr. Leon and Mrs. Donna Bangma
Mr. David and Mrs. Carla Banister
Mr. John and Mrs. Vicki Bannerman
Mrs. Anita Banning
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Merrie Bannink
Mr. Johannes and Mrs. Marjorie Bantjes
Mr. John and Mrs. Marcella Bantjes
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Scott Barber
Mrs. Kathryn and Mr. Peter Bardolph
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Helene Bardolph
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Rachel Bardolph
Mrs. Elaine Bardolph
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Bardolph
Rev. Vern and Mrs. Sandra Bareman
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Linda Bareman
Mr. Steve and Ms. Rebecca Barkema
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Scott Barker
Mr. Henry Barlow
Mrs. Miriam and Mr. Eric Barnes
Dr. Rosemary and Mr. Robert Barnes
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Ruth Baron
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Kenneth Baron
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Jane Barsema
Mr. David and Mrs. Maureen Bart
Mrs. Nancy Bartels
Mrs. Laura Bartleson
Ms. Sandra Barto
Mrs. Ruth Basney
Mr. Andrew Bass and Ms. Catherine Ristola Bass
Mrs. Rena and Mr. Peter Bast
Mrs. Jane and Mr. John Batterink
Mr. John and Mrs. Barb Battjes
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Amy Battoclette
Mrs. Willa and Mr. Roger Bauer
Mr. John Baukema
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Ethel Baum
Mrs. Erica and Mr. James Bauman
Mrs. Wilma Bauman
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Patricia Bauman
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Beverly Baumann
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Deanna Bax
Dr. Kevin and Dr. Amy Bax
Mrs. Nancy and Dr. Garry Bayliss
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Baylor
Mr. Bernard Bazan and Mrs. Julie Shiner-Bazan
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dianne Bazuin
Mr. James and Mrs. Delores Bazzett
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Sam Beach
Miss Shelby Beagle
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mary Ann Bearss
Ms. Katelyn Beaty
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Elizabeth Beaty
Mr. Christopher Becker and Mrs. Benita Samuel
Mr. Willis and Mrs. Verla Beckering
Dr. John and Mrs. Thea Beebe
Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia Beelen
Mr. Terence and Mrs. Joni Beezhold
Mr. James and Mrs. Carol Beezhold
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Celia Beishuizen
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Deedra Bejarano
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Norma Bekker
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lori Bekkering
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Kathleen Bell
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Julane Bellin
Mrs. Annette Belstra
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Dorothea Beltman
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Yvonne Bengelink
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Elizabeth Bengelink
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Anne Bengelink
Mrs. Faith and Mr. John Bennett
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Jane Bennett
Mrs. Cheryl Bennett-Johnson
Rev. Mark and Mrs. Sheri Bennink
Mrs. Judy and Mr. William Benzel
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deborah Bere
Dr. Joan Berends
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Nancy Berghoef
Mr. Henry Berghoef
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Cynthia Berghuis
Dr. Bruce and Ms. Megan Berglund
Mrs. Peggy and Mr. Dale Bergman
Mrs. Lynnae and Mr. Robert Bergman
Mrs. Thelma Bergman
Mr. Berwin and Mrs. Dorothy Bergman
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Barbara Bergsma
Professor Jerry and Kari Bergsma
Mrs. Marjorie Bergsma
Mrs. Gertrudis and Mr. Neil Bergsten
Professor Kenneth and Mrs. Sharon Bergwerff
Mr. Willard Berkenpas
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Berkhof
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Donna Berkhof
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Janis Berkhof
Mrs. Julia Berkompas
Mr. George and Mrs. Gertrude Berkompas
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Sheila Berkompas
Mr. Alvin Berkompas
Dr. John and Mrs. Margery Bernbaum
Mrs. Anita and Mr. Robert Berteletti
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Rebecca Bertram
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Sandra Betten
Mr. Johan and Mrs. Verna Betten
Dr. Kenneth Betten
Mrs. Charlotte Betten
Ms. Ann Marie Beukelman
Mr. Marenus and Mrs. Arlene Beukema
Mr. John and Mrs. Lynn Beukema
Mrs. Gertie Beukema
Mr. John and Mrs. Caroline Beukema
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Rita Beukema
Dr. Gordon Beute
Dr. Eric Beversluis and Dr. Lynn Underwood
Dr. Claudia and Dr. Marcus Beversluis
Dr. David Beversluis
Mrs. Adriana Beving
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jill Bewell
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Sophia Bezanson
Mrs. Delia and Mr. Robert Bianchin
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Biel
Dr. David and Mrs. Jill Bielema
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sally Bielema
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith Bielema
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Linda Bierema
Mr. David and Mrs. Marlene Bierenga
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Barbara Bierens
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathleen Bierens
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Shirley Bierlink
Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Dawn Bierma
Mr. Syne Bierma
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Dianne Bierma
Mrs. Marlene Biesboer
Ms. Linda Bieze
Mrs. Jennifer Bill-Drost and Mr. Abraham Drost
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Kevin Billiau
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Sara Billin
Mrs. Henrietta Billings
Mr. David and Mrs. Sandra Bishop
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Pamela Bishop
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Crystal Bishop
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Joan Bishop
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jeanne Bishop
Mrs. Norma Bither
Mrs. Mary Bjork
Miss Martha Blaauw
Mr. Rod and Mrs. Karen Blackford
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deanna Blackwell
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary Blacquiere
Mrs. Gladys Blacquiere
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Lavonne Blacquiere
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Karen Blamer
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Sandra Blanchard
Rev. Barry and Mrs. Clarice Blankers
Rev. Edward and Mrs. Carol Blankespoor
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Catherine Blankespoor
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Katrina Blankespoor
Rev. James Blankespoor and Rev. Elizabeth Vander Haagen
Mrs. Edith Blankespoor
Ms. Janice Blauwkamp
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Caroline Blauwkamp
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Arlene Blauwkamp
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Kari Blech
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Natalie Block
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Joy Blocker
Mr. James and Mrs. Diane Bloem
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Jacqueline Bloem
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Mary Ellen Bloem
Mrs. Diane Bloem
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sarah Bloem
Mr. Alfred Bloem
Mrs. Janet and Mr. Henry Bloem
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Barbara Bloem
Mr. William and Mrs. Irma Blok
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Kimberly Blok
Mrs. Heidi Blokland
Mrs. Verla and Rev. Jerry Blom
Mr. Myron Blom
Mr. Stanley Blom
Mrs. Frances Blount
Ms. Mary Blydorp
Miss Louise Blystra
Mrs. Julie and Dr. James Bockheim
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Bode
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Laura Bode
Mr. Jacob and Ms. Jamie Bode
Rev. Harold and Mrs. Helen Bode
Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Boyd Bode
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Janice Bode
Commissioner Jack and Mrs. Naida Boelema
Ms. Kelly Boelens
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Eleanor Boelens
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Jolinda Boelkins
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Maureen Boelkins
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Alyce Boender
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mae Boender
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. John Boender
Dr. Warren and Mrs. Joanne Boer
Mr. William and Mrs. Laurie Boer
Mrs. Judith Boer
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Jayne Boer
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Dawn Boer
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Karen Boer
Ms. Sara Boer
Mr. Bert and Mrs. Mary Boerema
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Mary Boerema
Mrs. Sibilla and Mr. George Boerigter
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Michele Boerma
Mr. Lyle and Mrs. Ruth Boerman
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Rodney Boerman
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Linda Boerman
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Joyce Boerman
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Marcia Boerman
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Alida Boerman
Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Rebecca Boerman
Mrs. Joanne and Mr. Laron Boerman
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Joy Boerman
Mrs. Nancy Boerman
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Sheryl Boersema
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Jana Boersema
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Carolyn Boersen
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Jeanne Boersen
Ms. Sharon Boersma
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Janice Boersma
Dr. David and Mrs. Donna Boersma
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Martin Boersma
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Cleo Boersma
Mr. Bert Boersma
Mr. David and Mrs. Priscilla Boersma
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Louise Boersma
Dr. Garrett and Mrs. Laura Boersma
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sandra Boersma
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Judy Boertje
Mrs. Linda Boertje
Mr. Thad and Mrs. Alice Boertje
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Jennifer Boes
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Boes
Professor Edgar Boeve
Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. Edwin Boeve
Mrs. Barbara Boeve
Mrs. Nella and Mr. Norman Boeve
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Carolyn Boeve
Mr. Loren and Mrs. Cynthia Bogaards
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Susan Bogardus
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Lorna Bogertman
Mr. William and Mrs. Willemke Bogertman
Mr. Daniel Boice
Dr. P. Dean and Mrs. Audrey Bok
Mrs. Valerie and Mr. Nathan Bokma
Mrs. Audrey and Mr. David Bokuniewicz
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Bol
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Gloria Bol
Mr. Justin Boldt and Ms. Elizabeth Howell
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. James Bolhuis
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. Jeremy Bolker
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Dennis Bolles
Mrs. Kay and Mr. William Bolman
Dr. Robert Bolt
Dr. John and Mrs. Ruth Bolt
Dr. Brian and Mrs. Joan Bolt
Dr. Daniel Bolt and Dr. Jee-Seon Kim
Mr. David and Mrs. Kimberly Bolt
Mr. Timothy Bolt
Mrs. Nancy Bolt
Mr. Edward and Dr. Kathryn Bolt
Mrs. Arlene Bolt
Mr. James and Mrs. Connie Bolt
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deanne Bolt
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Carol Bolt
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Elizabeth Bolt
Mr. Francis Bolthuis
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy Bom
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Anthoinette Bom
Mr. David and Mrs. Laurel Bonnema
Dr. Helen Bonzelaar
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Lynette Boodhoo
Dr. Damon and Mrs. Megan Boogaart
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Crystal Boogaart
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Mariellen Boomsma
Mrs. Mary Boomsma
Mr. John and Mrs. Darlene Boomsma
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Trena Boonstra
Mr. John and Mrs. Brenda Boonstra
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Thelma Boonstra
Mrs. Phyllis Boonstra
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Laura Boonstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Barbara Boonstra
Mrs. Lois Boonstra
Mr. Melvin Boonstra
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Carol Boonstra
Mr. Keith and Ms. Judith Boonstra
Mr. Rudy Boonstra
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Boot
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Boot
Mr. John Boot
Mrs. Marjorie Boot
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Cheryl Bootsma
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Beverly Borduin
Rev. Dr. Peter and Mrs. Janet Borgdorff
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Joann Borgerding
Mr. John and Mrs. Susan Borgman
Mrs. Harriet Borgman
Mrs. Elaine Borgman
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Beulah Bork
Mr. Edward Borkhuis
Mrs. Martha Bormann
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Shirley Born
Mrs. Gertrude and Mr. Gerard Borst
Ms. Nancy Borst
Mrs. Julianna Borst
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kim Borst
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Jeanne Borst
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Marcia Bos
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Fay Bos
Dr. Cindy Bos and Mr. Steven Snoeyink
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Cindy Bos
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy Bos
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Dolores Bos
Mrs. Eleanor Bos
Ms. Shirley Bos
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Joan Bos
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Esther Bos
Ms. Linda and Mr. Robert Bosch
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Shelley Bosch
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Lydia Bosch
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Rose Bosch
Miss Janice Bosch
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Cindy Bosch
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Linda Boscha
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Cheryl Boshoven
Dr. Bette Bosma
Mr. Fred Bosma
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kathleen Bosma
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Linda Bosma
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Judith Bosma
Mrs. Esther Bosma
Mrs. Barbara Bosma
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Bosma
Mr. Alvin Bosma
Mr. George and Mrs. Carol Bosma
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Terri Bosma
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Marcia Bosma
Mrs. Laurel and Mr. Thomas Bosma
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Bosman
Mrs. Karen Bosman
Mrs. Betty Bosman
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Janis Bosmeijer
Ms. Carolynn Boss
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Myra Boss
Mrs. Ellen Boss
Mr. A. and Mrs. Nancy Bosscher
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Joan Bosscher
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Gayle Bosscher
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Patricia Bosscher
Dr. James and Mrs. Angeline Bosscher
Mr. David and Mrs. A. Bosscher
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lynn Bosscher
Ms. Elizabeth Bosscher
Ms. Kimberly Bosscher
Ms. Kathleen Bosscher
Mr. Lorin and Ms. Debra Bossenbroek
Dr. Jonathan and Mrs. Tina Bossenbroek
Dr. Byron and Mrs. Joann Bossenbroek
Mr. Arlyn and Mrs. Eunice Bossenbrook
Mr. Arend Boterenbrood
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Dick Both
Mr. Gerrit and Mrs. Judith Bothof
Mr. James and Mrs. Gwenith Botting
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jean Botting
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Elizabeth Botting
Mr. David and Mrs. Evita Botting
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Angela Bouma
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Laurel Bouma
Dr. Bruce Bouma
Dr. JoAnne Bouma
Mrs. Ruth Bouma
Mrs. Wilma Bouma
Mr. John and Mrs. Sharon Bouma
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Carol Bouma
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Julia Bouman
Mr. Anthony Bouman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Bouman
Dr. William and Mrs. Karen Bouman
Mrs. Carolyn Bouman
Miss Marcia Bouman
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Randall Bouman
Rev. David and Mrs. Jane Boumgarden
Mr. Albert Bouw
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Sue Bouwense
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Christina Bouwer
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Nancy Bouwer
Rev. Ronald and Mrs. Marlene Bouwkamp
Mr. David and Mrs. Rachel Bouwkamp
Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Le Ann Bouwkamp
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Joan Bouwma
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Mary Bouwma
Mr. Tomas and Mrs. Sonia Bouwman
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Mary Ann Bouwman
Ms. Gretta Bouwman
Dr. John and Mrs. Beth Bouws
Mr. John and Mrs. Bonnie Bouws
Dr. Ward Bouwsma
Mrs. Barbara Boven
Mr. James and Mrs. Joann Boven
Mr. Brett and Mrs. Lauren Bowersox
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Janet Boyd
Mrs. Patricia Boyd
Mr. William Braaksma
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Sandra Braat
Mrs. Meredith and Mr. Charles Brace
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Cynthia Brace
Mr. David and Mrs. Rosanna Brace
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Gary Bradfield
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Grace Bradford
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Paul Braman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joyce Bramer
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Calvin Branderhorst
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Cheryl Brands
Dr. Cheryl and Mr. Michael Brandsen
Mr. Stanley Brandsen
Mrs. Pamela and Mr. Lee Brandsma
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Theresia Brandt
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Donald Braschler
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Vonda Brasser
Ms. Jane Brasser and Mr. Steven Shaver
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. JoAnne Brasser
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Laurel Bratt
Dr. Wallace and Mrs. Marianne Bratt
Dr. James and Mrs. Tina Bratt
Rev. Karl and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bratt
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Melinda Bratt
Rev. Douglas and Mrs. Diane Bratt
Mr. John and Mrs. LuEllen Bratt
Mr. David and Mrs. Margaret Bratt
Mr. Peter Bratt and Rev. Susan Sytsma Bratt
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ngoc Bratt
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Norma Bratt
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Karen Braun
Dr. John and Ms. Rosemary Braun
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Rose Breckenridge
Mr. Jerald and Mrs. Dawn Bredeweg
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Sheryl Breems
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Donna Breems
Dr. Calvin and Mrs. Cheryl Bremer
Ms. Kathleen and Mr. Michael Bremer
Mrs. Sophie Bremer
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Janet Bremer
Dr. Wayne and Dr. Nancy Brenneman
Mr. James and Mrs. Sharon Breuker
Mrs. Marian Breuker
Mr. John and Mrs. Christine Breuker
Ms. Sandra Brewer
Ms. Brenda Brewer
Mr. John Brewer
Mrs. Karen Brichford
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Brill
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Brill
Dr. John and Mrs. Merrilea Brink
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Marcia Brink
Mrs. Grace and Mr. Leonard Brink
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jewel Brink
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Rhonda Brink
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Debra Brink
Mrs. Gail and Mr. Todd Brink
Dr. Dale and Mrs. Janet Brink
Rev. Paul and Mrs. Karen Brink
Dr. Emily Brink
Ms. Jori Brink
Ms. Gretchen Brink
Ms. Carol Brink
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Bette Brink
Rev. Harvey and Mrs. Maxine Brink
Mrs. Ronda and Mr. Carlton Brinks
Mrs. Lois Brinks
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Patricia Brinks
Mrs. Ruth Brinks
Mrs. Carol Brinks
Ms. Sharon Brinks
Mrs. Louise Brinks
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Richard Brinks
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathlyn Bristow
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Marjorie Broadhurst
Mr. Willard and Mrs. Eileen Brock
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Trina Brock
Mrs. Mary Broek
Mrs. Rita and Mr. Thomas Broekema
Mrs. Margretha Broekema
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Stephanie Broekhuizen
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Helen Broekhuizen
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Harriet Broekhuizen
Rev. Rensselaer Broekhuizen and Mrs. Elsa Prince Broekhuizen
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Dorothy Broekhuizen
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Betsy Broene
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Jason Broene
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Pamela Broene
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Dena Broersma
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Sandra Broersma
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Joan Broersma
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Carol Brondsema
Mr. David Brondsema
Mrs. Doris Brondsema
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Diane Brondyke
Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Judith Bronger
Rev. Ralph and Mrs. Annette Bronkema
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Denise Brookhouse
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Tiffany Brouwer
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Sally Brouwer
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Janine Brouwer
Mr. David and Mrs. Sue Brouwer
Mr. Floyd and Mrs. Anita Brouwer
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Dorothy Brouwer
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Harriet Brouwer
Rev. Theodore Brouwer
Mr. Willard and Mrs. Shirley Brouwer
Mrs. Marcia Brouwer
Mrs. Theressa Brouwer
Ms. Helen Brouwer
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Jeanette Brouwer
Mr. Bruno and Mrs. Diana Brouwer
Dr. Lynn and Mrs. Betty Brouwer
Mrs. Dawn and Rev. Gary Brouwers
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Ruth Brower
Ms. Kimberly Brower
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Sharon Brower
Mrs. Jean and Rev. Timothy Brown
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jeanine Bruening
Mrs. Arlene Bruggink
Mr. Luke and Mrs. Dorothy Bruining
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Patricia Bruinius
Mr. David Bruinius
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Ellen Bruinooge
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Harriet Bruinooge
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathleen Bruinooge
Mr. James and Mrs. Ellen Bruinsma
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Christine Bruinsma
Dr. Gary and Dr. Esther Bruland
Mrs. Marilyn Brumels
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sheryce Brummel
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Debra Brummel
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Cornelia Brummel
Mrs. Ethel Brunger
Ms. Darleen Brunger and Mr. James Podracky
Dr. Sharon Brunink and Dr. Anthony Ricci
Mrs. Marjorie Brunsell
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Kathleen Bruskewitz
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Grace Bruss
Dr. Kristen Bruxvoort
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Debra Bruxvoort
Rev. Ralph Bruxvoort
Mr. Byron and Mrs. Debra Bruxvoort
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Beverly Bruxvoort
Mrs. Reuvena Bruxvoort
Mr. Dirk Bruyn
Mr. James and Mrs. Jennifer Bryson
Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Robert Buchanan
Mr. Wisner and Mrs. Linda Buckbee
Mr. Casey Buettner
Mr. Darryl and Mrs. Joyce Buikema
Ms. Amy Buikema
Dr. William and Mrs. Janice Buikema
Mr. William and Mrs. Clara Buikema
Mr. William and Mrs. Gertrude Buikema
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Debra Buikema
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Danette Buikema
Mrs. Ruth Buikema
Mr. William and Mrs. Carol Buikema
Rev. Rodger and Mrs. Marijane Buining
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Jeffrey Buisman
Mrs. Barbara Buist
Mr. Randal and Mrs. Kathy Buist
Ms. Susan Buist
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Kelly Buist
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lindsay Buist
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Patricia Buist
Mr. Richard and Ms. Patricia Buist
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Maxine Buist
Mr. Donald Buist
Mr. James and Mrs. Cheryl Buist
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Buist
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Bonnie Buit
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Linda Buit
Mr. William Buiten
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Gordon Buitendorp
Mrs. Reba and Mr. Bradford Bull
Mr. Conrad and Mrs. Delores Bult
Mr. Conrad and Mrs. Helen Bult
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Jean Bultema
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Connie Bultema
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lisa Bulten
Ms. Sally Bulthuis
Mr. George and Mrs. Trudy Bulthuis
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Brenda Bulthuis
Mrs. Tanya and Mr. Paul Bulthuis
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Theodore Bulthuis
Ms. Frances Bulthuis
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Albert Bulthuis
Mr. Willis and Mrs. W. Jean Bultje
Ms. Kathy Bultman
Rev. Allen Bultman and Mrs. Betty Teitsma
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Louise Bultman
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Barbara Bultman
Mrs. Deb and Mr. Roland Bultsma
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Norma Bultsma
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Bonnie Bultsma
Mr. Brett and Mrs. Iona Buma
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Sharon Buma
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mildred Buma
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Keith Buning
Mr. David and Mrs. Suzanne Buning
Mrs. Dana and Mr. Robert Burch
Mr. Todd Burciaga
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Jan Burgers
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Patricia Burgess
Ms. Kristin Burgess
Mr. Fredric and Mrs. Janet Burghgraef
Mr. Brandon Burkhart
Mr. James and Mrs. Ruth Burkley
Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Keith Burns
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Charles Burns
Mr. David and Mrs. Connie Burns
Mr. James and Mrs. Janice Bush
Mr. James and Mrs. Lois Bush
Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Gerri Bush
Ms. Gretchen Bush
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Benjamin Bushong
Mr. Seth and Mrs. Anne Bushouse
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Patricia Bushouse
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Phyllis Bushouse
Mr. Paul Bushouse
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Sherilyn Busker
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Ann Busker
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. Brent Busscher
Mr. Kelvin and Mrs. Kim Busscher
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Sandra Busscher
Mr. John and Mrs. Catherine Bussema
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Florence Bussema
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Emma Butenas
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Linda Buteyn
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Buteyn
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Buteyn
Mr. Roland Buteyn
Dr. John and Mrs. Linda Buteyn
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Carol Buteyn
Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Buttery
Mrs. Muriel Buurma
Mr. Loren and Mrs. Joy Buurma
Dr. Debra and Dr. Randall Buursma
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carissa Buursma
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Judith Buursma
Mr. David Buursma
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Joyce Buursma
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Buursma
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Debbie Buursma
Rev. Dirk and Mrs. Harriet Buursma
Dr. Todd and Mrs. Natsuko Buurstra
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Tamela Buwalda
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Erin Buys
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Florine Buys
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Stephanie Byeman
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Ann Byeman
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Stacy Byker
Mrs. Henrietta Byker
Mr. Willis and Mrs. Mary Jane Byker
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Winifred Byker
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Lois Bykerk
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Wilma Bykerk
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Lisa Byl
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Julie Byl
Mrs. Mary Byl
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Marianne Byl
Mr. William and Mrs. Annette Byl
Ms. Patsy Bylsma
Dr. John and Mrs. Virginia Bylsma
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Linda Bylsma
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Jane Bylsma
Rev. John and Mrs. Henriette Bylsma
Mr. Wybe and Mrs. Jean Bylsma
Mr. Willie and Mrs. Jolene Bylsma
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Bly Bylsma
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Byma
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Richard Byma
Mr. John and Mrs. Evonne Byma
Ms. Ida Bynagle
Dr. Hans and Mrs. Janet Bynagle
Mr. Robert Bytwerk


Mrs. Judith and Mr. Efrain Cabrera
Mr. David and Mrs. Anne Cady
Dr. Wayne and Dr. Susan Cady
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Peggy Cairns
Mrs. Ula and Dr. Frank Calsbeek
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Diane Calsbeek
Mr. David and Mrs. Sandra Cammenga
Ms. Claire Campana
Mrs. Colleen and Mr. Richard Campbell
Miss Erin Campbell
Mr. John and Mrs. Paulette Camphouse
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Michael Campo
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Joan Canaan
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Jacqueline Capel
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. Bruce Capel
Mr. Tyson and Mrs. Lindsay Capel
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Lois Capel
Mr. John and Mrs. Lisa Capozzoli
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Christopher Carda
Mrs. Sue and Mr. Stephen Carlson
Ms. Tracy and Mr. Kevin Carlson
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Amy Carlson
Mr. Neil and Mrs. LaVonne Carlson
Mr. John and Mrs. Kristi Carlson
Mrs. Rosa Caro
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Janis Carpenter
Rev. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter
Mrs. Phyllis Carpenter
Mrs. Kay and Mr. William Carter
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Beth Carter
Mr. Steven Case
Mr. John and Mrs. Sheryl Casey
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Thomas Cavanaugh
Mrs. Jackie and Mr. Marc Cevey
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. DeeAnn Chaffee
Mr. James and Mrs. Judith Chambery
Miss Carol Chandler
Mr. Do Won and Mrs. Jin Sook Chang
Miss Nancy Chapel
Mr. John Chapin
Mr. A. and Mrs. Dorothy Cheadle
Rev. Jason and Mrs. Donna Chen
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Fran Christensen
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Christians
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Priscilla Christians
Mr. James and Mrs. Lesley Christians
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Michele Christner
Mr. Kaan Cidanli
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Neil Cieminis
Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Nancy Cisneros
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Lois Claerbaut
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Julie Claerbaut
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Ruth Clark
Mrs. Marion Clark
Mrs. Karen Clausing
Mr. James and Mrs. Donna Clousing
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Greta Clousing
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lynda Clousing
Mr. Gary Clousing
Mr. Russell and Dr. Sharon Clousing
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Donald Clover
Dr. David and Mrs. Bettina Clowney
Mr. James and Mrs. Cheryl Cnossen
Mrs. Maria and Mr. Bruce Coffin
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Elesha Coffman
Mrs. Mary and Dr. Stephen Cohle
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Chris Cok
Dr. David Cok and Mrs. Mary Van Someren Cok
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Sandra Cok
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kathryn Cok
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Lois Cok
Mr. Jared Cok
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Marilyn Cok
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Janet Cok
Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Colburn
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Jerry Cole
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Pearl Cole
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Roger Cole
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Barbara Cole
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Cynthia Cole
Mr. Robert Collins
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Shirley Colsman
Dr. Arlo and Mrs. Rena Compaan
Rev. Calvin and Mrs. Doreen Compagner
Mr. Roland Constant
Professor David and Mrs. Christine Cook
Ms. Marlene Cook
Mrs. Linda and Mr. John Cook
Mrs. Mina Cook
Dr. James Cook and Ms. Joyce Van Der Molen
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Merlita Cooke
Dr. Kathy Cooke and Dr. David Valone
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Marcia Cooper
Dr. John and Mrs. Sylvia Cooper
Ms. Ilene Cooper
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Judith Cooper
Dr. Karen Cooper and Dr. Clifford Cho
Mrs. Jana and Mr. Mark Cooper
Mrs. Sandra Cooper
Mr. Marvin Cooper
Rev. Sidney Cooper
Mr. Richard Cooper
Chaplain Charles and Mrs. Sherry Cornelisse
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Kenneth Corstange
Mrs. Catherine and Mr. Ronald Corstange
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Wayne Cotts
Mrs. Wilma Courson
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Kraig Couturier
Mrs. Wanda and Dr. Jon Cowan
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. James Cox
Mr. John and Mrs. Anne Crans
Mrs. Janna and Mr. Bryan Crawford
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Agnes Crean
Mrs. Mary Cremer
Mr. John and Mrs. Sally Cremer
Dr. Amy and Dr. Michael Crook
Mrs. Betsy and Mr. Randy Cross
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Amy Crow
Dr. Greg and Dr. Janet Crow
Mr. Christopher Crowe
Dr. Gertrude and Dr. William Crum
Mrs. Rebecca Cruttenden
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Thomas Culbertson
Dr. Vera and Dr. Alaric Cull
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Joy Cumings
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Currie
Mr. R. Mark and Mrs. Kathryn Cushing
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Catharine Cushing
Mrs. Arda and Mr. William Cushman
Mrs. Marlene and Mr. Glen Cutcher
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah Cypher
Mrs. Judith and Mr. James Czanko


Mr. Mark and Dr. Elisabeth Dahl
Dr. John and Mrs. Susan Dahm
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Janice Daining
Miss Sylvia Daining
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Rose Dame
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Joan Dams
Mr. James and Mrs. Julie Danahy
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sharon Danhoff
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Dannenberg
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Elaine Dapp
Mrs. Gwen and Dr. Daniel Dapprich
Mr. John and Mrs. Cynthia Datema
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Sarah Datema
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lana Daverman
Dr. James and Mrs. Susan Davids
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Mary Davids
Mr. John and Mrs. Helen Davids
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Vonetta Davis
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judy De Baets
Mrs. Henrietta and Mr. Marvin De Bie
Mr. James and Mrs. Judith De Bie
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Marcella De Blaey
Mr. Michael De Boe
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Joy De Boer
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Julie De Boer
Ms. Mary De Boer
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Kathleen De Boer
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Marge De Boer
Mrs. June and Mr. Nicholas De Boer
Ms. Lisa De Boer
Mr. Stephen De Boer
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Marjorie De Boer
Mrs. Gertrude De Boer
Mrs. Esther De Boer
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Hilda De Boer
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Lynne De Boer
Dr. Jacob De Boer
Ms. Nancy De Boer
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Lois De Boer
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Merrie Lou De Boer
Mrs. Dorothy and Mr. Paul De Boer
Mr. James and Mrs. Joan De Bok
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Frances De Bruin
Mrs. Marilyn De Bruyn
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Dorothy De Glopper
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Hildrene De Good
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Laurel De Graaf
Mrs. Eleanor De Graaf
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary De Graaf
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Karen De Graaf
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Marilyn De Graaf
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Sylvia De Graff
Mr. James and Mrs. Trudy De Groot
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jeannette De Groot
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Deane De Groot
Mr. H and Mrs. Flora De Groot
Mr. Renze and Mrs. May De Groot
Mr. William and Mrs. Alice De Groot
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Cindy De Haan
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Debra De Haan
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. LuAnn De Haan
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Adeline De Haan
Mr. Philip de Haan and Mrs. Susan De Haan
Dr. Franklin De Haan
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. James De Haan
Mrs. Patricia De Haan
Mr. John and Mrs. Alice De Haan
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Joanne De Haan
Mr. Stanley De Haan
Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Robert De Haan
Dr. Sander and Mrs. Georgia de Haan
Mr. Theo and Mrs. Jeanne de Haan
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Ruth De Haan
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Gayle De Haan
Rev. Peter and Mrs. June De Haan
Mr. Cornelius De Horn
Dr. Natalie De Horn
Mrs. Janice De Jager
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Wanda De Jager
Dr. James and Mrs. Lois De Jong
Dr. Richard De Jong and Dr. Christiana deGroot
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Shirley De Jong
Dr. Peter and Ms. Charlotte De Jong
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Carol De Jong
Mr. John and Mrs. Leslie De Jong
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Alyce De Jong
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Amy De Jong
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Joy De Jong
Mr. Christian and Mrs. Mary De Jong
Ms. Melissa De Jong and Mr. Stephen Salony
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Erika De Jong
Dr. Marc and Mrs. Jennifer De Jong
Ms. Carol De Jong
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Erin De Jong
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Mary De Jong
Mrs. Janice De Jong
Mr. Peter De Jong
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Bart De Jong
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Joyce De Jong
Dr. George De Jong
Mr. John and Mrs. Willie de Jong
Mr. John and Mrs. Lois De Jong
Mrs. Phyllis De Jong
Mrs. Sheryl and Mr. John De Jong
Rev. Wilbur and Mrs. Marilyn De Jong
Mrs. Pamala and Mr. Dennis De Jong
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Jo De Jong
Mr. Arie and Mrs. Anneke De Jong
Mrs. Diane De Jong
Mrs. Beatrice De Jong
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Debra De Jong
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Diane De Jong
Mrs. Joanne and Mr. R. Wayne De Jonge
Mr. James and Mrs. Suzanne De Jonge
Mr. John and Mrs. Janice De Jonge
Mr. Steven De Jonge
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Kristin De Jonge
Rev. Timothy and Rev. Heidi De Jonge
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Vivian De Jonge
Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Shirley De Jonge
Mrs. Mary De Jonge
Mrs. Helen De Jonge
Mrs. Theda De Jonge
Mrs. Winifred De Jonge
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Gerald De Kam
Mr. William and Mrs. Margaret De Kleer
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Marcia De Kock
Dr. Carroll and Mrs. Gerry De Kock
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan De Koekkoek
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Ronald De Koekkoek
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Tricia Beth De Koekkoek
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Donna De Koning
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Vivian De Koning
Mr. John De Korne
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Barbara De Korte
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Vicky De Koster
Mrs. Thelma De Koster
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Keri De Kraker
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Julia De Kruyter
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Joyce De Kruyter
Mr. David and Mrs. Amy De Kruyter
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Jeff De Kruyter
Mrs. Jean De Kryger
Mr. William and Mrs. Nancy De Kryger
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sylvia De Kuiper
Mrs. Jaclynn and Mr. William De Kuiper
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Bettie De Kuiper
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Theresa De Lange
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Shirley De Lange
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Linda De Lange
Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Troy De Long
Dr. Harvey De Maagd
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Susan De Meester
Ms. Kathleen De Mey
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Ina De Moor
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Bonnie De Mots
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Myrna De Mots
Mr. William and Mrs. Carolyn De Neut
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Ruth De Nooyer
Ms. Lana De Nooyer
Mrs. Joyce De Nooyer
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Helen De Nooyer
Rev. Charles and Mrs. Wilma De Ridder
Dr. Elmer and Mrs. Lorraine De Ritter
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Betty De Ronde
Dr. Jan and Mrs. Marla De Roos
Professor Leonard and Mrs. Ann De Rooy
Dr. Steven De Rose
Dr. William and Mrs. Henrietta De Rose
Rev. Steven and Mrs. Tara De Ruiter
Mr. Donald De Ruiter
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Diann De Ruyter
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Carol De Ruyter
Mrs. Mary De Smith
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Rebecca De Smith
Mrs. Elaine De Stigter
Mr. Ronald De Valois
Mr. R. Jack and Mrs. Rosemary De Vos
Mrs. Gladys De Vos
Dr. Bert and Mrs. Sara de Vries
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Janice De Vries
Mr. Lucas and Mrs. Ann De Vries
Rev. Gerald and Mrs. Eileen De Vries
Mr. LeRoy and Mrs. Jean De Vries
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Esther De Vries
Mr. John and Ms. Deanna De Vries
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Cora De Vries
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara De Vries
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Gayle De Vries
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Lisa De Vries
Mr. James and Mrs. Karen De Vries
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia De Vries
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen De Vries
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Lora De Vries
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Janalyn De Vries
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Kathryn De Vries
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Michele De Vries
Ms. Jennifer De Vries
Mr. David and Mrs. Gwen De Vries
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jodi De Vries
Mrs. Melissa and Mr. Jayson De Vries
Ms. Amy De Vries
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Joanne De Vries
Mr. Erik and Mrs. Kendra De Vries
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith De Vries
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathleen De Vries
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Lois De Vries
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Kenneth De Vries
Dr. David and Mrs. M. Carol De Vries
Mrs. Mary De Vries
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Evelyn De Vries
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Marian De Vries
Mrs. Alma De Vries
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marie De Vries
Mrs. Arlene and Mr. Edward De Vries
Miss Joanne De Vries
Rev. John and Mrs. Adelaide De Vries
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Donna De Vries
Mrs. Kathleen De Vries
Mrs. Bernice and Mr. Richard De Vries
Mr. Warren De Vries
Rev. John and Mrs. Elizabeth de Vries
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marlene De Vries
Mr. Dennis De Vries
Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Phyllis De Vries
Mr. Calvin De Vries
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Denise De Vries
Mr. Douglas De Vries
Mr. James and Mrs. Sherri De Vries
Dr. Jan and Mrs. Jeannie De Vries
Dr. Dale and Mrs. Charlene De Vries
Rev. Hendrik and Mrs. Judith De Vries
Ms. Jane De Vries McNabb
Mrs. Norma de Waal Malefyt
Mr. Richard De Waard
Mrs. Joan De Wall
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Sue De Wall
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Anne de Walle
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Amy De Weerd
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Vern De Weerd
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Sheryl De Weerd
Mr. Jerald and Mrs. Beatrice De Weerd
Mr. M. Bruce and Mrs. Gertrude De Windt
Mr. John and Mrs. Janet de Winter
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Marian De Wit
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Joanne De Wit
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Sherilyn De Witt
Mrs. Marlies De Witt
Mrs. Barbara De Witt
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Shirley De Witt
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Carol De Witt
Ms. Geneva De Witt
Mrs. Greta and Mr. Nick de Wolf
Mr. Evert and Mrs. Irene De Wyn
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Marilyn De Yong
Mrs. Ardith and Mr. Albert De Young
Mr. John and Mrs. Rachel De Young
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Janelle De Young
Mr. John and Mrs. Rhonda De Young
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Cynthia De Young
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Geraldine De Young
Mrs. Thea De Young
Mrs. Marjorie De Young
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary De Young
Dr. Jess and Mrs. Alma De Young
Mrs. Marilyn De Young
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Elaine De Young
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Beth De Young
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Linda De Young
Mr. James and Mrs. Cindy De Young
Mr. A. Carl and Mrs. Gloria De Young
Mr. William De Young
Mr. Chester and Mrs. Arloa De Zwaan
Mr. George and Mrs. Donna Debbink
Mr. Trent Deboer and Mrs. Kristen DeBoer
Ms. Kathleen DeBoer and Captain Mark Pittman
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Judith DeBoer
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Yolanda DeBruin
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ann Decker
Mr. Elmer Decker
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Joanne Deckinga
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Wendy Deckinga
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Yvonne Deckinga
Mr. Owen and Mrs. Patricia Deckinga
Rev. Mark and Mrs. Susan Deckinga
Dr. Daniel and Dr. Cecilia DeCook
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Malois DeGraaf
Mr. John and Mrs. Cheryl DeGroot
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Ann DeGroot
Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia DeHaan
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Daniel DeHaan
Mr. Bernard and Dr. Ruth DeHoog
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Carole DeJong
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Jennifer DeJong
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Emily DeJong
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Tamara DeJong
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ruth DeJong
Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Donald Dekker
Dr. Daniel Dekker
Rev. James and Mrs. Rose Dekker
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Colleen Dekker
Mr. John and Mrs. Ellen Dekker
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Susan Dekker
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Lisa Dekker
Ms. Sara and Mr. Jeffrey Dekker
Ms. Ruth Dekker
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Arlene Dekker
Mrs. Johanna Dekker
Mr. Martin Dekker
Mrs. Marlene and Mr. Norman Dekker
Dr. Pieter Dekker-De Heer
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Linda Dekkinga
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Betty DeKleine
Ms. Mildred DeKock
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Douglas DeKock
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara DeKorne
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Karyn DeKorne
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Mary DeKorne
Mr. David and Mrs. Karen DeMaagd
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Debra DeMaagd
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Nora DeMots
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Linda Den Besten
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Ardith Den Besten
Mr. David and Mrs. Marian Den Boer
Miss Arianne Den Boer
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Kay Den Braber
Mrs. Carole and Mr. Robert Den Braber
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Peri den Dulk
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Alice den Dulk
Mrs. Nellie den Dulk
Rev. David and Mrs. Connie Den Haan
Mr. George and Mrs. Eleanor Den Hartigh
Mrs. Beth and Mr. John Den Hartigh
Mr. Gerrit and Mrs. Lynne Den Hartog
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Judith Den Hartog
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Cynthia Den Ouden
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lily Den Ouden
Miss Alice denHollander
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Diane DeNooyer
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Tera Dent
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Depker
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Dale Deppe
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Daniela Deppe
Mr. James and Mrs. Hilda Derks
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Elizabeth Derks
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Derrickson
Mr. John Descho
Mr. Kim DeStigter and The Honorable Patricia Gardner
Ms. Sandra Destrempes
Mrs. Mary Jo and Mr. Robert Deters
Ms. Debra Deters
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carolyn Deters
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Jane Detweiler
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Gerda Detweiler
Mr. Garth and Mrs. Mary Deur
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Wendy Deur
Mrs. Beverly and Mr. Louis Deur
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Melissa Deur
Mrs. Elisabeth and Mr. Richard DeVos
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Heather DeVos
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Melissa DeVos
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Helen DeVos
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Maria DeVos
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Peggy DeVries
Dr. Vicki and Mr. Kyle DeVries
Mrs. Lisa DeVries and Mr. Daniel Devries
Mrs. Caryn and Mr. Robert DeVries
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Glenn DeVries
Rev. Gary and Mrs. Sandra DeVries
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary DeWaard
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Tamara DeWeerd
Mrs. Thressa and Mr. Gary Dewey
Ms. Marie Deyman
Dr. Rebecca and Mr. Scot DeYoung
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Terry DeYoung
Mrs. Eileen and Mr. Gordon DeYoung
Dr. Roland and Mrs. Barbara DeYoung
Mr. Bruce Dice
Mr. Wilbert and Mrs. Frances Dick
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Margery Dickinson
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Tena Diedering
Mrs. Alma Diehl
Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Doris Diekema
Mrs. Meribeth and Mr. Greg Diekema
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Susan Diekema
Mrs. Dorothy Diekman
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Ann Dieleman
Ms. Sheri Dieleman
Mr. Morrie and Mrs. Mary Dieleman
Mrs. Helen and Mr. Donald Dieleman
Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Helen Dieleman
The Honorable William and Mrs. Emily Dieleman
Miss Freda Diemer
Mrs. Betty Diemer
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Cheri Diemer
Miss Elaine Diemer
Mr. Everett and Mrs. Linda Diemer
Dr. David and Rev. Evelyn Diephouse
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Nancy Diephouse
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Pearl Diephouse
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Dora Diephouse
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen Diephuis
Ms. Lori Diepstra
Mrs. Megan and Mr. David Diercks
Mrs. Lois Dieterman
Rev. Jack and Mrs. Sandra Dik
Mrs. Goldie Dingeman
Mr. Daren and Mrs. Renee D'Ippolito
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Patricia Dirkse
Mrs. Catherine Dirkse
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Carol Dirkse
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Judy Dirkse
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joyce Dirkse
Miss Mary Dirkse
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Mary Disselkoen
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Natalie Distelberg
Ms. Reiniera and Mr. Jerry Dixon
Mr. Erin and Mrs. Kathryn Doan
Mrs. Emily and Mr. Jeffrey Dock
Mr. Bernhard and Mrs. Hermina Docter
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Elizabeth Dodde
Dr. William and Mrs. Patricia Dodds
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Mary Doezema
Mr. James and Mrs. Joan Doezema
Dr. Charles Doezema
Mr. James Doezema
Mr. Willard and Mrs. Carol Doezema
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Donna Doff
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Julie Dokter
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Neila Dolislager
Mrs. Anita Doller
Mrs. Mary Dood
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Ruth Doorn
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Deborah Doorn
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Karen Doorn
Rev. Milton and Mrs. Jeanne Doornbos
Mrs. Marie Doornbos
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Lane Dorcy
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Annette Dorff
Dr. David and Mrs. Joy Dornbos
Mr. Delwin and Mrs. Vicki Dornbos
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Phyllis Dornbush
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Edith Dornbush
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Mina Dornbush
Mr. Wayne Dornbush
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Hazel Dornbush
Mr. David and Dr. Stephanie Dorner
Mr. Wallace and Mrs. Brenda Dotinga
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Karen Doublestein
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Gail Douma
Mrs. Mary Ann and Mr. Larry Dover
Mr. Chester and Mrs. Hazel Dozeman
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Kristine Dozeman
Rev. Thomas and Mrs. Lucille Draayer
Dr. Sidney and Mrs. Gladys Draayer
Mrs. Mary Dracht
Dr. Donald Dragt
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Marie Dragt
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Lavonne Dragt
Mrs. Marilynn and Mr. Thomas Draisma
Mrs. Ruth Draut
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Sue Drenth
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Kelli Drenth
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Carolyn Drenth
Ms. Karen Dreyer
Mr. James and Mrs. Catherine Dreyer
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Renee Driesenga
Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Donald Droogsma
Dr. Stephen and Ms. Nancye Drukker
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Esther Drukker
Mr. Thomas Drury
Dr. Kenten and Mrs. Janice Druyvesteyn
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Dennis Dryfhout
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Susan Du Laney
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Elaine DuBois
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Karla Duimstra
Mr. Dennis Duimstra
Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Sandra Duininck
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Sheryll Duthler
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Karen Duthler
Dr. B. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Duthler
Mrs. Dorothy Duthler
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Janette Duyst
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Gladys Duyst
Mr. John and Mrs. Jeanne Dwarshuis
Ms. Joan Dyer
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Barbara Dyk
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Christina Dyk
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Jane Dyk
Ms. Jeanette Dyk
Miss Dorothy Dyk
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Carla Dykema
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janet Dykema
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Mary Dykema
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Rachel Dykema
Mrs. Janice Dykema
Mr. Richard Dykema and Dr. Carol Van Ess-Dykema
Mrs. Bernice Dykema
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Ruth Dykema
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Joan Dykema
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Janice Dykema
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Sandi Dykema
Mrs. Evelyn Dykema
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Dykhouse
Mr. Hendrik and Mrs. Pamela Dykhouse
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Daryl Dykhouse
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Kari Dykhouse
Mr. Garret and Mrs. Raeanna Dykhouse
Mr. John and Mrs. Gwen Dykhouse
Mr. Ronald Dykhouse
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Robert Dykhouse
Ms. Ellen Dykhuis
Mr. William Dykhuis and Mrs. Nellie Berg Dykhuis
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Jackie Dykhuizen
Mrs. Dianne and Mr. Bernard Dykman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Esther Dyksen
Mr. Elroy Dyksen
Mr. John and Mrs. Faye Dyksen
Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Paul Dykshorn
Mrs. Eileen and Mr. Donald Dykstra
Dr. Bradley and Mrs. Janice Dykstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathleen Dykstra
Rev. David and Mrs. Brenda Dykstra
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kimberlee Dykstra
Rev. Daniel and Dr. Jodi Dykstra
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Dykstra
Ms. Heidi Dykstra
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sheila Dykstra
Mr. Rick Dykstra
Ms. Joy Dykstra
Ms. Beth and Mr. Matthew Dykstra
Dr. Eric Dykstra
Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Mark Dykstra
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Lois Dykstra
Ms. Jane Dykstra
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Thelma Dykstra
Mrs. Marilyn Dykstra
Mrs. Carolyn Dykstra
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Dorothy Dykstra
Mrs. Gertrude Dykstra
Mrs. Ruth Dykstra
Mr. Jan Dykstra
Mr. John and Mrs. Marilyn Dykstra
Mrs. Esther Dykstra
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Ruthanne Dykstra
Mrs. Arlene Dykstra
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Dykstra
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Darlene Dykstra
Ms. Roseann Dykstra
Mrs. Sylvia Dykstra
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Lois Dykstra
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cheryl Dykstra
Mrs. Kathryn Dykstra
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Carole Dykstra
Mr. Charles and Mrs. June Dykstra
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Dykstra
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Donna Dykstra
Mrs. Marion and Mr. Richard Dykstra


Mrs. Nancy Dykstra-Powers and Mr. Edward Powers
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sue Eames
Ms. Nancy Eardley
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Terese Ebbeling
Mrs. Gladys and Mr. Henry Ebbeling
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Carol Ebels
Mr. Kennith and Mrs. Rachel Echtinaw
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Robert Eck
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Donna Eckerstrom
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Edema
Mr. Lavern and Mrs. Carol Edewaard
Mr. Dale Eding and Ms. Carol De Korte
Mr. James and Mrs. Josephine Edson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Edwards
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Alissa Edwards
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Paulette Eekhoff
Mr. Merlin and Mrs. Anna Eelkema
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jenessa Eelkema
Mrs. Cornelia Egberts
Mr. Gerrit and Mrs. Arlene Egedy
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Debra Eggebeen
Mr. Carl Eggebeen
Ms. Ann Eggebeen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jean Eggleston
Ms. Marla Ehlers
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lynn Ehrlich
Rev. Douglas and Mrs. Nancy Einfeld
Mr. John and Mrs. Jacqueline Eisen
Rev. Henry and Mrs. Ruthann Eising
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sue Eisnor
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Julene Eiten
Dr. Georgia Eizenga and Dr. James Worstell
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Judith Eizenga
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Judy Eizenga
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Irene Ekdom
Mrs. Christine and Mr. Donald Ekdom
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Richard Ekkens
Mrs. Patricia Elders
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Linda Elders
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Cathy Elders
Mr. David and Mrs. Jennifer Eldersveld
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Carmen Eldersveld
Mr. Derek and Mrs. Callae Elenbaas
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Erin Elenbaas
Mr. Marvin Elenbaas
Mrs. Eleanor Elenbaas
Mrs. Audrey and Mr. Gregory Elkins
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Serenus Ellens
Dr. Marshall and Mrs. Mary Ellens
Ms. Gracia and Mr. Robert Ellwood
Ms. Yvonne and Mr. Michael Elsea
Mr. Harlan and Mrs. Kathy Elshuis
Ms. Joyce Elzinga
Mr. William and Mrs. Laurel Elzinga
Mr. Brett and Mrs. Kristi Elzinga
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Jack Emelander
Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Marcy Emmelkamp
Lt. Col. Stephen and Mrs. Janice Engbers
Rev. John and Mrs. Violet Engbers
Miss Anna Belle Engbers
Mrs. Zelda Engbers
Miss Arlene Engbers
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Karla Engbers
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Janet Engel
Mrs. Frances and Mr. Jacob Engel
Ms. Charlene Engel
Mrs. Jeanne Engelhard
Mr. David and Mrs. Rita Engels
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Melissa Engels
Rev. Randall and Mrs. Kathryn Engle
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Paula Englin
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Karen English
Mrs. Anita Ensing-Beem and Mr. William Beem
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Victoria Eppinga
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Henry Eppinga
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Christine Epplett
Rev. Gerald and Mrs. Carol Erffmeyer
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Gertrude Erffmeyer
Mrs. Esther Erhart
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Wallace Erichsen
Ms. Judith Ericksen
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Carl Erickson
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Janice Ericson
Dr. Gayle and Mr. Eric Ermer
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Donna Essebaggers
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Lois Essenburg
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Wilma Essenburg
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Debra Essenburg
Mr. Merwyn and Mrs. Wendy Essenburg
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Gladys Essenburg
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Marilyn Essenburg
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Barbara Essenburg
Mr. Robert Essenburg
Mrs. Sara and Mr. Timothy Estrel
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Danielle Euwema
Rev. Aalt and Mrs. Elly Evans
Dr. Bradley and Mrs. Dawn Evans
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Nicholas Evans
Dr. Edwin Elliot and Mrs. Betty Evans
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Shelley Evenhouse
Mr. James and Mrs. Carol Evenhouse
Mr. Daniel Evenhouse and Mrs. Georgia Sjaardema-Evenhouse
Mr. John and Mrs. Marcia Evenhouse
Mr. George and Mrs. Carol Evenhouse
Mr. James and Mrs. Rosemarie Evenhuis
Mrs. Jill and Mr. Dietmar Exler
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Karen Exoo
Mr. Henry Exoo


Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Faasse
Dr. Mark and Dr. Ranya Faasse
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Dorothy Faasse
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Jacinta Faber
Dr. Stephen Faber and Ms. Jacquelyn Meyers
Ms. Dawn Faber
Ms. Carol Faber
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Brenda Faber
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Jamie Faber
Mrs. Bette and Mr. Glenn Faber
Dr. J. Arthur and Professor Trudy Faber
Mr. H and Mrs. Joy Faber
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Carol Faber
Miss Sandra Faber
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Nancy Faber
Mr. Charles Faber
Mrs. Nella Faber
Mrs. Dorothy Faber
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Cynthia Faber
Mrs. Anne and Mr. August Faber
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Marvin Faber
Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Katherine Faber
Mrs. Jill and Mr. George Fahr
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Margaret Falb
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Bridget Farr
Mrs. Harriet and Mr. Jerry Farwell
Miss Gloria Fauble
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Claire Fauble
Miss Darlene Fauble
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Julie Febus
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Mary Febus
Mr. Simon and Mrs. Shirley Feddema
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Tena Feddema
Mrs. Lori and Dr. Richard Feenstra
Dr. David and Mrs. Diane Feenstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Feenstra
Dr. Ronald and Dr. Barbara Feenstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Margaret Feenstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Wendy Feenstra
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Donna Feenstra
Ms. Anna Mae Feikema
Mr. Jeffrey Feikens
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Elizabeth Feikens
Mrs. Patricia Feimster
Dr. Susan and Dr. Douglas Felch
Ms. Irma Fennema
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Darlene Fennema
Mrs. Constance Fennema
Dr. R and Mrs. Esther Ferdinands
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Nancy Feria
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Linda Feringa
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathy Feringa
Mr. Harold Feringa
Miss Jean Feringa
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Mary Feringa
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Bernice Ferwerda
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Kim Fields
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Francis Fike
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Daniel Finegan
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Melanie Fischer
Rev. Ronald and Mrs. Gerry Fisher
Mr. Norbert and Mrs. Carolyn Fisher
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Cathryn Fizer-Rau
Mrs. Heidi and Mr. James Flamming
Mr. Frederick and Dr. Shirley Fleischmann
Mrs. Beverly and Dr. David Fleming
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Judith Fletcher
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Ruth Fletcher
Dr. Rebecca Flietstra
Mr. E. Dick and Mrs. Carol Flietstra
Mr. Ronald Flietstra
Mr. Micheal and Mrs. Susan Flikkema
Dr. Eltjen and Mrs. Geraldine Flikkema
Ms. Kathryn Floyd
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Folkema
Mrs. Carol Folkert
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Abigail Folkert
Mrs. Jane Folkerts
Professor Gerard and Mrs. Janice Fondse
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Kenneth Foppema
Rev. Deborah and Mr. Daniel Forger
Mrs. Arlene and Mr. Steven Fortna
Mrs. Michelle and Mr. Daniel Fortuna
Ms. Glenna Fothergill
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Allen Fox
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Ronald Francken
Mrs. Mary Francks
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Vera Franje
Dr. Armin and Mrs. Rosalie Franke
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Carl Franken
Mr. Bart and Mrs. Ruth Frankena
Dr. Frank Frankfort and Ms. Susan Hillson
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Dorothy Fransman
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Laura Frazier
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Bernard Fredricks
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jean Frelier
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. O. French
Rev. Gerald and Mrs. Margery Frens
Mrs. Martha and Mr. Bruce Frens
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Bonnie Frens
Rev. Kent and Mrs. Betsy Frens
Mrs. Geraldyne Frens
Mrs. Joyce Frens
Dr. David and Mrs. Sheila Frens
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Carolyn Frens
Mrs. Mary and Rev. Phillip Frens
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Fridsma
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Fridsma
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Carol Fridsma
Mr. John and Mrs. Ruth Fridsma
Ms. Susan Fridsma
Rev. Jan and Mrs. Lydia Friend
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Craig Friesema
Dr. John and Mrs. Laurel Frieswyk
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Winnebeth Frieswyk
Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Dorothy Frisch
Mr. George and Mrs. Margaret Fritsma
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Christine Fry
Dr. Laurence and Mrs. Norma Fryling
Mrs. Charlene and Mr. Robert Fuller
Ms. Judith Fuller
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Clarilla Funk
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Bob Furlong
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Jane Fyffe
Mr. Arlin and Mrs. Kimberly Fynaardt
Mr. Gary and Mrs. JoAnn Fynaardt
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Rachel Fynaardt
Mr. Bret and Mrs. Nasreen Fynewever
Dr. Tricia Fynewever


Ms. Karen and Mr. Richard Gabriel
Ms. Mary Gabrielse
Mrs. Martha and Mr. David Gadberry
Mrs. Carole and Mr. Geoffrey Gaiser
Dr. Joseph Galema
Ms. Kristine Galien and Mr. Bob Reveley
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Eric Gallo
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. Anthony Galloway
Mrs. Nola and Mr. Vincent Galluch
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Heath Galyon
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Carol Ganzevoort
Mr. Jose and Mrs. Cathy Garcia
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Joan Gardner
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Claudia Garfield
Ms. Fay Garrett
Ambassador William and Mrs. Linda Garvelink
Ms. Ruth and Mr. Frederick Garver
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Nancy Gazan
Dr. Alan Gebben
Mrs. Dawn Gebben
Rev. Nelson and Mrs. Bernadene Gebben
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Nancy Geelhoed
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Marcia Geelhood
Miss Lori Geels
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Julie Geenen
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Marlys Geerlings
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Janet Geerlings
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan Geerlings
Ms. Cathy Geers and Mr. Marshall McKay
Mr. Gregory and Dr. Cindy Geers
Mr. Barton and Mrs. Mary Geers
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Amy Geers
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Audrey Geers
Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia Geers
Mr. Abel and Mrs. Carolyn Geertsema
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Marilyn Gelder
Rev. Alvern and Mrs. Janice Gelder
Dr. Orin and Mrs. Charlette Gelderloos
Mrs. Marjorie Gelderloos
Mrs. Barbara Gelderloos
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Dawn Geldermans
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Virginia Geldof
Rev. Albert and Mrs. Irene Geleynse
Dr. Randall Gemmen and Ms. Marian Armour-Gemmen
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Beverly Gentry
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Beth Genzink
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Alice Genzink
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Leona Genzink
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Melissa George
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Donna Gerard
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Mary Gerbens
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Marilyn German
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathryne Gerritsen
Mr. Robert Gerritsen and Ms. Barbara Bowman
Mrs. Betty and Mr. Adrian Gerritsen
Mrs. Abby and Mr. Ross Geurink
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Meredith Geurink
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Kathleen Geurink
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Wayne Geurink
Mr. David and Mrs. Nance Gezon
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Kristine Gezon
Mrs. Joan Gezon
Mrs. Cornelia Gezon
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Amy Gibes
Ms. Nancy Gibes
Mrs. Sally and Mr. C. Kendrick Gibson
Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Gideon
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Christopher Gilbert
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. David Gilmore
Mrs. Colleen and Mr. Bryan Gingerich
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Nancy Given
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Cathryn Glas
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Martha Glas
Mr. Ross and Mrs. Gerda Glass
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Stacy Glass
Mr. Arlyn and Mrs. Lois Glewen
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Sheri Glon
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Jane Glover
Dr. Roy and Mrs. Marilyn Glover
Dr. Christian and Mrs. Rinske Goedhart
Mrs. Beverly and Mr. Donald Goeman
Mr. Donald Goffer
Ms. Jeanine and Mr. Kenneth Golden
Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Goldsword
Mr. Ronald Golem
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Catherine Golz
Mr. Jasper Gondhi
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Jennifer Gontjes
Mr. Peter and Dr. Cynthia Goodman
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Mark Goodwin
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rachel Goorhouse
Mr. James and Mrs. Jeannette Goorman
Mrs. Barbara Gordon
Mrs. Sara and Mr. Andrew Gordon
Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon
Dr. George and Mrs. Annette Goris
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Emilie Goris
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Holly Gort
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Elaine Gort
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Barbara Gorter
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Laura Gorter
Mr. Lyle and Mrs. Londa Gorter
Mr. Christopher Gorter
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Janet Gortsema
Mrs. Hannah and Mr. Waleed Gosaynie
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Sandy Gosselink
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Arvin Gossman
Ms. Jill Gott-Gleason and Mr. Andrew Gleason
Mrs. Dorothy and Mr. Peter Goudzwaard
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. David Gould
Ms. Carol Goy
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Todd Goyt
Rev. Scott Graham and Mrs. Kristina Woodson Graham
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sharon Grasman
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Kathy Grasmeyer
Mr. John and Mrs. Nell Grasmeyer
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Deanne Grasmeyer
Mr. Benjamin Graves
Mrs. Johanna Graves
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Ruby Graves
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Katherine Gray
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Christina Greco
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jeannette Greeb
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Will Greeley
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Debra Green
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Sallie Green
Dr. Alton Greenfield
Dr. Gary and Dr. Laura Greenfield
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sarah Greenfield
Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Wayne Greenfield
Mrs. Norma Greenfield
Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Benjamin Greenhoe
Miss Jacqueline Greenman
Dr. Edna and Dr. Roger Greenway
Mrs. Kelly and Rev. Dr. Roger Greenway
Mrs. Melva Greenwood
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Philipp Grefe'
Mrs. Nellie and Mr. David Gregg
Mrs. Yvonne Gregory
Dr. Sidney and Mrs. Marie Greidanus
Rev. Morris and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Greidanus
Ms. Kristin Grek
Mrs. Aimee and Mr. Burt Grenz
Mr. Albert Griede
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Nancy Gries
Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Andrew Griffin
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Susan Griffioen
Dr. Arie and Mrs. Kristine Griffioen
Dr. Keith and Dr. Ruth Griffioen
Dr. James and Mrs. Bonnie Griffioen
Mrs. Mari and Mr. Kenneth Griffioen
Mrs. Carol Griffioen
Rev. Donald and Mrs. Martheen Griffioen
Dr. Justin and Mrs. Carrie Grill
Mr. John and Mrs. Janna Grimberg
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Priscilla Grinwis
Mrs. Betty and Mr. Nelson Grit
Mr. James and Mrs. Barbara Grit
Mr. William and Mrs. Joan Grit
Mrs. Nancy Gritter
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Marianne Gritter
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Lisa Gritter
Mr. Bradley Gritter and Mrs. Ariel McBryde-Gritter
Rev. Wayne and Mrs. Joan Gritter
Mr. William and Mrs. Kathleen Gritter
Dr. Winabelle Gritter
Ms. Suzanne Gritter
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Martha Gritter
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Gritter
Mr. David and Mrs. Cindy Gritters
Mr. Kenneth Groelsema
Mr. Donald Groelsema and Ms. Ethel Beach
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jacqueline Groen
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Beverly Groen
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Christine Groen
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Cheryl Groen
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Judy Groen
Mr. William Groen
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Norma Groen
Mr. Carroll and Mrs. Lois Groenenboom
Mr. Edwin Groenendyk
Mrs. Karyl Groeneveld
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Linda Groenewold
Mr. Mark and Dr. Celia Groenhout
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Angela Groenhout
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Judy Groetsema
Dr. Gerald Groggel
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Rhonda Groninga
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Karen Gronseth
Mr. Carl and Ms. Sandra Gronsman
Mrs. Margaret Groot
Mr. Fred Groot
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Ruth Groot
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Barbara Gros
Mr. Jarold Groters
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Mary Gruppen
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Gertrude Gruppen
Mr. David Gubbins
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Christopher Guck
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Wilma Guetter
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. David Guikema
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sarah Guiles
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Ronald Gulbranson
Mr. James and Mrs. Grace Gunn
Pastor Henry and Mrs. Judy Gunnink
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Ann Guter
Dr. Geza and Mrs. Elizabeth Gyorey


Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Jane Haagsma
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Mary Haagsma
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Bernard Haak
Ms. Norma Haak
Mrs. Maxine and Mr. Willard Haak
Mr. William Haak
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Jillaine Haak
Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Julie Haan
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Sheri Haan
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Judith Haan
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Shirley Haan
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Grace Haan
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Pamela Haan
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Carol Haan
Dr. Loren and Dr. Deborah Haarsma
Mr. Lee Haarsma
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Kristin Haartman
Mrs. Mary Anne and Mr. Marko Habekovic
Mr. Scott and Ms. Glory Haga
Mrs. Miriam and Dr. Marvin Hage
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jane Hagedorn
Mrs. R'na Hagen-Komarek and Dr. Ronald Komarek
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Jean Haig
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Haines
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Jean Haines
Mr. Austin and Mrs. Amanda Hakes
Dr. Daryl Hale and Dr. Camilla Hoitenga
Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Robert Halka
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Jayne Hall
Dr. Tricia and Dr. Christopher Hall
Ms. Ruth Halma
Mrs. Helen Halma
Mrs. Geri and Dr. Sidney Halma
Mr. James and Mrs. Jane Halteman
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Angeline Hamberg
Dr. John and Mrs. June Hamersma
Dr. John and Mrs. Glenes Hamersma
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Jayne Hamersma
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Elisabeth Hammer
Mr. Ike and Mrs. Janet Hamming
Mr. Elmer and Mrs. Etta Hamming
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jayne Hammingh
Mr. Terry and Ms. Patricia Hammink
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Beatrice Hamstra
Mrs. Frances Hamstra
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Dorothy Hamstra
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen Hanchett
Mrs. Lynn and Dr. John Hand
Mrs. Sally and Mr. Larry Handy
Mr. Reginald and Mrs. Donna Hanegraaff
Ms. Kara Hanenburg
Mr. Harlin and Mrs. Lois Hanenburg
Mrs. Arny Hanenburg
Dr. Jeffery Hankins
Mrs. Lois Hannink
Mrs. Donna and Mr. Thomas Hanrahan
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Marianne Hansen
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Hansen
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Darlene Hansen
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kara Hanson
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Andrea Hanson
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Hanstra
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Allis Hansum
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Thomas Hardy
Mrs. Claudia and Mr. William Hardy
Ms. Thea Hare
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Marie Haringa
Dr. Peter and Ms. Jillaine Harkema
Mrs. Sue and Mr. Mark Harkema
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Jodi Harkema
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Laurie Harkema
Mr. John and Mrs. Ruth Harkema
Mr. Seymour and Mrs. Verna Harkema
Ms. Christianne Harkness
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Joan Harms
Ms. Kate Harms
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Marilyn Harms
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Sylvia Harms
Dr. George and Mrs. Elaine Harper
Dr. Paul Harper
Dr. James and Mrs. Kristi Harris
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Karla Harris
Mrs. Carol Harris
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Rodney Harris
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Jennifer Harris
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Michelle Harrison
Mrs. Carolyn Hart
Dr. Todd and Mrs. Rebecca Hartgerink
Mr. William and Mrs. Marilyn Hartman
Mr. Jared Harts
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Diana Hartwell
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Harriet Hasper
Mrs. Betty Haun
Mr. John and Mrs. Terri Haveman
Mrs. Cami and Mr. Bradley Haveman
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Susan Haveman
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Ronald Haveman
Mr. James and Mrs. Barbara Haveman
Dr. Dale and Mrs. Pat Haveman
Mrs. Gayle and Mr. William Haveman
Mrs. Barbara Haveman Powazek and Mr. Mory Powazek
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Erin Haverdink
Miss Adelene Haverhals
Mr. William and Mrs. Marybeth Haverkamp
Mr. James and Mrs. Lynnell Haverkamp
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Lucinda Haverkamp
Ms. Barbara Haviland
Mr. John and Mrs. Susan Hawes
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Sara Hawkins
Ms. Janice Hazen
Miss Patricia Hazenberg
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sandra Heaney
Mr. Kevin Hebb and Ms. Frances De Beer
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Marie Hebert
Ms. Vicki Hedgecock and Mr. James Huyser
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Tracy Heemstra
Mr. William and Mrs. Marcia Heerema
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Dawn Heerema
Rev. Jacob and Mrs. Marian Heerema
Dr. Elmer and Mrs. Virginia Heerema
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Heerema
Mrs. Patricia Heeren
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Heeres
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Brenda Heeres
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Sara Heeres
Mr. Randall and Ms. Deborah Heeres
Mrs. Ruth Heeringa
Mrs. Janice Heerspink
Mrs. Joyce Heetderks
Dr. Dewey and Mrs. Marilyn Heetderks
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Ruth Heethuis
Mr. William and Mrs. Carolyn Heethuis
Professor Cornelius and Mrs. Shirley Hegewald
Mr. Ralph Hegsted
Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Kurt Heidmann
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Linda Heinen
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Ruth Hekman
Ms. Laurie Hekman
Mr. Brian and Dr. Donna Hekman
Rear Adm. John and Mrs. Gail Hekman
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathleen Hekman
Dr. Louis and Mrs. Sharon Hekman
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Julie Helder
Ms. Karen Helder
Mr. Gary Helder
Mrs. Gail and Mr. John Helm
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Rebecca Helmus
Mr. Earl and Mrs. Edith Hemmeke
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Carol Hemmes
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Charlotte Henderson
Mr. Marlin and Mrs. Linda Hendricks
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Linda Hendrikse
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Dawn Hendriksen
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Nicholas Hendriksma
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Robert Hennink
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Thomas Henson
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Michael Herder
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Amy Hermen
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Linda Hermen
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Donald Herring
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Debra Hertel
Mr. James and Mrs. Dolores Hertel
Mrs. Karen Hertel
Mrs. Sara and Mr. John Hertwig-Jaksch
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Janice Herwerden
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Judith Herweyer
Rev. Frederick and Mrs. Ella Heslinga
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Barbara Heslinga
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Susan Heslinga
Ms. Kara Heslinga
Mrs. Ruth Hesselink
Dr. Paul and Ms. Betty Hesselink
Dr. I. and Mrs. Etta Hesselink
Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Jacquelyn Heyboer
Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Laurie Heyboer
Mrs. Ahleen Heynen
Mr. Kyle Heys and Rev. Rebecca Jordan Heys
Dr. Ronald Heys and Mrs. Susan Holdaway-Heys
Mrs. Gertrude Hibma
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Nancy Hickey
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Ann Hickman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Laurie Hieftje
Mr. Don and Mrs. Marilyn Hielkema
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Loris Hiemstra
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Dana Hiemstra
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Ronald Hiemstra
Rev. Harold and Mrs. Judy Hiemstra
Mr. George and Mrs. Maxine Hiemstra
Mrs. Melinda and Mr. Aaron Higley
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Lois Hilbrand
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Willis Hilbrands
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Janice Hilbrands
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Norma Hiligan
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Franklin Hillyard
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Hester Hinken
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kristin Hinkle
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Mari-Scarlett Hirte
Mr. John and Mrs. Elaine Hiskes
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Cynthia Hiskes
Mr. George and Mrs. Audrey Hiskes
Mr. George and Mrs. Marlaine Hiskes
Mr. Frank and Dr. Stephanie Hiskes
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Brenda Hobbs
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Amy Hobson
Mrs. Lynda and Mr. Dennis Hoefer
Rev. Gerald and Mrs. Claire Hoek
Dr. Allen and Mrs. Robin Hoek
Mr. A. and Mrs. Gladys Hoek
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Jeri Hoek
Rev. Jon and Mrs. Cynthia Hoekema
Dr. Timothy Hoekman and Dr. Carla Connors
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Jeanne Hoekman
Mrs. Juna Hoekman
Dr. Steven Hoekman
Mr. David Hoekman
Mrs. Jewell and Mr. Norman Hoekman
Dr. S. Kent Hoekman
Dr. Henry and Ms. Caroline Hoeks
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Brenda Hoeksema
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Hoeksema
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Patricia Hoeksema
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Carol Hoeksema
Dr. Jon and Mrs. Carole Hoeksema
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Scott Hoeksema
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lois Hoeksema
Mrs. Cecile and Mr. James Hoeksema
Dr. Paul Hoeksema
Dr. Ronald Hoeksema
Mr. George and Mrs. Geraldine Hoeksema
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Judith Hoeksema
Mr. William and Mrs. Angela Hoeksema
The Honorable Joel and Mrs. Greta Hoekstra
Mr. Byron and Mrs. Patricia Hoekstra
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Nancy Hoekstra
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Arloa Hoekstra
Mrs. Laura and Mr. Gary Hoekstra
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Rebecca Hoekstra
Ms. Rachel Hoekstra
Mr. Daniel and Dr. Erinn Hoekstra
Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Jeni Hoekstra
Dr. John and Mrs. Ruth Hoekstra
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Hoekstra
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Sharon Hoekstra
Dr. John and Mrs. Terry Hoekstra
Dr. Philip Hoekstra
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Jane Hoekstra
Mr. William and Mrs. Caroline Hoekstra
Mr. Gerben and Mrs. Patricia Hoekstra
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Hoekstra
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Joni Hoekstra
Mrs. Pamela and Mr. Adam Hoekwater
Mrs. Alberta Hoekwater
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Donna Hoekwater
Mrs. Dolores Hoekzema
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Virginia Hoezee
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Susan Hoff
Ms. Grace Anne Hoffa
Mrs. Linda Hoffman
Mr. Stuart Hoffman and Mrs. Glenda Simpkins Hoffman
Mr. James and Mrs. Carol Hoffman
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Julia Hoffmeyer
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jo Hofman
Ms. Dorothy Hofman
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sandra Hofman
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Wendy Hofman
Rev. Leonard Hofman
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Heidi Hofman
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Judith Hofman
Mrs. Bertha Hofman
Mrs. Jacoba Hofman
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Rachel Hofman
Mrs. Mary Lou and Mr. Gary Hofman
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kimberly Hofstra
Mr. Elvin and Mrs. Bertha Hofstra
Mrs. Janet and Mr. Richard Hofstra
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Eileen Hofstra
Ms. Jane Hofstra
Mrs. Jung and Mr. William Hogan
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Patricia Hogeterp
Rev. Peter and Mrs. Marianna Hogeterp
Mrs. Kathryn Hoitenga
Mr. David Hoitsma
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Betty Holesinger
Rev. Earl and Mrs. Helen Holkeboer
Mrs. Alma Holkeboer
Dr. Robert Holkeboer
Mr. James and Mrs. Ruth Holkeboer
Mr. David and Mrs. Elaine Holkeboer
Mrs. Faith Hollander
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Janice Hollander
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Hollander
Mrs. Laurel and Mr. Earl Holle
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Mary Hollebeek
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Rosemary Holleboom
Rev. Jerry and Mrs. Norma Holleman
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Jean Holleman
Mr. David and Mrs. Lois Hollemans
Mrs. Karen Hollerbach
Ms. Karen Hollingsworth
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Patricia Holman
Ms. Christine Holst
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Lois Holstege
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Angela Holstege
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Marie Holtrop
Mrs. Evelyn Holtrop
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Holtrop
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Julie Holtrop
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Sandra Holtrop
Mr. Donald Holtrop
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Marideen Holtrop
Mr. David and Mrs. Judith Holtrop
Mrs. Mildred and Mr. Douglas Holtvluwer
Mr. James and Mrs. Rachel Holtvluwer
Mrs. June Holtvluwer
Dr. David and Mrs. Gayla Holwerda
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Janice Holwerda
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Phyllis Holwerda
Rev. James and Mrs. Cynthia Holwerda
Mrs. Christina and Mr. Daryl Holwerda
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kathleen Holwerda
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Joan Holwerda
Mrs. Evelyn Holwerda
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Anna Holwerda
Ms. Nella Homan
Mrs. Carolyn Homan
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Marry Homans
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Carrie Homkes
Mr. Mark and Mrs. April Homkes
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Sue Homkes
Mr. George and Mrs. Gayle Hommes
Rev. Edward and Mrs. Janice Hommes
Mrs. Eileen and Dr. Chull Hong
Mr. Fan Hongqi and Mrs. Shuguang Wang
Mr. John and Mrs. Sherie Hood
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Marjorie Hoogeboom
Dr. James and Mrs. Barbara Hoogeboom
Ms. Shirley Hoogeboom
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Charlotte Hoogenboom
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Cathleen Hoogenboom
Mr. Case and Mrs. Patricia Hoogendoorn
Mrs. Donna and Mr. Kevin Hoogerhyde
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Margaret Hoogerhyde
Ms. Lavina Hoogeveen
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Daniel Hoogewind
Mrs. Coral Hoogewind
Ms. Ann Hoogland
Dr. John Hoogland
Dr. Jeffrey and Dr. Shirley Hoogstra
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Lora Hoogstra
Mr. Calvin Hoogstra
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Katie Hoogwerf
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Corey Hook
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Jennifer Hooker
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Geraldine Hooker
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Gerald Hoolsema
Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Marga Hoort
Mr. H. John and Mrs. Sandra Hooyer
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Barbara Hooyer
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Faye Hop
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Elaine Horjus
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Nancy Horlings
Ms. Jantina Horlings
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Evelyn Horstman
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Amy-Beth Horvath
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Ellen Hossink
Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Derek House
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Patricia House
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Virginia Houseman
Dr. Barton and Mrs. Doris Houseman
Ms. Bernice Houseward and Mr. Stephen Pastoor
Dr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Houskamp
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Alyce Houskamp
Mr. George and Ms. Lorraine Houtman
Mrs. Bernadine Hovenga
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Gwendolyn Hoving
Mr. George Hoving
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Adele Hoving
Mrs. Dita Hovingh Vander Vorst and Mr. Dick Vander Vorst
Dr. Sally Howden
Mrs. Esther and Mr. Robert Howder
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Janet Howell
Mr. Royal Howes
Mr. Charles Hoytema
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Natalie Hubers
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Cheryl Hubers
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Anita Hubers
Mr. Harris Hubers
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Julie Huenink
Dr. James and Dr. Holly Huffman
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Bonnie Huibregtse
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Cynthia Huiner
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mariann Huiner
Dr. Harvey and Mrs. Marjorie Huiner
Mr. Delvin and Mrs. Glenda Huisingh
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Janine Huisjen
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Cornelia Huisman
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Kenneth Huisman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Huisman
Dr. Howard Huisman
Mr. David and Mrs. Melanie Huisman
Mrs. Olivia and Mr. Matthew Huisman
Mrs. Frances Huisman
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Phyllis Huisman
Mrs. June Huissen
Miss Grace Huitsing
Mrs. Lynnel and Mr. Bruce Huizen
Dr. Gertrude Huizenga
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Marie Huizenga
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Carla Huizenga
Mr. James and Mrs. Robin Huizenga
Dr. Tammy and Mr. J.C. Huizenga
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Kristine Huizenga
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Joan Huizenga
Mr. Rudy and Mrs. Nancy Huizenga
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Esther Huizenga
Mrs. Cora Huizenga
Mrs. Almira Huizenga
Mr. Clyde and Mrs. Ellen Huizenga
Mr. Randal Huizenga
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Joyce Huizenga
Mrs. Betty Huizenga
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jean Huizenga
Mrs. Janice Huizenga
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Betty Huizenga
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Kathleen Huizenga
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Debra Huizenga
Mrs. Marian Huizenga
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol Huizer
Mr. Charles Huizinga and Mrs. Kerry Malott-Huizinga
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Dorothy Huizinga
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Beth Huizinga
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Marcia Huizinga
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Janet Huizinga
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Abigail Huizinga
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Karen Huizinga
Mr. Henry Huizinga
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sharon Huizinga
Dr. Cornelius and Mrs. Marcia Huizinga
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Judy Huizinga
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Barbara Huizingh
Dr. William Huizingh
Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. John Hull
Mr. Christopher Hull
Mrs. Jane and Mr. William Hull
Mr. Jack and Dr. Kathryn Huls
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Kathleen Hulst
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Susan Hulst
Rev. Mary Hulst and Mr. Andrew Kromminga
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Elly Hulst
Mrs. Joanne and Mr. Jack Hulst
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Selma Hulst
Mrs. Louise Hulst
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Anne Hulstein
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Emma Hunderman
Mrs. Lori Hungerford
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Rebecca Hunt
Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Anne Hunt
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Linda Hunt
Mr. John and Mrs. Tami Hunter
Ms. Emma Hunter
Mrs. Cornelia and Mr. John Huschilt
Rev. John and Mrs. Mary Hutt
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Erin Hutt
Mrs. Esther and Mr. Peter Hutt
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Alice Huussen
Mr. David Huyser and Ms. Betsy Ruiter
Mrs. Wilma Huyser
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Dorothy Huyser
Mrs. I. Ruth Huyser
Mrs. Betty Huyser
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. David Huyser
Mr. William and Mrs. Alvina Huyser
Mrs. Thelma and Mr. Jeff Hynes


Ms. Karen Ibarra
Ms. Dorothy Ibershof
Mr. Sinote and Mrs. Marcelle Ibrahim
Mr. Terry Idema
Dr. M. Ijzerman
Mr. Marvin Ilbrink
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Ivan Imig
Mrs. Gwen and Mr. Michael Inglis
Mrs. Martina Ipema
Mr. Lester Ippel
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Ippel
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Gertrude Ippel
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Ippel
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Charles Ippel
Mrs. Ruth Ippel
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Timothy Ippel
Mrs. Rachel Ippel-Redman and Mr. Mark Redman
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Idamae Isaacson
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jane Iwema
Mr. John and Mrs. Irene Izenbaard


Mrs. Janice Jaarsma
Mrs. Dorothy and Mr. Edward Jaasma
Mr. George and Dr. Marjorie Jaasma
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Mary Jackson
Ms. Aldetra Jackson
Mrs. Julanne and Mr. Jon Jackson
Mr. James and Mrs. Sally Jacobs
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Patricia Jacobs
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs
Mr. David and Mrs. Lois Jacobs
Mr. Fred Jacobs and Mrs. Betty Roon-Jacobs
Mrs. Carol and Mr. John Jacobsen
Mr. James and Mrs. Dorothy Jacobsen
Mr. John and Mrs. Ruth Jacobsma
Ms. Nancy Jaeger
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Margaret Jager
Mr. Colin and Mrs. Wendy Jager
Dr. A. and Mrs. Grace Jager
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Barbara Jager
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Shirley Jager
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Nancy Jager
Mrs. Kathleen Jager
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Dianne Jager
Mr. Roland and Mrs. Patricia Jager
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Shirley Jagt
Mr. George and Mrs. Joan Jahrstorfer
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Mark Janke
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Barbara Jansen
Mr. Travis and Mrs. Beth Jansen
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Rebecca Jansen
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Julie Jansen
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Arlyn Jansen
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Gail Jansen
Mrs. Verna Jansen
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Cate Jansma
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Sharin Jansma
Mr. Von Jansma
Mr. Bernhard and Mrs. Teresa Janssen
Mr. John and Mrs. Mildred Janssens
Mrs. Tracey and Mr. Paul Jarzombek
Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Joy Jasperse
Mr. Patrick Jasperse and Mrs. Carie Van Hook Jasperse
Mr. Glenn Jasperse
Mr. George and Mrs. Nancy Jasperse
Mrs. Jeanette Jeffer
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Lea Jefferson
Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Barbara Jekel
Mrs. Mary Jellema
Ms. Jeanne Jellema
Dr. John and Mrs. Mildred Jellema
Mrs. Wilhelmina and Mr. Thomas Jelsema
Ms. Sarah Jelsema
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Linda Jeltema
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Douglas Jeltema
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Amy Jeninga
Mrs. Lauren and Mr. Ryan Jensen
Mr. Kenneth Jipping and Mrs. Karen Gernaat-Jipping
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Jipping
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Ann Jipping
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Esther Jiran
Mr. Virgil Johanningsmeier
Mrs. Lori and Mr. R. Paul Johnson
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sherryl Johnson
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Brian Johnson
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Carrie Johnson
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Marian Johnson
Mrs. Peggy Johnson
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Helga Johnson
Mrs. Clarice and Mr. Gordon Johnson
Mrs. Marlene Johnson
Mr. James and Mrs. Marceil Johnson
Mrs. Thelma Johnson
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Charles Johnson
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Jane Johnson
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Mark Johnson
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Mark Johnson
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Janet Johnson
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Rebecca Joldersma
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Laura Joling
Ms. Amy Jonason
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Susan Jones
Ms. Jessica Jones
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Joanna Jones
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Rosalie Jongekrijg
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Mark Jongekrijg
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Ellen Jongsma
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Judith Jongsma
Rev. Allan and Mrs. Joyce Jongsma
Mrs. Margaret Jongsma
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Jonker
Mr. Thaymer and Mrs. Evelyn Jonker
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Kathleen Jonkman
Dr. Wayne and Mrs. Anamarie Joosse
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Martha Joosse
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susanne Jordan
Mr. Maxwell Jordan
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Edith Jorritsma
Ms. Donna Joyce
Mr. Daryl Julich
Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Sue Jung
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Joyce Jurgens
Mr. James and Mrs. Virginia Jurries
Mrs. Marian Jurries


Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Adrian Kaashoek
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carlene Kaashoek
Mrs. Carol Kaiser
Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Laura Kaleefey
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Linda Kalkman
Mr. Preston and Mrs. Jeanne Kallemeyn
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Leanne Kallemeyn
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Kalmink
Dr. John and Mrs. Jacqueline Kalsbeck
Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Paula Kamerman
Mrs. Gertie Kamerman
Ms. Donna Kamerman-Houskamp and Mr. Robert Houskamp
Mr. Kenneth Kaminga
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Edwin Kaminskas
Rev. Carl and Mrs. Jean Kammeraad
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Gail Kamminga
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Miriam Kamp
Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Lori Kamp
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Peter Kamp
Mrs. Tina and Mr. Steve Kampen
Rev. Dennis and Mrs. Myrna Kamper
Mrs. Rosemary and Mr. Bryan Kamper
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Kristyn Kamps
Mrs. Elizabeth Kamps
Miss Gertrude Kamps
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Maribeth Kamstra
Mr. Eric Kamstra
Dr. William Kamstra
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Steven Kang
Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Jessemynn Kanis
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Carolyn Kapteyn
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Marian Kapteyn
Dr. Susan Karant-Nunn
Miss Frances Karnemaat
Mr. Andy and Mrs. Magda Karpati
Mr. David and Mrs. Sarah Kasdorf
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Gloria Kaslander
Dr. Corrine Kass
Mr. Roland Kass
Dr. David and Mrs. Karen Kass
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Sue Kass
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Katerberg
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jeanne Katerberg
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Brenda Katerberg
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Beth Katerberg
Miss Arlene Katerberg
Mrs. Dorothy Kats
Mrs. Christina and Mr. Daniel Katt
Mr. William and Mrs. Gloria Katt
Mr. Kenneth Katte
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Lorraine Katte
Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Lynnae Kauffman
Dr. Gaylord and Mrs. Cindy Kavlie
Dr. Phillip Keegstra
Dr. Edward Keegstra
Ms. Kristen Keegstra
Mr. Robert Keegstra
Mrs. Carol and Mr. William Keen
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Lori Keen
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Jaltina Kehr
Rev. John and Mrs. Delores Keizer
Chaplain Herman and Mrs. Ardis Keizer
Rev. Duane and Mrs. Jeannette Kelderman
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Bernice Kelderman
Mrs. Joan Kelley
Mr. Lyman and Mrs. Charmaine Kellstedt
Dr. Michael and Dr. Shareen Kelly
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Daniel Kelly
Dr. Mary Kemme
Ms. Jean Kempema
Ms. Susan Kendall
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Melodie Kennedy
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Deborah Kennedy
Rev. Earl and Mrs. Cornelia Kennedy
Mr. Amos Kennedy
Rev. Johannes and Mrs. Joyce Kerssies
Dr. James and Mrs. Gerritdina Kett
Ms. Susan and Mr. Jack Keys
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Marian Kickert
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Susan Kieft
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Sandra Kieft
Rev. Gordon and Mrs. Beth Kieft
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Rex Kiekintveld
Rev. Harvey Kiekover
Mr. James Kiekover
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Arden Kiekover
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Elizabeth Kiel
Mrs. Ruth Kiel
Mr. Hessel and Mrs. Alice Kielstra
Mr. Peter and Dr. Linda Kiemel
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Denise Kiers
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Marjorie Kik
Mr. Carnell and Mrs. Cathlene Kikkert
Ms. Kathleen Kikkert
Mr. Kang and Mrs. Joy Kim
Ms. Eunice Kimm
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Audrey Kinder
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Claudia Kinder
Mr. John and Mrs. Ella King
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Elizabeth Kingma
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Thelma Kingma
Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Mireille Kingma
Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Rita Kingma
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Curtis Kingsley
Mr. James and Mrs. Jane Kirkman
Mrs. Alice Kiss
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Kathleen Klaasen
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Margo Klaasen
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Alice Klaasen
Ms. Barbara and Mr. Raymond Klaassen
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Janet Klamer
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sandra Klanderman
Dr. David and Mrs. Barbara Klanderman
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. June Klanderman
Mr. Matthew Klapmust
Mrs. Tammy and Mr. James Klaver
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Klein
Ms. Susan Klein
Mr. Daniel Klein and Ms. Rachael Kuilema Klein
Mr. Willard and Mrs. Karen Klein
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mickie Kleinheksel
Mrs. Janice and Dr. Merlin Kleinhuizen
Dr. Sharon Kleinhuizen Jensen and Mr. Paul Jensen
Mrs. Beverly and Mr. James Kleinjan
Mrs. Leanne and Mr. Kenneth Kleinmanns
Mr. Bruce Klein-Wassink
Mrs. Grace Klein-Wassink
Mrs. Bonnie Kleis
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Margaret Kleis
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Gwen Klemm
Mr. Gerald Kline
Mr. Laverne and Mrs. Doris Klingenberg
Mr. John and Mrs. Wanda Kloet
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. LaVonne Kloet
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Janet Klok
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Barbara Klompien
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Lorraine Klompien
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Aldert Klompien
Mrs. Jennie Klompien
Mr. Kryn and Mrs. Betty Klompien
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Rachel Klooster
Mr. Alex and Mrs. Beverly Klooster
Mr. John and Mrs. Donna Kloosterman
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Cheryl Kloosterman
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Terri Kloostra
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Kloostra
Mr. Gordon Kloostra
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Rae Kluitenberg
Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Henrietta Klumper
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Mary Klyn
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Glenda Klyn
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Lois Klyn
Mr. Jerry Kneubel
Dr. William and Mrs. Julie Knoester
Mr. Jack and Ms. Beth Knol
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Ann Knoll
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Megan Knoor
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Andrea Knoor
Mrs. Joanne Knoor-Disbrow and Mr. Doyle Disbrow
Mr. Bastian and Mrs. Joan Knoppers
Dr. Gerald and Dr. Laura Knoppers
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Joan Knot
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Mary Ann Knott
Rev. Edward Knott
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ruth Knott
Mr. G. and Mrs. Sandra Knottnerus
Mrs. Pamela and Mr. John Knox
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Janet Knust
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Marie Knutzen
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Sayuko Kobes
Dr. Keith and Mrs. Iris Kobes
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Shaunna Kobes
Rev. Gerrit and Mrs. H. Koedoot
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Carolyn Koekkoek
Mr. Steven and Mrs. MaryRuth Koelewyn
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Joyce Koeman
Mr. Kent and Mrs. Jodi Koeman
Mr. James and Mrs. Allyson Koeman
Ms. Ruth Koenes
Mrs. Marla and Mr. David Koetje
Dr. David and Mrs. Karen Koetje
Mr. Rick Koetje
Rev. Michael and Mrs. Mindy Koetje
Mr. Gordon Koetje
Mr. Carl Koetje
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Lois Koetje
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Evelyn Koets
Mrs. Suzanne and Mr. Alfred Kohler
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Evonne Kok
Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Terry Kok
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Carol Kok
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kristin Kok
Chaplain Louis and Mrs. Frances Kok
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Rebecca Kok
Rev. James Kok
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Shirley Kok
Mrs. Margaret Kok
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Jean Kok
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Mary Kok
Mrs. Verna and Dr. Frank Kokmeyer
Mrs. Judith and Dr. Slavomir Kolada
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Ruth Koldenhoven
Mr. George and Mrs. Bette Koldenhoven
Mrs. Renee and Mr. James Kolean
Mr. William and Mrs. Arloa Kolean
Mr. Kenneth Kolk and Mrs. Linda Spoelman-Kolk
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Carol Kolk
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Sandra Kolk
Rev. David and Mrs. Sally Koll
Mr. Carlton and Mrs. Rachael Kollen
Mr. David and Mrs. Cathy Koller
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Barbara Koning
Mr. David and Mrs. Joy Koning
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Mara Koning
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Lois Koning
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Kim Koning
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Jill Koning
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jeanne Koning
Mrs. Effie Koning
Mr. Scot and Mrs. Darlene Konings
Mrs. Lois Konyndyk
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Debra Konyndyk
Ms. Irene and Dr. Roger Konyndyk
Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Jayne Konynenbelt
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Susan Konynenbelt
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Sandee Konynenbelt
Mr. Clarence Kooi
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Kimberly Kooistra
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Douglas Kooistra
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Patsy Kooistra
Mrs. Eve Kool
Mr. James and Mrs. Ivy Kool
Rev. John Koole
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Corrine Koolhaas
Dr. Janice Koop
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Marilyn Koop
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. RoseMarie Koopman
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Doris Koopman
Mr. Casey and Mrs. Laura Koopmans
Mr. George and Mrs. Ann Koopmans
Dr. John and Mrs. Delianne Koops
Mr. Elton Koops
Mrs. Marilyn Koops
Mrs. Louise and Mr. Leon Koops
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Karen Kooy
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Katherine Kooy
Mr. John Kooyenga
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cherene Kooyenga
Mr. William and Mrs. Doris Kooyer
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Amy Kornelis
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Hazel Kornelis
Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Amy Kornoelje
Mrs. Susan and Rev. Andre Korstanje
Dr. Chad and Mrs. Kathy Kort
Dr. Wesley and Rev. Phyllis Kort
Dr. Anthone and Mrs. Judith Kort
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Diane Korthuis
Mr. James and Mrs. Pamela Kortman
Mr. Josef and Mrs. Esther Korzilius
Mrs. H. Kossen
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Stephanie Koster
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Koster
Rev. Steven and Mrs. Debra Koster
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia Koster
Mrs. Nora and Mr. Robert Koster
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Dorothy Koster
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Marlene Koster
Mr. Gerard Koster and Mrs. Esther Jackson Koster
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Florence Koster
Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Bonnie Kosters
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Marlene Kotman
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Marianne Kotman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Conchita Kovach
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Anna Kraai
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Marilyn Kraai
Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Jean Kraai
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Juliet Kraal
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Gwen Kraay
Ms. Sharon Kraft
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Kragt
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Nancy Kragt
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Catherine Kraker
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Beverly Kraker
Rev. Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Barbara Kramer
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Yvonne Kramer
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Joyce Kramer
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Winerva Kramer
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Sandra Kranenborg
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carrie Krause
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Kimberly Krauth
Mr. Harlan and Mrs. Linda Kredit
Mrs. Leora and Mr. Norman Kredit
Mrs. Ardelle and Mr. Sherman Kredit
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Elisabeth Kremer
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Janet Kremers
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rosalie Kreulen
Mrs. Coral and Mr. Donald Kreykes
Mr. James and Mrs. Gale Krikke
Ms. Lani and Mr. Abraham Krispin
Dr. Jon and Mrs. Kathy Kroeze
Mrs. Ruth Kroeze
Mr. James and Mrs. Jane Krol
Dr. Albion Kromminga
Mr. Justin and Mrs. Sandra Kromminga
Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Ruth Kroon
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Jack Kroondyk
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Heidi Krosschell
Mrs. Lorna and Mr. James Krosschell
Mr. Everett and Mrs. Rebecca Krueger
Mr. Will and Mrs. Kathryn Krueger
Miss Mary Jean Kruis
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Karen Kruithof
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Rose Kruithof
Ms. Rachel Kubinski
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Miriam Kuiken
Mrs. Harriet Kuilema
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Sarah Kuiper
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Jamie Kuiper
Ms. Jenna Kuiper
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Marcella Kuiper
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Lucille Kuiper
Mr. John and Mrs. Marge Kuiper
Mrs. Alma Kuiper
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Donna Kuiper
Ms. Elaine Kuiper
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Betty Kuipers
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Kuipers
Dr. Florence Kuipers
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Shirley Kuipers
Mr. John and Mrs. Elsie Kuipers
Miss Renee Kuipers
Mrs. Maxine and Mr. Garry Kuipers
Mr. Herschel and Mrs. Gladys Kuipers
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. James Kuipers
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Margaret Kuizema
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jessica Kuizema
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Anne Kunnen
Ms. Cynthia Kuperus
Mrs. Glennys and Mr. Myles Kuperus
Mrs. Shirley and Mr. Peter Kuperus
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Julie Kuyers
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Carol Kuyers
Mr. John and Mrs. Marjorie Kuyers
Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Dian Kwiatkowski


Mr. F. and Mrs. Grace La Brenz
Dr. N. Kenneth and Mrs. Judith La Fleur
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Sandra La Grand
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Kenneth La Grand
Dr. Virginia La Grand
Rev. Edward and Mrs. Joan Laarman
Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Jeremy Laarman
Ms. Susan Lacey
Dr. Pamela Lachniet
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Marylou Lachniet
Dr. Wallace and Mrs. Marcia Lagerwey
Mrs. Beth and Mr. David Lageveen
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Marcia Laing
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Linda LaMaire
Mrs. Annette LaMaire
Mr. Jack Laman
Professor Scott Lamanna and Mrs. Olga Vargas-Lamanna
Mrs. Lea and Mr. Del Lamb
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Adria Lambers
Mrs. Ardene Lambers
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Marian Lambers
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Jane Lambers
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Raven Lambert
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Lamberts
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sue Lamberts
Ms. Mildred Lamberts
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Marcia Lamer
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol Lameyer
Mrs. Melissa and Mr. Steven Lamie
Mr. William and Mrs. Karen Lammers
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Amy Lammers
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Laura LaMore
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Thomas Lampe
Mrs. Courtney and Mr. Joseph Lampen
Mrs. Eleanor Lamsma
Rev. John and Mrs. Debbie Lamsma
Mr. Peter and Ms. Debra Land
Mrs. Esther Land
Miss Lois Landheer
Mr. Carroll and Mrs. Ann Landstra
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Faith Lane
Ms. Meghan Lane
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Jane Lane
Ms. Jennifer Langefeld
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Yvonne Langejans
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Doris Langejans
Mr. Michael Langeland
Ms. Karen Langeland
Mr. James and Mrs. Marian Langeland
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Lois Langerak
Mr. David and Mrs. Dianne Langworthy
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sally Laning
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Phyllis Laninga
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Gail Laninga
Ms. Karla Laninga
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. Stephen Laninga
Mrs. Carol Laninga
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Anna Laninga
Mrs. Lucille Lankheet
Mr. Burton and Mrs. Nevonda Lankhorst
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Janet Lanser
Mr. James and Mrs. Clarine Lanting
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Beth Lantinga
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Mary Ann LaPolla
Mr. John and Mrs. Joan Lappenga
Mrs. Debra and Dr. Matthew Lappenga
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Rosita Lappinga
Mrs. Betty Lappinga
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Lappinga
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Joy Larink
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sandra LaRoe
Dr. David and Mrs. Cathy Larsen
Dr. Kirk and Mrs. Shirley Larsen
Mr. Tor and Ms. Rebecca Larsen
Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Timothy Larsen
Mrs. Claudia and Mr. Thomas Larson
Rev. Darryl and Mrs. Nancy Larson
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Mary Last
Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Last
Mrs. Janis and Mr. Gerald Lattuca
Dr. David and Mrs. Diane Laughlin
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Shirley Lautenbach
Mrs. Faith and Mr. David Lawson
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Rebecca Leavitt
Mr. Eric Ledy
Mrs. Faith and Mr. Raymond Lee
Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Kyu-Ho Lee
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Cathy Lee
Mrs. Helen and Mr. Sang Ki Lee
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Nancy Leed
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Angela Leedy
Dr. Arie and Mrs. Boukje Leegwater
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Janice Leegwater
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Leegwater
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Jennifer Leenstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Teresa Leenstra
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Beverly Leep
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Mary Leep
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Darlene Leep
Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Barbara Leep
Mrs. Sheryl and Mr. Michael Leestma
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. John Leeth
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jennifer LeFebre
Mr. Roger Lefers
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Willie Leik
Dr. Edward Leinse
Miss Patricia Leisman
Dr. James and Mrs. Laura Leistra
Mrs. Pearl Leistra
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Aldine Leistra
Pastor Bruce and Mrs. Winifred Leiter
Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Brian Leja
Mr. William and Mrs. Susan Lemkuil
Mr. James and Mrs. Jennifer Lemkuil
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Stefanie Lemkuil
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Lemkuil
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Loren Lemmen
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Myrtle Lemmen
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Audrey Lemmen
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Tyra Lemmen
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Roxanne Lenssen
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Deborah Lenters
Dr. Tim and Mrs. Darlene Lenters
Dr. Eric Lenting and Dr. Gina Guzman
Mrs. Adeline Leo
Mrs. Renee and Mr. Robert Leonard
Mr. Robert Leppink and Ms. Sheryl Van Spronsen Leppink
Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Todd Lestina
Miss Melissa Lettinga
Mr. Wilbur and Mrs. Sharon Lettinga
Mr. Cornelius Leugs
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Amber Leugs
Mrs. Louise Leugs
Dr. Robert and Rev. Thea Leunk
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Barbara Leunk
Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Jack Lewis
Mrs. Dawn and Mr. Steven Lewis
Rev. Edson and Mrs. Joanne Lewis
Rev. Clayton and Mrs. Adria Libolt
Mr. Willis and Mrs. Inette Libolt
Mrs. Beverly Lich
Mr. Henry Lieffers
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Rinda Lieuwen
Dr. David and Mrs. Suzanne Lieuwen
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Elaine Lim
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Janelle Lindemulder
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lindsey Lindemulder
Mrs. Wilma Lindemulder
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Henrietta Linders
Mr. Wallace Lindsay
Mrs. Wendy and Mr. Raymond Ling
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Barbara Link
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Lori Lion
Ms. Linjin Lipock
Mrs. Beverly Little
Mrs. Taryn and Mr. Todd Lloyd
Mrs. Marilyn Lobbes
Mr. John and Mrs. Claretta Lobbes
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ruth Lobbes
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Cheryl Locke
Dr. William and Dr. Kimberly Lodewyk
Mr. John Loeks
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Maureen Loerop
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Sandra Logacz
Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Wilma Logterman
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Kristi Lohman
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Craig Lohmann
Mrs. Berdena Looman
Rev. Dirk Los
Rev. Eugene and Mrs. Shirley Los
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Charlene Los
Mrs. Jamima Loucks
Ms. Catherine Louis
Ms. Vivian Louis
Dr. Laurence and Mrs. Mary Louters
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Michelle Louters
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carla Louwsma
Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige and The Honorable Darrell Paige
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Lois Lubben
Mr. George and Mrs. Linda Lubben
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Cheryl Lubbers
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Judith Lubbers
Mr. Vern and Mrs. Marlene Lubbers
Ms. Rhonda Lubberts
Mr. James Lucas
Mrs. Tamara and Mr. Michael Lucas
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Geraldine Lucas
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Richard Lucas
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan Lucas
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Margaret Luchies
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Kinza Luchies
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Jennifer Ludema
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Victoria Ludema
Mrs. Lillian and Mr. Gordon Ludema
Mrs. Johanna Ludema
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Debra Luimes
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Barbara Lummen
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Naomi Lund
Col. Karl and Mrs. Jennifer Lundberg
Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Kelly Lundberg
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Lundberg
Ms. Ashley Luse
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Elaine Luse
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Ruth Luurtsema
Mr. John and Mrs. Elisabeth Luymes
Mrs. Kristi and Mr. James Lynch
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Elizabeth Lynch
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Shirley Lynema
Mrs. Carrie Lyzenga
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Joann Lyzenga


Mrs. Joanne and Mr. Arlin Maas
Mr. Egbert Maas
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Mary Maas
Mr. Brandon Maat
Mrs. Sylvia Maat
Dr. Mitchell and Mrs. Rebekah Machiela
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Mary Machiela
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Thelma Machiela
Mr. David and Mrs. Janice Machiela
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Delores Machiele
Mrs. Ruth Machiele
Mr. David and Ms. Leah Mackus
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Carol Mackus
Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia Madendorp
Ms. Deborah Magennis
Ms. Sandra Magers
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Kenneth Magnell
Ms. Sally Mahoney and Mr. Mark Hagbom
Mrs. Eline and Mr. John Maier
Mrs. Dena Malda
Mrs. Linda and Mr. David Male
Mrs. Merry Male
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Nancy Malefyt
Mr. James and Mrs. Sandra Mallekoote
Mrs. Grace and Mr. Gregory Mallett
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Susan Malone
Dr. Phillip Mange
Mrs. Kathryn and Mr. James Manley
Mrs. Shirley and Mr. Charles Mannheim
Mr. Kelvin and Mrs. Karen Manni
Rev. Peter and Mrs. Carolyn Mans
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Gayle Marcus
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Jane Marcus
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Kara Marcus
Mr. Alexander Marcus
Mrs. Shirley and Mr. Carl Marcus
Mr. Konrad and Mrs. Marilyn Marcus
Mr. Alfred Marcus
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Lynette Marcus
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carolyn Marcusse
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lisa Marcusse
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Edward Maring
Mrs. Christine and Mr. Donald Markham
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Delmar Markus
Mrs. Marilyn Markus
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Melissa Markvluwer
Mrs. Plamena and Mr. Sam Marmon
Mr. James and Mrs. Jacqueline Marsh
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Lee Marshall
Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Thomas Marsman
Ms. Kathy Martin
Mrs. Laura and Mr. Steven Martin
Mrs. Jeanne and Mr. Eric Martin
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Alice Martin
Miss Charlene Martin
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Karolyn Martin
Ms. Alyse Martinelli
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Cynthia Martinie
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Betty Martinie
Dr. Martin Martinus
Mrs. Christin and Mr. Jason Masimore
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Jack Mason
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Mary Masselink
Dr. William and Mrs. Glenda Masselink
Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Sharon Mast
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Gary Mast
Mr. Charles and Ms. Margaret Mast
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Angie Mast
Ms. Christine and Mr. James Mastandrea
Mrs. Jacki and Mr. Duane Matter
Mr. Darrin and Mrs. Esther Matter
Mr. Donald Matz
Mrs. Robin and Mr. Alan Mauer
Mrs. Catherine and Mr. Eric Maxfield
Mrs. Anita and Mr. David Mayne
Mr. John and Rev. Theda Mc Bryde
Mr. W. Hugo and Mrs. Ruth Mc Gee
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Henry Mc Laughlin
Mrs. Kristi and Mr. Thomas Mc Mahon
Mrs. Betty Mc Ruer
Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Robert McBroom
Mr. Seth and Mrs. Carolynne McCormick
Mrs. Bernice McGovern
Mr. Rob McGregor
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carol McHolme
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lynn McIntosh
Mrs. Heather and Mr. Rae McIntosh
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Julie McKeel
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Francis McMillan
Mr. Carl and Dr. Kathryn McQueen
Mr. Luke McReynolds
Mr. William and Mrs. Cindy McWilliams
Mrs. Carol and Dr. Donald Mead
Dr. Tim and Dr. Jere Meade
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Bonnie Medema
Dr. Steven Medema and Mrs. Carolyn Bauer
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Trudy Medema
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sharon Medema
Rev. Theodore and Mrs. Julia Medema
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Carole Medema
Mr. Mark Medenblik
Mrs. Mary and Mr. William Medenblik
Ms. Thurlene Medendorp
Miss Patricia Medendorp
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Mary Medendorp
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Janice Meekhof
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. June Meekma
Mrs. Sara and Mr. Jonathan Meengs
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Elizabeth Meester
Mr. David and Mrs. Laura Meester
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Anna Meester
Mrs. Emily and Mr. Bryan Meetsma
Ms. Beth Meetsma
Mr. Charles Meetsma
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Marcia Meeusen
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Paula Meeuwenberg
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sherrill Meeuwsen
Mr. Hank and Mrs. Liesel Meijer
Mrs. Muriel Meindertsma
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Eleanor Meints
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Meiste
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Tena Mejan
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Florence Mejeur
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Leanne Mejeur
Dr. Gregory Mellema
Mr. Peter Mellema
Dr. Garfield Mellema
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Carol Mellema
Mr. Dirk Mellema
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Gretchen Mellema
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Kay Melpolder
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Pamela Memmelaar
Mr. James Menken
Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Irene Menninga
Mrs. Judith Menninga
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Leanne Menninga
Mrs. Virginia Mensink
Mr. Jeffrey Mensink
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Elizabeth Mentzer
Miss Erika Menyes
Mrs. Carolyn Meppelink
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Mepyans
Mrs. Cecilia Mereness
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Molly Meringa
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Ruth Meringa
Mr. David and Mrs. Shirley Merkey
Mr. William and Mrs. Caron Merrow
Mrs. Sheryl and Dr. Glenn Merz
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Rebeka Mesbergen
Mr. William and Mrs. Sonia Mesbergen
Mrs. Laurelie and Mr. Fredrick Metzger
Ms. Christine Metzger
Mrs. Mary and Mr. David Metzler
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Marcia Meulenberg
Mrs. Helen Meulink
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Barbara Meyaard
Mr. Gary and Ms. Beverly Meyer
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Myron Meyer
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Norma Meyer
Dr. James and Mrs. Lois Meyer
Dr. Nancy Meyer and Mr. Roy Hopp
Mr. David and Mrs. Heidi Meyer
Rev. Anthony and Mrs. Stacey Meyer
Rev. Galen and Rev. Thelma Meyer
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jewell Meyer
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Meyer
Dr. Judith Meyer
Mrs. Joanna Meyer
Ms. Dorothy Meyer
Mr. Gerald Meyer
Ms. Sandra Meyer and Rev. Joseph Morris
Mrs. Pearl Meyer-De Jong
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Darlene Meyering
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Meredith Meyering
Mrs. Judith Meyering
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Melissa Meyers
The Honorable Hannes and Mrs. Marjorie Meyers
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. L. Ruth Meyers
Rev. Virgil and Mrs. Cynthia Michael
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Michalowski
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Tammy Michmerhuizen
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Sarah Miciek
Mrs. Glenda and Mr. Francis Middleton
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Karina Miedema
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Christie Miedema
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathy Miedema
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Wilma Miedema
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Faith Miedema
Mr. Laurence and Mrs. Ruth Mieras
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Jo Miersma
Miss Winifred Miersma
Mrs. Jean and Mr. Franklin Mih
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Kathleen Miller
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Betty Miller
Mr. Daniel Miller
Mr. Derek Miller
Dr. Vincent and Mrs. Alida Miller
Dr. Kent Miller
Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. David Miller
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Henry Miller
Mr. Paul Miller
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Eugene Miller
Ms. Kathleen Mills
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Debra Milot
Mrs. Tena Minnema
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Vivian Minnema
Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Linnea Minnema
Ms. Marianne and Mr. Joshua Mintz
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Susan Mitchell
Mrs. Joni and Mr. Robert Mitchell
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Karen Mitchell
Ms. Florence Mitchell
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Joani Moberg
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Carla Mockabee
Mr. Burton and Mrs. Sharon Moeke
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Virginia Moerman
Mrs. Wendy and Mr. Randy Moes
Mrs. Lois Mol
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Lorna Molenaar
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kara Molenhouse
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Kimberly Molenhouse
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Margaret Molenkamp
Mr. Terry and Ms. Kathryn Molewyk
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Nancy Moll
Mr. Lynn and Mrs. Gloria Moll
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Arlene Moll
Mr. James and Mrs. Patricia Mollema
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Judith Mollenkof
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Cara Molling
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Judy Molling
Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Robert Molter
Dr. George and Dr. Ellen Monsma
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Rebecca Monsma
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Grace Monsma
Mr. James and Mrs. Janice Monsma
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Dorothy Monsma
Mr. John Monsma
Dr. Dwight and Mrs. Lois Monsma
Ms. Karen and Mr. James Montemayor
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Anthony Monterisi
Mr. George and Mrs. Eileen Montgomery
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Elizabeth Mooi
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Mavis Moon
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Jane Moos
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Helen Mooser
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Michael Morales
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Joy Morici
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Judith Morren
Mr. William and Mrs. Susan Morren
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Morren
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jayme Morren
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Kathleen Morren
Mrs. Carolyn Morren
Mrs. Renee and Mr. Jonathan Morris
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Sandra Morris
Dr. Johannes Morsink
Mrs. Marlene and Mr. Dennis Mortley
Mr. John and Mrs. Karin Morton
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kristin Mossel
Mrs. Judith Motman
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Phyllis Mouw
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Mouw
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Marilyn Mouw
Ms. Carla Moyer
Mrs. Wilma and Mr. Martin Mudde
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Jacob Mudde
Mr. David and Mrs. Angela Muilenberg
Mrs. Lois Mulder
Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Helen Mulder
Miss Clarice Mulder
Mr. James and Mrs. Marilyn Mulder
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Vicki Mulder
Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy Mulder
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Daniel Mulder
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Merrie Mulder
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sheryl Mulder
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sheryl Mulder
Mr. David and Mrs. Jane Mulder
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Cathy Mulder
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. William Mulder
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Kimberly Mulder
Ms. Cara Mulder and Mr. Webb Friedly
Mrs. Anita and Mr. Philip Mulder
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carol Mulder
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Sara Mulder
Mr. Jonathan Mulder
Mr. Bruce Mulder
Rev. Bernard and Mrs. Genevieve Mulder
Mrs. Ethel Mulder
Mrs. Anne Mulder
Mrs. Wilma Mulder
Miss Mildred Mulder
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Marian Mulder
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Marlyce Mulder
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Margo Mulder
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Mildred Mulder
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Helena Mulder
Miss Joyce Mulder
Mr. Myron and Mrs. Beverly Mulder
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Geraldine Mulder
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Beth Mulder
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Neil Muldoon
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Carla Muller
Mrs. Mary and Mr. James Muller
Ms. Dawn Muller
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Marcella Muller
Mrs. Valerae and Mr. Patrick Murphy
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Jill Musch
Dr. David and Mrs. Janice Musch
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Janelle Musch
Dr. Milford Muskett
Prof. Merle and Mrs. Betty Mustert
Mrs. Barbra and Mr. Timothy Mustert
Dr. Mark Muyskens and Mrs. Jodi Cole
Rev. J. David and Mrs. Donna Muyskens


Mrs. Myra Naber
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. John Naber
Mrs. Dorothy Naerebout
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Nagel
Mrs. Sandra Nagel
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Lois Nagel
Mr. Leonard Nagel and Ms. Judith Van Zanten
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Gerrit Nagelkirk
Mr. Gordon Nagelkirk
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Diane Nance
Ms. Lisa Nanninga
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Joan Nanninga
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia Nanninga
Dr. Linda Naranjo-Huebl and Mr. Scott Huebl
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kathleen Natelborg
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Laurie Nederhood
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Patricia Nederveld
Mrs. Jean and Mr. Paul Nelson
Mrs. Naomi Nelson
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Warren Nelson
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Wilma Nelson
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Scott Nemeth
Ms. Carla Ness
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Carol Netz
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Garretta Newhof
Mrs. Betty Newhouse
Mrs. Lois Newhouse
Dr. William and Mrs. Wilma Nibbelink
Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Phyllis Nibbelink
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Marie Nicholson
Mrs. Doris and Mr. Allan Nickels
Mrs. Twylla and Mr. Willard Nieboer
Mr. Nicolas and Mrs. Ann Nieboer
Rev. Thomas and Mrs. Deborah Niehof
Mr. Sander and Mrs. Mary Niemeyer
Rev. Bernard and Mrs. Jean Niemeyer
Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Betty Niemeyer
Mrs. Jeanne and Mr. Robert Nienhuis
Mr. John and Mrs. Dorothy Nienhuis
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. David Nienhuis
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Edward Nieuwenhuis
Mrs. Jane and Mr. George Nieuwenhuis
Mr. David and Mrs. Judy Nieuwkoop
Mr. Randal and Mrs. Sandra Nieuwsma
Dr. James Niewenhuis
Mr. Junior and Mrs. Marilyn Niewenhuis
Mr. David and Mrs. Wendy Niewiek
Mrs. Louise Nikkel
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Thomas Nobel
Mrs. Carole and Mr. Fred Nolten
Mrs. Mildred Noordyke
Mr. Ulrich and Mrs. Diane Noorman
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Mary Norden
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Janet Norman
Dr. Victor and Mrs. Susan Norman
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Sherry Norman
Dr. Peter and Dr. Laurel Northouse
Mrs. Ann Noteboom
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Elizabeth Notman
Rev. Henry Numan
Mr. Garry and Mrs. Marian Nyboer
Mr. James and Mrs. Jean Nydam
Mrs. Winifred Nydam
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Dawn Nyeholt
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Jane Nyenhuis
Mrs. Bonita Nyenhuis
Mr. Hudson Nyenhuis
Mrs. Evelyn Nyenhuis
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Theressa Nyenhuis
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Nyhof
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Doreen Nykamp
Mrs. Tracy and Dr. Thomas Nykamp
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Celeste Nykamp
Mr. Douglas Nykamp and Ms. Jane Admiraal-Nykamp
Dr. Del and Mrs. Diane Nykamp
Mrs. Kaylyn and Mr. Michael Nykamp
Mr. Foster and Mrs. Bernice Nykamp
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Nykamp
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Francoise Nyland


Mr. William and Mrs. Jeanette Oakes
Dr. Diane Obenchain and Mr. Dennis Donahue
Mr. Joshua O'Berski
Ms. Karen and Mr. Brian Obits
Ms. Leslie O'Connor
Mrs. Lois and Dr. Robert O'Connor
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Michelle Oegema
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Maria Oegema
Mrs. Arlene and Mr. David Oetman
Ms. Shirley Oetman
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Linda Oezer
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Gertrude O'Hara
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Doris Okkema
Mr. Samson and Mrs. Stella Okoh
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judith Olree
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Pamela Olson
Mrs. Cornelia Olson
Dr. James and Mrs. Linda Olthoff
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Katherine Olthoff
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Robert Onderlinde
Mr. James and Mrs. Wendy Onderlinde
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Nancy Onderlinde
Mr. John and Mrs. Abigail Onderlinde
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Deborah Ondersma
Mr. David Ondersma
Ms. Anita Oomkes
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Trudy Ooms
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Kenneth Ooms
Mr. Scott Oonk
Mrs. Mary Oordt
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Richard Oost
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Rhonda Oostdyk
Mr. James and Mrs. Joyce Oostdyk
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Henrietta Oostema
Dr. Derk and Mrs. Nancy Oostendorp
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Darlene Oostendorp
Mr. Marion Oostendorp
Miss Garneth Oostenink
Mr. Gerben and Mrs. Lois Oosterbaan
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Janice Oosterhouse
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Linda Oosterhouse
Mrs. Gezina Oosterhouse
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marlene Oosterhouse
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Joy Oosterhouse
Mrs. Barbara Oosterink
Mr. Myron Oosterman
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Kathleen Oostindie
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kristen Oostindie
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Oostindie
Mr. Paul Oosting
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Abigail Oosting
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Jennifer Ophoff
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Karen Ophoff
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Barbara Opperwall
Ms. Kathleen Opperwall
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Jessica Oppewal
Dr. David and Mrs. Jean Oram
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura O'Shaughnessey
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Robert Oskam
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Oskam
Mr. George Ossentjuk
Mr. Gary Ossewaarde
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Beth Osterbaan
Rev. James and Mrs. Norma Osterhouse
Mr. Richard Ostling
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Jeana Otte
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Johnna Otte
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Marcia Otte
Mr. Michael and Ms. Debra Otte
Mr. Robert and Ms. Judith Otte
Miss Sheila Otte
Ms. Jewel Otten
Dr. Charlotte Otten
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Debra Otten
Mr. David and Mrs. Lois Otten
Mr. Fredrick and Mrs. Ruth Otten
Mrs. Mona Otten
Mr. George and Mrs. Jennyrae Ottenhoff
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Sharon Ottens
Dr. Duane Otter and Ms. Ruth White-Otter
Mrs. Alice Otter
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Donald Oudbier
Mrs. Helen Oudendyk
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. John Oudshoorn
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Edmund Outslay
Ms. Rebecca Ouwehand
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Velma Ouwenga
Mrs. Jean Ouwinga
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Janice Overbeck
Mr. James and Mrs. Renee Overbeck
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ruth Overbeck
Mr. William Overbeeke
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Greta Overvoorde
Mr. Steven Overway
Ms. Laureen Overway
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Norman Overway
Mr. Harris and Mrs. Jane Overway
Mrs. Marilyn Overweg
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Carol Overweg
Ms. Carol Overzet
Miss Janice Overzet
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. Michael Owens
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Judith Ozinga


Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Helen Paauw
Mrs. Barbara Padmos
Ms. Ruth Palma
Rev. Robert Palma and Mrs. Mary Toppen-Palma
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Gary Palmer
Dr. Arnold and Mrs. Joanne Pals
Rev. Russell and Mrs. Sherrill Palsrok
Ms. Barbara Palsrok
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Lois Palsrok
Dr. Yanni and Dr. Patricia Papadopoulos
Mrs. Cathy and Mr. Timothy Parks
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sharon Pasma
Mr. Jerald and Mrs. Betty Pasma
Mrs. Diane Pasma
Mr. Orville Pasma and Mrs. Alice Lewis-Pasma
Mrs. Evelyn Pastoor
Mrs. Jane Pastoor
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Esther Pastoor
Mrs. Ruth Pastoor
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Marcia Pater
Mrs. Sharon and Dr. David Pater
Mrs. Peggy Patrick
Ms. Kathryn Patterson
Mr. Ron and Mrs. Nancy Patton
Ms. Glenna Paukstis
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Paxton
Mr. Chetan and Mrs. Gauri Paydenkar
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Glenn Payne
Ms. Gale Pearson
Mr. George and Mrs. Ellen Peereboom
Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Sharon Pegman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Bonnie Penning
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Jon Penning
Dr. Marjorie Penning
Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Elayne Penning
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Helen Penning
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Ruth Penning
Mr. David and Mrs. Carol Penninga
Mrs. Melanie and Mr. James Pentecost
Rev. Peter Pereboom and Ms. Margaret Dijkhuis
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Mary Persenaire
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Iris Persenaire
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Lois Persenaire
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Carol Peters
Mr. George and Mrs. Beverly Peters
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Ann Peters
Mr. Martin and Mrs. L. Loretta Peterson
Mrs. Mary Peterson
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Sharon Peterson
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Peterson
Mrs. Cathryn and Mr. James Peterson
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Sonya Peterson
Dr. Joanne and Mr. David Peterson
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Abbe Peterson
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Thomas Peterson
Mr. David and Mrs. Marian Peterson
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Alyce Peterson
Dr. William and Mrs. Elsie Peterson
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Ruth Peterson
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Kathy Petlicke
Mr. Justin and Mrs. Constance Petroelje
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Barbara Petroelje
Mr. Vern and Mrs. Marilyn Pettigrove
Mr. Ross and Mrs. Jonell Pettinga
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Joyce Pettinga
Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Fred Pettinga
Dr. Frank and Mrs. E Pettinga
Mr. Merlin and Mrs. Ann Petzold
Mr. Glenn and Ms. Ruth Peuler
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Richard Pezoldt
Mr. David and Mrs. Catriena Pfruender
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jeri Pfruender
Dr. Todd and Mrs. Laura Pheifer
Dr. Terrence and Mrs. Beatrice Pheifer
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. W.E. Kirk Phelps
Ms. Amy Phillips
Mrs. Barbara and Dr. Roger Phillips
Mr. C Michael and Mrs. Linda Philo
Ms. Hannah Piedt
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sharon Piers
Mr. John and Mrs. Candace Piersma
Ms. Megan Piersma
Mrs. Ann Piet Anderson and Mr. Edmund Anderson
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Pijper
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Grace Pikaart
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Marilyn Pikaart
Mrs. Helen Pike
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Loretta Pikkaart
Lt. Col. James and Mrs. Joan Plaatsman
Mr. David Plaggemars
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Erica Plaisier
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Peter Plaisier
Ms. Greta Plaisier Knight and Mr. William Knight
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Christopher Plantenga
Dr. Cornelius and Mrs. Kathleen Plantinga
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Karen Plantinga
Dr. William and Mrs. Pamela Plantinga
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Briar Plantinga
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Kara Plantinga
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Evonne Plantinga
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Barbara Plantinga
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Plantinga
Dr. Alvin and Mrs. Kathleen Plantinga
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Rachel Plasman
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Eleanor Platt
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Dawn Plescher
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Angie Ploegstra
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Susan Ploegstra
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Robert Ploegstra
Ms. Elaine Ploegstra
Dr. Henry Ploegstra
Ms. Janice Plowman
Mrs. Diane Plug
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Susan Pluymert
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Barbara Poel
Mrs. Lois Poel
Mr. Joel Poel
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Christa Poel
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Carol Poel
Mr. John Poel
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Lucile Poel
Mr. David and Mrs. Mariel Poel
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sheryll Poel
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Kathy Pohler
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Jennifer Pohler
Mrs. Catherine Pohler
Mr. Ronald Polinder and Mrs. Judy Elenbaas-Polinder
Mrs. Lois Polinder
Mrs. Elizabeth Polk
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Jari Poll
Ms. Susan Poll and Mr. Gregory Young
Mr. Karl and Mrs. Karen Pollack
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Russell Pollard
Mrs. Linda and Mr. David Pollesch
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Polonowski
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Barbara Polonowski
Mrs. Faith and Mr. Ryan Polonski
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Lambert Ponstine
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Kristin Ponstine
Rev. Cornelius Pool
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Anne Poortenga
Ms. Marcia Poortenga
Miss Karen Poortenga
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Poppe
Mrs. Maria and Mr. Brian Poppen
Mrs. Lois Poppen
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. RaeAnne Porte
Mr. Hendrick and Mrs. Ineke Porte
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Joyce Porter
Rev. Henry and Mrs. Marlene Post
Dr. Kenneth Post
Ms. Anne Post
Mr. William and Mrs. Etta Post
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Tamela Post
Mr. David and Mrs. Sara Post
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Harold Post
Mrs. Laura Post
Miss Kathryn Post
Miss Ruth Post
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. JoEllen Post
Mr. Richard Post
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Lorna Post
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Betty Post
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sandra Post
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Dorothy Postema
Mrs. Joanne Postema
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Elizabeth Posthuma
Ms. Renae Postma
Mrs. Rebecca Postma
Mrs. Patsy and Mr. Charles Postma
Mrs. Elinor Postma
Mrs. Marie and Mr. Jack Postma
Mr. Harold Postma
Mr. Thomas Postma
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Sally Postma
Mrs. Anna Postma
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Lois Postma
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Adele Postma
Mrs. Virginia and Mr. James Postma
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Alida Postman
Mr. William and Mrs. Joycene Postmus
Ms. Lois Pott
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Gwendolyn Pott
Mr. James and Mrs. Kristi Potter
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Doreen Potter
Mrs. Helen and Mr. Joseph Potts
Mr. James and Mrs. Elsie Potts
Mrs. Jessica and Mr. Jack Powell
Mrs. Anita and Mr. Ronald Prange
Mr. Marlowe Pranger
Dr. Lisa and Mr. Timothy Price
Mrs. Sharon Price
Dr. John and Mrs. June Primus
Mr. John and Mrs. Brenda Primus
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laura Prince
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Audrey Prince
Mrs. Helena Prince
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Constance Prince
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Mary Prins
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lisa Prins
Mr. Jack and Mrs. D. Ann Prins
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Katie Prins
Mr. Daniel Prins
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Berdiene Prins
Mrs. Dena and Mr. Jake Prins
Mr. Vernon and Mrs. Lois Prins
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Duane Prins
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Curt Proctor
Ms. Betsy Prose
Ms. Cheryl Prosperi
Rev. Jay and Mrs. Beverly Pruim
Mrs. Marguerite and Mr. Elmer Pruim
Professor Donald and Mrs. Lauris Pruis
Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Liesl Pruis
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Edward Prusinski
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Roseanne Pscodna
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. John Pulscher
Mr. George and Mrs. Jeannette Pulscher
Mr. Steven Putt and Ms. Cheryl Van Til
Mrs. Gretchen and Mr. Christopher Pyles
Ms. Sheryl Pylman
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Elaine Pylman
Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. James Pyp
Dr. Marcie and Mr. Jack Pyper


Dr. Ralph Quere
Ms. Ruth Quint
Mrs. Mary Jeanne and Mr. Douglas Quist
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kristyn Quist
Mr. Chad Quist and Mrs. Heidi Vermeer Quist
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Janice Quist
Mr. Gregory Quist
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Joyce Quist
Mrs. Wilma Quist
Mrs. Donna Quist-Dik


Mr. Henry and Mrs. Ruth Raad
Dr. Alison and Mr. Darrell Railsback
Mr. Raj and Mrs. Joan Rajballie
Ms. Joan Ranney
Mrs. Kristen and Mr. James Rappold
Mrs. Laurel and Mr. Kurt Ratering
Mr. Gordon Raterink
Mr. William Ratliff
Mr. James and Dr. Jayne Rauwerda
Dr. Perry and Mrs. Carol Rawson
Mrs. Dorothy Raymond
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. James Reagan
Mr. Alan and Ms. Ruth Reberg
Rev. Donald and Mrs. Darlys Recker
Mrs. Constance Recker
Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Catherine Reddin
Mrs. Kimberly and Rev. Karl Redelsheimer
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Roxanne Reedyk
Mr. Jake and Mrs. Ruth Reedyk
Ms. Marlene Regnerus
Mrs. Mary Regts
Mrs. Lynnette and Mr. Paul Reidsma
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Mary Reiffer
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Lisa Reimink
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Beth Reinders
Dr. Evan and Mrs. Lois Reinders
Rev. Philip and Mrs. Betty Reinders
Ms. Sara Reinders
Mr. John and Mrs. Christianne Reinsma
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Carol Reinsma
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Deborah Reitsma
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Tamara Reitsma
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Pamela Reitsma
Mrs. Audrey and Mr. Gary Reitsma
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Noreen Reitsma
Ms. Teresa Remein
Mr. Quentin Remein
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Heather Remillard
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Wanda Rensenbrink
Mr. Donald and Mrs. June Rensenbrink
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Susan Reoch
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Sharon Rescorla
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Elizabeth Retsema
Dr. William and Mrs. Josephine Reus
Miss Greta Rey
Mrs. Beverly and Mr. Freal Reyner
Dr. James and Mrs. Janet Reynierse
Mrs. Stacy and Mr. David Reynolds
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Judy Reynolds
Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Jamie Reynolds
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Seong Rhee
Mrs. Coral Rhoda
Mrs. Gerda and Mr. Gregory Rhodes
Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Harriet Ribbens
Mrs. Clarice Ribbens
Dr. Rodger and Mrs. Ruth Rice
Ms. Tia and Mr. Clayton Richman
Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. Robert Rickerby
Rev. John and Mrs. Mildred Rickers
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kathleen Ridder
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Daniel Ridderhoff
Mrs. Gail and Mr. Ken Riddering
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Steve Riddle
Rev. Rebecca and Dr. Robert Riekse
Rev. Leonard and Mrs. Yvonne Riemersma
Mr. George and Mrs. Rita Riemersma
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Linda Riemersma
Ms. Geraldine Rienstra
Mrs. Mary Rienstra
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Mae Rienstra
Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Christine Rienstra-Kiracofe
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Marilyn Rietberg
Mrs. Carolyn Rietberg
Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Suzanne Rietema
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Kristen Rietema
Rev. Fred and Mrs. Trudy Rietema
Ms. Christie Rietman
Mr. Kurtis and Mrs. Jana Rigterink
Mrs. Joyce Rigterink
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Karen Riley
Mrs. Fran Riley
Dr. Joan Ringerwole
Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Patricia Ringle
Rev. Gerard and Mrs. Nelly Ringnalda
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Diana Rinzema
Mrs. Joyce Rip
Mr. Joseph Ritchie
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Mary Ritsema
Mrs. Kristin and Mr. Edward Ritsema
Mrs. Dianne Ritsema
Dr. Albert and Mrs. Wilma Ritsema
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Amy Ritsema
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Cynthia Ritsema
Mrs. Esther Robbert
Mrs. Althea Robbert
Mr. David and Mrs. Cynthia Roberts
Mr. Barth and Mrs. Denise Roberts
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Pamela Roberts
Mr. Richard and Dr. Ruth Roberts
Mr. Luke and Mrs. Andrea Robinson
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Jeffrey Robinson
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Mary Robyn
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Elizabeth Rockey
Mrs. Carol and Mr. James Rockwall
Dr. K. and Mrs. Dolores Rode
Mr. Robert Rodenhouse
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Donna Rodger
Mrs. Betty Rodrigues
Dr. Kenneth Roedema
Mrs. Carol Roehl
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Joyce Roelofs
Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Lauren Roelofs
Mr. Marvin and Dr. Lois Roelofs
Mrs. Cynthia Roelofs
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Alysce Roelofs
Mrs. Arlet Roelofs
Mr. Evan and Mrs. Susan Roelofs
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Dale Roels
Dr. Shirley and Dr. John Roels
Rev. Daniel and Mrs. Bethany Roels
Mr. Steven Roels and Mrs. Sarah Bodbyl
Mr. Jacob Roest
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Peter Roeters
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mallory Rohlfing
Mr. David Roodvoets
Mr. William Roodvoets
Dr. James and Mrs. Arnolda Rooks
Dr. J. F. and Mrs. Jeanne Rooks
Mr. Wallace and Mrs. Karen Rooks
Mrs. Jean Roon
Mrs. Idamarie and Mr. Pierson Roon
Mrs. Diane Roorda
Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Nancy Roos
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Jana Roose
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Lavonne Roosendaal
Henrietta Rooy
Dr. Sidney and Mrs. Mae Rooy
Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Bertha Roozeboom
Ms. Marcia Rose
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Donna Rosema
Ms. Joan and Mr. Dale Rosema
Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Larry Rosendale
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Lisa Rosendale
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Eileen Rosenwinkel
Mr. John and Mrs. Jean Rosier
Mr. John and Mrs. Marilyn Rosier
Mrs. Bea Roskam
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Carol Roskamp
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Michelle Roth
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Gary Rotman
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Judy Rottier
Mrs. Susan Rottier-Smith and Mr. Douglas Smith
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Norma Rottman
Dr. Craig and Dr. Lori Rottman
Dr. Carol Rottman
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Nancy Rottschafer
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Randa Rottschafer
Dr. James and Mrs. Valerie Roubos
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Rought
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Marilee Roukema
Mrs. Jo and Mr. Charles Rowe
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Charles Rowe
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Elisabeth Rozeboom
Mr. Paul and Dr. Sue Rozeboom
Rev. John and Mrs. Linda Rozeboom
Mr. John and Mrs. Virginia Rozeboom
Mr. David and Mrs. Tammie Rozeboom
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Joanne Rozema
Mrs. Judy Rozendal
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Jeffrey Rozeveld
Mr. Ross and Mrs. Elizabeth Rozeveld
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Esther Rozeveld
Mr. John and Mrs. Mildred Rozeveld
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Alma Rozeveld
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Richard Ruba
Dr. Eugene and Mrs. Darlene Rubingh
Mr. William and Mrs. Joyce Rudenga
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Dean Rudie
Mrs. Anita and Mr. Paul Ruimveld
Mr. David and Mrs. Sarah Ruitenberg
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Leslie Ruiter
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Joel Ruiter
Mrs. Helen Ruiter
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Carole Ruiter
Mr. Gerrit and Mrs. Eileen Ruiter
Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Mary Rupke
Mr. Loren Rupke
Mrs. Ruth Rus
Mr. Robert Rus
Mr. John and Mrs. Harriet Ruschen
Mrs. Anne and Mr. Scott Rush
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Martin Ryan
Mrs. Patricia Ryan
Mr. William and Mrs. Diane Ryckbost
Mr. Perrin and Mrs. Alanna Rynders
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Bernice Rynders
Mr. Harlan and Mrs. Donna Rypma
Mrs. Jeanne and Mr. Donald Rypma
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Joyce Ryskamp
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jeralyn Ryskamp
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Sara Ryskamp
The Honorable Kenneth and Mrs. Karyl Ryskamp


Mrs. Dawn and Mr. Robert Safford
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Helene Sales
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Joyce Sall
Mr. Loren and Mrs. Sandra Sall
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Florence Sall
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Luann Sankey
Mr. John Sankey
Mr. Lugene and Mrs. Karen Sas
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Irene Sawyer
Mr. Scott Saxsma
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Mary Schaaf
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nancy Schaaf
Mr. John and Mrs. Betty Schaaf
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Krista Schaafsma
Mr. James Schaafsma and Ms. Nancy Vander Kuyl
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Teressa Schaafsma
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Grace Schaafsma
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Carol Schaafsma
Mr. David and Mrs. Evelyn Schaafsma
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Peter Schaafsma
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Laurel Schaap
Mr. John and Mrs. Betty Schaap
Dr. Luke Schaap
Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Kaye Schafer
Mr. Hank and Mrs. Hennie Schaly
Mr. John Schauer and Ms. Kathryn Haveman
Miss Carol Schaver
Mr. George Schaver
Mr. Irvin and Mrs. Donna Schaver
Ms. Jean Schaver
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Rika Scheenstra
Dr. David and Mrs. Jennifer Scheeres
Dr. Daniel and Ms. Susan Scheeres
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Ann Scheeres
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Sylvia Scheeringa
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Patricia Scheffers
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Kris Scheffers
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Vic Scheffler
Rev. Chester Schemper
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Ann Schenkel
Rev. Henry and Rev. Amy Schenkel
Mr. James and Mrs. Laura Schepers
Dr. Melvin and Dr. Carol Scherpenisse
Mrs. Elsa Scherphorn
Ms. Connie Scheurwater
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Dorothy Schierbeek
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Susan Schilthuis
Mr. William and Mrs. Helen Schinkel
Andrew and Jaclyn Schipper
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Francine Schippers
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Adolph Schleben
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Roger Schlukebir
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Catherine Schmid
Mrs. Sara and Mr. Andy Schmidt
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Diane Schmidt
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Valerie Schmitz
Mr. Randol and Mrs. Kimberly Schmurr
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Laura Schnoor
Mrs. Patricia Schnyders
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lynda Scholma
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Mary Scholma
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Debra Scholma
Rev. James and Mrs. Sharilyn Scholten
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Carol Scholten
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Ronald Scholten
Dr. William Scholten and Mrs. Glea Rietema-Scholten
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cathryn Scholten
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Helen Scholten
Mr. Jerry Scholten
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Faith Schoon
Mr. John and Mrs. Marlene Schoon
Mrs. Marilyn Schoonbeck
Miss Joyce Schoonejongen
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Charlotte Schotanus
Mr. William and Mrs. Dawn Schotanus
Mrs. Lois Schra
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Kenneth Schrader
Mr. Harlan and Mrs. Marjorie Schram
Ms. Maaryon Schravendeel and Mr. Craig Cosenza
Ms. Ellen Schreuder
Mrs. Louise and Mr. Martin Schreur
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kristina Schrik
Mrs. Ellen Schroder
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Becky Schrotenboer
Mr. Jerrold Schrotenboer and Ms. Karen Lewthwaite
Mr. Austin and Mrs. Phyllis Schrotenboer
Mr. Ray and Mrs. Jerene Schrotenboer
Mr. Jason Schueller
Mr. John and Mrs. Carol Schuitema
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Norma Schuitema
Mrs. Myra and Mr. Kenneth Schuiteman
Mrs. Katherine and Mr. Hubert Schuller
Mr. Verlyn Schultz
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Edward Schultz
Dr. Quentin and Mrs. Barbara Schultze
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Lori Schultze
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary Schultze
Mr. Ted and Mrs. Mary Schultze
Mrs. Pamela and Mr. Jeffrey Schumaker
Mrs. Winifred and Mr. Joseph Schumi
Mrs. Debra Schumm
Ms. Laura Schuring
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Shirley Schurman
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Joel Schurman
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. John Schutt
Dr. David and Mrs. Heather Schutt
Mr. David and Mrs. Laura Schutt
Mrs. Maria and Mr. Mark Schutt
Rev. Herman and Mrs. Gayle Schutt
Dr. Paul Schutt
Mrs. Stacy and Mr. Jeremiah Schutte
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Marcia Schutte
Dr. Mary Schutten
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Lois Schuurman
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Audrey Schuurmann
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Catherine Schuurmann
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Paul Schuurmans
Rev. Tom and Mrs. Grace Schwanda
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Nancy Scott
Mr. James and Mrs. Cheryl Scott
Ms. Melanie Scott
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. James Scott
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Alissa Scott
Mrs. A. Jean Scott
Mrs. Rose Scott
Mr. Brian Seaman and Ms. Louise Sawyer
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Faith Segaar
Mrs. Jackie and Mr. Rein Selles
Mrs. Helen Selles
Mr. David and Mrs. Patti Selvius
Mrs. Lucille Sessions
Mr. Rudy Setiawan
Mr. James and Mrs. Marsha Shade
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Randal Shaheen
Dr. Pearl Shangkuan and Mr. Okke Surjana
Dr. Joan Sharda
Ms. Christine Sharda
Ms. Karen Sharda
Mrs. Carolyn Sharda
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Kathleen Sharda
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Ellen Sharpe
Mrs. Shirley Shaver
Mrs. Judith and Mr. James Shear
Mrs. Grace Shearer
Dr. Julie and Mr. David Shellhouse
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Daniel Shepard
Mrs. Sandra Sheppard
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Nancy Shepperly
Dr. Alton Sheridan
Mrs. Ruth Sherred
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Kimberly Sherwood
Mr. Diar and Mrs. Beth Shipman
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Geraldine Shoemaker
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Mary Shoemaker
Mr. Rafael Siebenschein
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Claudette Siekmeier
Ms. Frances Siems
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Donna Sieplinga
Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Marie Sieplinga
Mrs. Leah Sieplinga
Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Susan Sietsema
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Susan Sievert
Mr. James and Mrs. Ruth Sikkema
Miss Hermina Sikkema
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Bonnie Sikkema
Ms. P. Dawn Sikkema and Mr. Willem Bier
Mr. Jack Sikkema
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Joan Sikkenga
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Ann Sikkenga
Mr. Brent Sikkenga
Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Charlynne Sikkenga
Mrs. Grace and Mr. Robert Silva
Ms. Katie and Mr. Scott Simon
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Carol Simpson
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Jean Sinclair
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Cora Sinke
Miss Elizabeth Sinke
Mr. Charles Sinke
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Dolores Sinke
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Ruth Sjaardema
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Violet Sjaardema
Mr. Peter Sjoblom
Mr. David and Mrs. Harmina Sjoerdsma
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Sjoerdsma
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Patricia Skodinski
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Marilyn Slachter
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Karen Slager
Miss Carol Slager
Ms. Eunice Slager and Mr. David Koller
Mrs. Evelyn Slager
Mrs. Hazel Slagh
Dr. Cynthia and Mr. Gary Slagter
Mr. Ira and Mrs. Evelyn Slagter
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Kenneth Slate
Mrs. Jane Slegers
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Marilyn Slenk
Mr. John and Mrs. Phyllis Slenk
Ms. Theresa Slinkman
Rev. Peter and Mrs. Marja Slofstra
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Brenda Sloterbeek
Mrs. Kristi and Mr. Steven Slotsema
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Sluiter
Mrs. Michelle Slump-Houwer and Mr. Clarence Houwer
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Barbara Smalligan
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Judith Smalligan
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Ruth Smant
Ms. Emma Jean Smidt
Mr. John and Mrs. Julia Smilde
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Curtis Smit
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Jayne Smit
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Melinda Smit
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Barbara Smit
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Pauline Smit
Mr. James and Mrs. Lynne Smit
Mr. David and Mrs. Elsie Smith
Mr. Ross and Mrs. Evelyn Smith
Mr. Orrie Smith
Mr. Thomas Smith
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Mary Smith
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Laura Smith
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Ruth Smith
Mr. J. Daniel Smith
Mr. James and Mrs. Emily Smith
Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Bernard Smith
Mrs. Regan and Mr. Adam Smith
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Kevin Smith
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Lynn Smith
Dr. David and Mrs. Julia Smith
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Stephanie Smith
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Jeannette Smith
Mrs. Grace and Mr. James Smith
Mr. Robert Smith
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Donna Smith
Mrs. Lavone Smith
Rev. Kathleen and Mr. Douglas Smith
Mrs. Bernice and Mr. Roland Smith
Rev. Lee and Mrs. Marcia Smits
Mr. David and Mrs. Lois Smits
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Stacia Smits
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Donna Smits
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Norma Smitter
Ms. Stephanie Smolinski
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Smolinski
Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Andrew Smydra
Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Sandra Snapper
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Kathy Sneller
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Ann Sneller
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Sharon Sneller
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Edna Snip
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Freda Snippe
Mr. Dirk and Ms. Linda Snoek
Mrs. Donna Snoek
Mr. David and Mrs. Marjorie Snoeyink
Dr. Rick and Mrs. Donna Snoeyink
Ms. Sarah Snoeyink
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Shirley Snoeyink
Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Virginia Snoeyink
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Betsy Snope
Mrs. Betty and Mr. Stephen Snow
Mrs. Debra and Mr. Donald Snow
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Alisha Snyder
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Jeanne Snyder
Mrs. Lori and Mr. Mark Solberg
Dr. Michael Solle and Dr. Mikelle Key-Solle
Mrs. Catherine Solle
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Margaret Solle
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Manuel Solorio
Mrs. Carolyn Songer
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Marie Sonnen
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Catherine SooHoo
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Frances Soper
Mrs. Candace and Mr. Paul Sorensen
Dr. Thomas and Dr. Barbara Soyster
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Thomas Spaman
Mr. Timothy Spaman
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Robert Spaman
Ms. Phyllis Speck
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Sandra Spee
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Henrietta Speelman
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jackie Speelman
Mr. Johannes and Mrs. Pieternella Speelman
Mr. John and Mrs. Dolores Speulstra
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Ingrid Speulstra
Mr. Arnold Spiering
Miss Ruth Spikeboer
Mr. Thomas Split
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Janet Spoelhof
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Valerie Spoelhof
Mr. Craig and Mrs. Wendy Spoelhof
Mrs. Judith and Mr. John Spoelhof
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Esther Spoelma
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Roger Spoelma
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Kathleen Spoelman
Mr. Nicholas Spoolstra
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marilyn Sporn
Ms. Paula Sportel
Mrs. Theressa and Mr. Kenneth Sportel
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Marcia Sportell
Rev. Ronald and Mrs. Judith Sprik
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Ann Springer
Dr. Adrian and Mrs. Christine Spronk
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Tiffany Spronk
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Mary Spronk
Mrs. Arla and Mr. Henry Sprouse
Mrs. Johanna and Mr. Joel Spykerman
Mr. Erik and Mrs. Rhonda Spykman
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Alma Staal
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Joan Staal
Mr. James and Mrs. Diane Staal
Dr. Arie and Mrs. Mary Staal
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Judith Staal
Mrs. Ruth Stadt
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Julia Stadt
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Donald Stahl
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Deborah Stakenas
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Elaine Stam
Dr. Jason and Ms. Marilyn Stansbury
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Arlene Star
Mr. John and Mrs. Cynthia Star
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laura Starke
Mrs. Kimberly and Mr. Edward Starkenburg
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sharon Start
Dr. Robert and Dr. Susan Start
Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Donna Start
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Debra Start
Mr. James Stavinga
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marcia Steeby
Ms. Mary Steele
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Lorraine Steen
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Joyce Steen
Rev. Daniel and Mrs. Rachel Steen
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. John Steen
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Virginia Steensma
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Beth Steensma
Mr. James and Mrs. Judith Steensma
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Bertha Steensma
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Phyllis Steensma
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Carol Steensma
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Avis Steenstra
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Pamela Steenstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Louise Steenstra
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Fredricka Steenstra
Ms. Cornelia Steenwyk
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Steenwyk
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Kathleen Steenwyk
Mrs. Myrtle Steenwyk
Mr. LaVerne and Mrs. Karen Steenwyk
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jane Steenwyk
Mrs. Joella and Mr. Victor Steffen
Dr. LeRoy and Mrs. Anjean Stegink
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Jill Stegink
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Harlean Stegink
Mrs. Marianne Stehouwer
Mr. James Stehouwer
Rev. John and Mrs. Judy Steigenga
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Marcia Steigenga
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Mary Beth Steiginga
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Steinbrecher
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Janet Steiner
Mr. David and Mrs. Janice Stek
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Delworth Steketee
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Donna Stelpstra
Mr. William Stephens
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Lois Sterenberg
Mr. John and Mrs. Christy Sterenberg
Mrs. Dorothy Sterenberg
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Constance Sterenberg
Dr. Helen Sterk
Mr. Avery and Mrs. Sarah Sterk
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Stanley Sterk
Mr. Henry Sterk
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Verlyn Sterk
Mr. John and Mrs. Julia Sterk
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Lynnette Sterkenburg
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Jack Stevens
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Marva Stevens
Dr. William and Mrs. Rosemary Stevenson
Mrs. Mary Stewart
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Marcia Stewart
Ms. Diane Stielstra and Mr. Donn Fry
Dr. Ward and Mrs. Myrna Stienstra
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Joy Stienstra
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Joyce Stienstra
Mr. Randal and Mrs. Donna Stille
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Joan Stob
Dr. William and Mrs. Delores Stob
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Sharon Stob
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Henry Stob
Mrs. Jana and Mr. Jeffrey Stob
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Mark Stob
Mrs. Elaine Stob
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Eva Stob
Mr. John and Mrs. Lois Stob
Ms. Susan Stoddard
Mr. James and Mrs. Esther Stoel
Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Stokes
Mr. Eric Stone
Dr. Douglas and Dr. Kathleen Stone
Ms. Mary Jo Stonehouse
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Marilyn Stonehouse
Mrs. Sharon Stormo
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Heather Storteboom
Ms. Betty Stoub
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Barbara Stoub
Mrs. Wennonah Stout
Rev. Garrett and Mrs. Barbara Stoutmeyer
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Dolores Stouwie
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Straatsma
Mrs. Lucille Stravers
Rev. Dick and Mrs. Ruth Stravers
Mr. Randall Stravers
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Jacqueline Streelman
Mr. Edward Streelman
Mr. Ferrel and Mrs. Marilyn Stremler
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Janet Stremler
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Strikwerda
Dr. Charles Strikwerda
Dr. Thomas Strikwerda and Ms. Donna Stienstra
Dr. Carl Strikwerda and Ms. Gail Bossenga
Dr. Richard and Dr. Susan Strikwerda
Dr. James and Mrs. Hildred Strikwerda
Mrs. Sallie and Mr. Michael Stripp
Ms. Janet and Mr. Karel Stroethoff
Dr. William and Dr. Gloria Stronks
Mr. John Stroo
Mrs. Elaine and Mr. John Stroo
Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Gary Strout
Mrs. Eneka and Mr. Gary Stroven
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Calvin Struck
Mrs. Esther Struck
Mrs. Alice Struck
Miss Anne Struyk
Mr. John and Mrs. Annie Struyk
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Ronald Stryd
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. William Stubbs
Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. Robert Stuit
Pastor Jack and Mrs. Janet Stulp
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Joan Stulp
Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Derek Stumph
Mr. Bruce Sturing
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy Sturrus
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Todd Sturrus
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Carolyn Sturrus
Mr. William and Mrs. Joan Sturrus
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Joan Stuursma
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Styf
Mr. Christopher and Dr. Karin Sudlow
Dr. Nathan and Mrs. Mandy Suhr-Sytsma
Mr. Stephen Sulzer
Ms. Heidi Sundstrom
Ms. Maria Suparta and Mr. Bernard Huang
Dr. Ilga Svechs
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Carolee Swaagman
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Marilyn Swart
Ms. Katherine Swart
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Ruth Swart
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Trena Swart
Mrs. Margo Sweat
Mrs. Suanne and Mr. William Sweetman
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Glenn Sweetman
Mrs. Shirley Sweetman
Mr. Neale and Mrs. Winifred Sweetman
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Sari Swets
Mrs. Patricia Swets
Mrs. Betty Swets
Mr. David and Mrs. Barbara Swierenga
Mr. Donald Swierenga
Dr. Sarah Swierenga
Dr. Robert Swierenga
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Mary Swierenga
Miss Patricia Swierenga
Mrs. Virginia Swierenga
Mr. Travis and Mrs. Heidi Swieringa
Mr. Ned and Mrs. Cheryl Swift
Dr. William and Mrs. Martina Sybesma
Mrs. Phyllis and Mr. Roger Sybesma
Mrs. Henrietta and Mr. Sam Sybesma
Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Janice Sybesma
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Judith Sylvester
Mr. William and Mrs. Jenny Sytsma
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Robert Sytsma
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Arlene Sytsma
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kathryn Sytsma
Rev. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Sytsma
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Wanda Sytsma
Mrs. Virginia and Mr. James Sytsma
Dr. John and Mrs. Kathryn Sytsma
Dr. Louis Sytsma and Dr. Georgia Lubben
Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Barbara Sytsma
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Lynn Sytsma
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Hermina Sytsma


Mr. Denis and Mrs. Hazel Taatjes
Ms. Marian Takens
Mr. William Talen
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Emma Talen
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Jane Talsma
Mr. Nelson Talsma
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Talsma
Dr. Anita Talsma Gaul and Mr. Brett Gaul
Mr. Epp and Mrs. Kathleen Talstra
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Heidi Tameling
Mrs. Rashelle and Mr. Kenneth Tamminga
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Denise Tamminga
Rev. Louis and Mrs. Jean Tamminga
Rev. Edward and Mrs. Muriel Tamminga
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Angelea Tanis
Mr. James and Mrs. Cynthia Tanis
Mr. David and Mrs. Judith Tanis
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Wilma Tanis
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. John Tanja
Mr. Arvin and Mrs. Pearl Tap
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Betsy Tassaro
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Cheryl Tay
Miss Helen Taylor
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Laura Tazelaar
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Peggy Tazelaar
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Christina Tazelaar
Mrs. Doris Te Bos
Mrs. Aimee and Mr. Joel Te Brake
Mr. John and Mrs. Jeane Te Brake
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Rebecca Te Velde
Mr. George te Velde
Dr. Henry and Mrs. Marie te Velde
Mrs. Sheryll te Velde
Mr. Gregory te Velde
Mrs. Eleanor Teat
Mrs. Marlene and Mr. David Tebben
Mrs. Gloriana and Mr. Tiang-Yong Teh
Mr. Peter Teitsma
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Anne Teitsma
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Catherine Telep
Mrs. Fay and Mr. James Tellam
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Rebecca Tellinghuisen
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Jennie Ten Brink
Dr. Philip and Mrs. Mary Lou Ten Brink
Mr. James and Mrs. Deborah Ten Cate
Mr. John and Mrs. Barbara Ten Elshof
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marie Ten Elshof
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Jane Ten Harmsel
Mrs. Beverly and Mr. Peter Ten Kate
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Cheryl TenBrink
Mrs. Marilynn TenBroek
Mrs. Lynn TenKate
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Anna Ter Beek
Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Curtis Ter Haar
Mrs. Katie and Mr. Thomas Ter Haar
Mrs. Harriet Ter Haar
Ms. Brenda Ter Horst
Ms. Karen Ter Keurst
Mrs. Sharon TerBeek
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Beth Terborg
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Kirsten Terborg
Ms. Charlene TerHaar
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Joanne Terpsma
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Sally Terpsma
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Dawn Terpstra
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mary Terpstra
Ms. Emily Terpstra
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marjorie Terpstra
Miss Alida Terpstra
Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Terpstra
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Mary Terpstra
Dr. Louis and Mrs. Charolette Terpstra
Mr. Robert Tetzloff
Mrs. Barbara Tetzloff
Ms. Margaret Teune
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Herbert Teunis
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rebecca Teusink
Ms. Joyce Teusink and Mr. Robert Jerow
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Karen Teusink
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marcia Theule
Ms. Eunice Thiry
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Jane Thomasma
Miss Arla Thomasma
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Scott Thompson
Dr. John and Dr. Marianne Thompson
Mr. John and Mrs. Karina Thompson
Mr. Mark Thornberg
Mrs. Jan and Mr. Ronald Thornton
Mr. George and Mrs. Grace Tibben
Mrs. Harriet Tibbits
Mrs. Marion Tiemeyer
Dr. David and Mrs. Megan Tiesma
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Patricia Tigchelaar
Rev. E. Robert and Mrs. Deanne Tigchelaar
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Marianne Tigchelaar
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. Paul Timmel
Dr. James and Mrs. Jacqueline Timmer
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mary Timmer
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lisa Timmer
Mr. John and Mrs. Rebecca Timmer
Rev. Dr. John and Mrs. Hazel Timmer
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Timmer
Mr. Hubert and Mrs. Tena Timmer
Mrs. Margaret Timmer
Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy Timmer
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Ardis Timmer
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Rosemary Timmer
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Thelma Timmer
Mrs. Diane and Mr. Trynco Timmer
Dr. John and Mrs. Patricia Timmerman
Miss Jeanne Timmerman
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Diane Timmermans
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Charles Tindall
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Paula Tinholt
Mrs. Norma and Mr. Lloyd Tinholt
Mrs. Lillian Tinholt
Mr. Catrinus and Mrs. Wiepkje Tjeerdsma
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Tammy Tjepkema
Mr. Rodney and Mrs. Tenda Tjoelker
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Stephanie Tjoelker
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Susan Toering
Miss Clara Togtman
Mr. Thomas Tolliver
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Jeanette Tolsma
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Melanie Tolsma
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Muriel Tolsma
Mrs. Betty Tolsma
Dr. Ryan and Mrs. Miriam Tolsma
Mr. William and Mrs. Debra Tolsma
Mrs. Joyce and Mr. R. Timothy Tomaselli
Mrs. Jacquelyn and Mr. Joseph Tonno
Mrs. Janet Tonsmeire
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Sharon Tornga
Mr. William and Mrs. Linda Tos
Mr. John and Mrs. Victoria Tos
Mrs. Thalia and Mr. Brian Towle
Dr. Margaret Toxopeus
Mrs. Christina and Mr. Vien Tran
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jennifer Traut
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Eileen Travasos
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Barbara Treick
Mr. Jan and Mrs. Nancy Treur
Mr. Eric Treur
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Robert Treur
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Faith Triemstra
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sally Triemstra
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Daniel Triemstra
Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Molly Triemstra
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Anne Triemstra
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Penny Triezenberg
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Laura Triezenberg
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Yvonne Triezenberg
Mrs. LaVerne Triezenberg
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Paula Triezenberg
Mrs. Christine and Mr. Gerald Troianello
Mr. Marlyn and Mrs. June Troyer
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Corrinne Tryon
Mr. Deane and Mrs. Cathy Tubbergen
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Amy Tubergen
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Betty Tubergen
Dr. David and Mrs. Marianne Tubergen
Mr. Mark and Dr. Karen Tubergen
Mr. Morris and Mrs. Sylvia Tubergen
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Marcia Tubergen
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Lois Tucker
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Gaylene Tucker
Mrs. Anastasia and Mr. Alex Tuckness
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Nancy Tuinstra
Mr. George and Mrs. Ingeborg Tuinstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Kelly Tuit
Mrs. Wilma Tuit
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Nancy Tuit
Mrs. Cheryl Tully
Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Joan Tuls
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Tuls
Dr. Marilyn Tuls Halstead and Mr. Steven Halstead
Dr. Mary Tupper and Mr. Brent Spoelstra
Mr. David Turngren
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Anne Tuuk
Ms. Mary Tuuk
Mr. David Tuuk
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Alexandra Tuuk


Mr. Milton and Mrs. Betty Ubbink
Dr. John and Mrs. Janice Ubels
Mr. John Ubels
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Joan Uitvlugt
Dr. Neal and Dr. Anna Uitvlugt
Mrs. Rachelle and Mr. John Uken
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Clarice Uken
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Charlotte Uken
Mrs. Crystal Unema
Ms. Sara Ungrodt
Mrs. Debra Urban
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Mary Usadel


Mr. John and Mrs. Henrietta Vaandrager
Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Carolyn Vaandrager
Dr. Julie and Dr. Sanjeev Vaishampayan
Mrs. Caroline Valencia
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Nancy Valenziano
Mr. James and Mrs. Lorraine Valk
Mr. John and Mrs. Evelyn Valk
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Patricia Valk
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Mark Van Allen
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Rosemary Van Allsburg
Mrs. Audrey Van Allsburg
Dr. Pierson and Mrs. Lucille Van Alten
Dr. Glen and Mrs. Gloria Van Andel
Dr. Brent Van Andel and Dr. Cynthia Comly-Van Andel
Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Ruth Van Andel
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Margaret Van Andel
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Margaret Van Andel
Mrs. Phyllis Van Andel
Rev. Berton and Mrs. Marie Van Antwerpen
Mrs. Eleanor Van Antwerpen
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Douglas Van Artsen
Dr. David and Mrs. Nancy Van Baak
Mrs. Frances Van Baak
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Anita Van Beek
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Cindy Van Beek
Mrs. Henrietta Van Beek
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ardith Van Beek
Miss Jean Van Beek
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Janice Van Beek
Dr. Gerald and Dr. Johanna van Belle
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Karen Van Bemden
Mr. A. Dean and Mrs. Carol Van Bruggen
Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Gladys Van Bruggen
Mr. Jay Van Bruggen
Mr. John Van Buiten
Mr. Augustus J. and Mrs. Rita Van Buren
Rev. Siebren and Mrs. Nancy Van Daalen
Mr. Jay Van Dahm
Rev. Harry and Mrs. Carolyn Van Dam
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Judith Van Dam
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Alida Van Dam
Miss Margaretha Van Dam
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Lucille Van Dam
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Cheryln Van De Griend
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Mary Van De Riet
Dr. William Van de Riet
Ms. Kathryn Van De Weert
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Pearl Van Dellen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Elaine Van Den Berg
Mrs. Sara and Mr. Bastiaan van den Berg
Mr. David Van Den Berg
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Kate van den Brink
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lonette Van Denend
Mrs. Andrea and Mr. Benjamin Van Denend
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Van Denend
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Linda Van Der Aa
Mr. Duaine and Mrs. Kathy Van Der Bill
Dr. Evert and Mrs. Linda Van Der Heide
Mr. James van der Klok
Mrs. Grace Van Der Laan
Mrs. Geraldine and Mr. Jerry van der Pol
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Gertrude Van Der Slik
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Gail Van Der Veer
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Elizabeth Van Der Vliet
Mr. Philip Van Der Weele and Mrs. Joan Snyder
Dr. Steve Van Der Weele
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Mary Van Der Wiele
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Rosanne van der Woerd
Mrs. Gladys Van Der Woude
Mrs. Coreen and Mr. George Van Der Woude
Mr. Mearl and Mrs. Mary Van Diepenbos
Mr. Wilbur and Mrs. Janice Van Dokkenburg
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Ashby Van Dokkenburg
Mrs. Betsy and Mr. David Van Dokkenburg
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Marilyn Van Dokkumburg
Dr. John and Mrs. Paula Van Domelen
Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Anne Van Dommelen
Mr. Russell Van Dommelen
Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Jill Van Doornik
Mr. William and Mrs. Barbara Van Doren
Dr. Bryan and Mrs. Patricia Van Dragt
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kara Van Drie
Mr. James Van Drie
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Vickie Van Drunen
Mr. Lucas Van Drunen and Ms. Rachel Visser
Rev. Peter and Mrs. Kathryn Van Drunen
Mrs. Faye Van Drunen
Miss Leona Van Drunen
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Evelyn Van Drunen
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Karen Van Drunen
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Rita Van Drunen
Mrs. Carol Van Drunen-Aalderink and Mr. Herbert Aalderink
Mrs. Annette Van Duinen
Mr. David and Mrs. Jennie Van Duyn
Rev. Wilbert Van Dyk
Dr. Leanne Van Dyk
Miss Sarah Van Dyk
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Marion Van Dyk
Mrs. Wilma Van Dyk
Mrs. Letha Van Dyk
Mrs. Jelene Van Dyk
Mrs. Mary and Mr. Ralph Van Dyk
Mrs. Joan Van Dyk
Mrs. Connie and Mr. Karl Van Dyke
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Janet Van Dyke
Dr. David Van Dyke
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Michelle Van Dyke
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Pamela Van Dyke
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Laurel Van Dyke
Dr. David and Dr. Christie Van Dyke
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Vonnie Van Dyke
Mr. John and Mrs. Hilda Van Dyke
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Ruth Van Dyke
Nell Van Dyke
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Zita Van Dyke
Mrs. Elizabeth Van Dyke
Mr. David and Mrs. Lisa Van Dyke
Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra Van Dyken
Ms. Susan Van Dyken
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Crystal Van Dyken
Mrs. Barbara Van Dyken
Mr. James and Mrs. Anne Van Dyken
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Louise Van Dyken
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Simon Van Dyken
Mrs. Janice Van Dyke-Zeilstra and Mr. John Zeilstra
Miss Carol Van Eck
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Betty Van Eck
Mrs. Catherine Van Eck
Dr. Yvonne and Mr. William Van Ee
Mr. John and Mrs. Julie Van Eek
Rev. Arie and Mrs. Ellen Van Eek
Mrs. Audrey and Mr. Evert Van Eerden
Mrs. Marijo and Mr. Rollan Van Egmond
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Nelson Van Elderen
Mr. David and Mrs. Grace Van Elderen
Dr. John Van Engen
Rev. Gordon and Mrs. Barbara Van Enk
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Mary Van Enk
Rev. Dr. Jack and Mrs. Sandra Van Ens
Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Barbara Van Essen
Rev. Lester and Mrs. Elaine Van Essen
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Joy Van Essendelft
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Alice Van Farowe
Mr. Melvin Van Farowe
Mrs. Maryann Van Galen and Mr. Donald Edwards
Mr. Justin van Geest
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Barbara Van Genderen
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Martha Van Genderen
Mr. David and Mrs. Cathy Van Gent
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Geraldine Van Gilst
Mr. Drew and Mrs. Elizabeth Van Goor
Mr. John and Mrs. Peggy Van Groningen
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Grace Van Groningen
Mr. John and Mrs. Rose Van Haitsma
Rev. Mark and Mrs. Glenda Van Haitsma
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Yvonne Van Haitsma
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Carol Van Haitsma
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Janice Van Haitsma
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Arvin Van Hal
Mr. Geurt and Mrs. Carolyn Van Hal
Mrs. Esther Van Hammen
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Mary Van Harn
Rev. Dr. Karl Van Harn and Rev. Joanna Bailey
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Kimberly Van Harn
Rev. Dr. Roger and Mrs. Eleanor Van Harn
Mrs. Barbara Van Haste
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Robin Van Haste
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Esther Van Hattem
Dr. Frank and Ms. Sharon Van Haven
Dr. James and Mrs. Margaret Van Heest
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Phyllis Van Heest
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Jamie Van Hekken
Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Kathlynn Van Hekken
Mr. James and Mrs. Alisa Van Hekken
Mrs. Mae Van Hekken
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Shirley Van Heukelem
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Barbara Van Heukelem
Mrs. Ruth Van Heukelom
Miss Mary Van Heuvelen
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Genevieve Van Heyningen
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Dean Van Hoever
Mrs. Mary Van Hof
Mr. Robert and Ms. Judy Van Hoff
Rev. Herbert and Mrs. Dianne Van Hoff
Miss Marguerite Van Hook
Dr. David Van Houten and Dr. Kim Olthoff
Mr. Marvin Van Houten
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Sharon Van Houten
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Debra Van Houten
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lois Van Houweling
Mrs. Maria Van Houwelingen
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Evangeline Van Huesen
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Heidi Van Hulzen
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Donna Van Iddekinge
Mrs. Marla Van Iddekinge
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Robert Van Iwaarden
Mrs. Theodora and Rev. Wayne Van Kampen
Mr. David and Mrs. Cynthia Van Kampen
Mrs. Elaine Van Kley
Mrs. Shirley Van Kley
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Arenda Van Klompenberg
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ilah Van Klompenberg
Mr. Jarvis and Mrs. Judith Van Klompenberg
Mr. Clark and Mrs. Sandra Van Koevering
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Janet Van Kooten
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Andrea Van Kooten
Mr. Delmer and Mrs. Wilma Van Kooten
Miss Marjorie Van Kooten
Mr. Harris and Mrs. Grace Van Kooten
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Christina Van Kuiken
Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Norma Van Kuiken
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Sharon Van Kuiken
Mr. David and Mrs. Gail Van Kuiken
Ms. Dorothea Van Leeuwen
Rev. Duane and Mrs. Valora Van Loo
Dr. Dean and Mrs. Kimberly Van Loo
Ms. Kalli Van Maaren
Mrs. Johanna and Mr. Jack Van Manen
Mr. Sherwin and Mrs. Carolyn Van Mersbergen
Mr. Howard Van Mersbergen
Mrs. Barbara Van Noord
Mr. Alan and Dr. Collene Van Noord
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Betty Van Noord
Mrs. Elise and Dr. Steven Van Noord
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Sally Van Noord
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Thomas Van Opstall
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Amy Van Orman
Mrs. Marjorie Van Overloop
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Pamela Van Overloop
Mr. David and Mrs. Susan Van Oyen
Mrs. Sylvia Van Poolen
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Arlene Van Popering
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Mildred Van Prooyen
Mr. William and Mrs. Bonnie Van Proyen
Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Catherine Van Proyen
Mr. David and Mrs. Suzanne Van Randwyk
Mr. Jamie and Mrs. Lisa Van Randwyk
Dr. David and Mrs. Ruth Van Reken
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Darryl Van Rooyen
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Julie Van Ryn
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Agnes Van Ryn
Mr. George and Mrs. Jacqueline Van Ryn
Mrs. Judith and Mr. Edwin Van Schepen
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kelly Van Singel
Mrs. Gloria and Mr. Stanley Van Singel
Ms. Martha Van Sledright
Mr. Evert Van Sligtenhorst
Mr. Nicholas Van Slooten
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Janice Van Soelen
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Cathy Van Someren
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Richard Van Someren
Mrs. Marian Van Someren
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Bonnie Van Someren
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Allen Van Someren
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joan Van Spronsen
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Janet Van Staalduinen
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Ruth Van Stee
Mr. Scott Van Stee
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Trudy Van Stee
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Kimberly Van Stelle
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Virginia Van Stelle
Rev. John and Mrs. Myra Van Stempvoort
Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Gerda Van Stralen
Mr. Kyle and Mrs. Jennifer Van Strien
Mrs. Gladys and Mr. Fred Van Swol
Mr. Douglas Van Til
Rev. John Van Til
Mrs. Gladys and Mr. Franklin Van Til
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Judith Van Til
Ms. Susan Van Timmeren
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Cheryl Van Tol
Dr. Brett and Mrs. Linda Van Tol
Mr. Greg and Mrs. Lisa Van Tol
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Gertrude Van Tol
Mr. Laurence and Mrs. Carla Van Tongeren
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Marian Van Tongeren
Dr. A. Robert and Mrs. Susan Van Tuinen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Marlene Van Tuinen
Dr. Adam Van Tuyl and Dr. Catherine Connelly
Mrs. Carol Van Valkenburg
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Julia Van Vliet
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Lorraine Van Vliet
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Audrey Van Vliet
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Wendy Van Vugt
Mr. Timothy Van Vugt
Mrs. Esther Van Vugt
Ms. Heather Van Vugt Ramirez and Mr. Austin Ramirez
Mrs. Phyllis Van Vugt-Bratt
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Vernon Van Vuren
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Jolynn Van Wienen
Mrs. Gertrude Van Wienen
Mrs. Lois and Mr. John Van Wienen
Mr. William Van Wieren
Mrs. Victoria and Mr. Randall Van Wingerden
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Naomi Van Winkle
Senator Gerald and Mrs. Valerie Van Woerkom
Mr. Kenneth Van Woerkom
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Jaclyn Van Woerkom
Mr. Loren and Mrs. Janet Van Wyk
Rev. Kenneth and Mrs. Sandra Van Wyk
Mr. Max and Mrs. Carol Van Wyk
Dr. Russel and Ms. Jana Van Wyk
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Laura Van Wyk
Ms. Alison Van Wyk
Mrs. Sophia Van Wyk
Mrs. Annette and Mr. Kenneth Van Wyk
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Mary Van Wyke
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Barbara Van Wylen
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Margaret Van Wylen
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Isla Van Wyngarden
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Donna Van Ysseldyke
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Dirk Van Zalen
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Marie Van Zalen
Mrs. Ruth Van Zanten
Rev. Anthony and Mrs. Donna Van Zanten
Mr. James and Mrs. Christy Van Zee
Dr. Gene and Mrs. Sylvia Van Zee
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Wiebe Van Zwol
Dr. John and Mrs. Carol Van Zytveld
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Jane Van Zytveld
Mr. David and Mrs. Esther Van Zytveld
Mrs. Phyllis VanAndel
Dr. Deanne and Dr. Samuel Vance
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Susan Vande Brake
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Julie Vande Brake
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Judith Vande Guchte
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jeanette Vande Kieft
Mrs. Jennie Vande Kieft
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Judy Vande Kopple
Dr. Julius Vande Kopple and Mrs. Linda McKnight
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Wilma Vande Kopple
Rev. James and Mrs. Alyce Vande Lune
Mr. William and Mrs. Diane Vande Meent
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Elinor Vande Pol
Mr. Robert Vande Polder
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Helen Vande Ree
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Marjorie Vande Steeg
Mr. Harold Vande Velde
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Debra Vande Vrede
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Robert Vande Vrede
Mr. Bruce and Ms. Kristen Vande Vusse
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Lynda Vande Vusse
Mr. George and Mrs. Gayle Vande Werken
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Joanne Vande Werken
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Marg Vande Zande
Mr. Evert and Mrs. Lori Vande Zande
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Cheryl VandeHaar
Mrs. Lois Vandekopple-Smith and Mr. Brian Smith
Rev. Joseph and Mrs. Karen Vanden Akker
Ms. Sheryl Vanden Akker
Mrs. Irene Vanden Akker
Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Wilma Vanden Akker
Mr. F. and Mrs. Charlotte Vanden Berg
Mr. David and Mrs. Ellen Vanden Berg
Mr. John and Mrs. Betsey Vanden Berg
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Scott Vanden Berg
Mrs. Anna and Mr. Alexander Vanden Berg
Mr. Willard and Mrs. Grace Vanden Berg
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Lavonne Vanden Berg
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Vanden Berg
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Eileen Vanden Berg
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Vanden Berg
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Vanden Berg
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Stacy Vanden Berge
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Mary Vanden Berge
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Mary Vanden Berge
Mr. Gustave and Mrs. Jean Vanden Berge
Mrs. Marlene and Mr. Donald Vanden Bos
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Julie Vanden Bos
Mr. Lynwood and Mrs. Mary Vanden Bosch
Dr. William and Mrs. Linda Vanden Bosch
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sara Vanden Bosch
Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Mindi Vanden Bosch
Mrs. Kerrie and Mr. Eric Vanden Bosch
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Shannon Vanden Bosch
Mr. Harvard and Mrs. Laura Vanden Bosch
Mr. Thurston and Mrs. Janet Vanden Bosch
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Rachel Vanden Bout
Mr. Gus and Mrs. Jayne Vanden Brink
Mr. Theodore Vanden Brink
Mrs. Karen and Mr. Wayne Vanden Brink
Miss Geneva Vanden Brink
Rev. Harlan and Mrs. Sandra Vanden Einde
Mrs. Marilyn Vanden Handel
Mr. James and Mrs. Krista Vanden Heuvel
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Amy Vandenberg
Mrs. Doris and Rev. Donald Vandenberg
Mrs. Bernice VandenBerg
Dr. Robert and Dr. Susanne Vandenbosch
Miss Rachel Vandenbroek
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Helen Vandenburg
Ms. Cassondra Vander Ark
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Helena Vander Ark
Mrs. Kristin and Mr. Bryan Vander Ark
Mr. Corwin and Mrs. Marilyn Vander Ark
Dr. Condon and Mrs. Mary Vander Ark
Mr. J. and Mrs. Lorraine Vander Ark
Mrs. Rosalie and Mr. Kenneth Vander Ark
Mr. David and Ms. Lorraine Vander Ark
Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Saramae Vander Ark
Mr. Dean and Mrs. Kate Vander Baan
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Laurie Vander Baan
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Laurelynn Vander Baan
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Gayle Vander Bie
Mr. Monty and Ms. Lorelyn Vander Bilt
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Janice Vander Bok
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Catherine Vander Brug
Mrs. Marsha and Mr. Gerald Vander gaast
Mr. Russel and Mrs. Corin Vander Graaf
Dr. Orville and Mrs. Donna Vander Griend
Dr. Harlan and Mrs. Diane Vander Griend
Mr. Marius and Mrs. Lena Vander Griend
Dr. Alvin and Mrs. Carolyn Vander Griend
Mr. John and Mrs. Ruth Vander Haag
Mr. David and Mrs. Jane Vander Haagen
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Julie Vander Haagen
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joan Vander Haak
Mrs. Barbara Vander Haak
Dr. David Vander Hart
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Virginia Vander Hart
Rev. Gerald and Mrs. Barbara Vander Hart
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Nelleke Vander Heide
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Joleen Vander Heide
Mr. John and Mrs. Patricia Vander Heide
Mr. John and Mrs. Tressa Vander Henst
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Valisa Vander Hill
Rev. Paula Vander Hoven
Ms. Barbara Vander Jagt
Mrs. Mary Vander Jagt
Dr. David and Mrs. Dorothy Vander Jagt
Rev. Samuel and Mrs. Jane Vander Jagt
Dr. Rick Vander Kam and Dr. Hatsumi Nielsen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Vander Kamp
Mrs. Barbara Vander Klay
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Paul Vander Klok
Mr. Roy and Mrs. Marjorie Vander Klok
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Annetta Vander Klok
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Maria Vander Kodde
Mr. Ray and Mrs. Sharilyn Vander Kooi
Dr. Lambert and Mrs. Agatha Vander Kooi
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Betty Vander Kooi
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Wilhelmina Vander Kooi
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Evelyn Vander Kooi
Mrs. Marjorie Vander Kooy
Mrs. Marian Vander Kuyl
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Karen Vander Laan
Dr. David and Mrs. Kate Vander Laan
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Giselle Vander Laan
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Arlene Vander Laan
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Denise Vander Laan
Mr. Hendrik and Mrs. Johanna Vander Laan
Rev. Jack and Mrs. Mildred Vander Laan
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mildred Vander Laan
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Kathy Vander Leest
Mr. Kenneth Vander Leest
Mr. Jan and Mrs. June Vander Leest
Mrs. Sue and Mr. Kenneth Vander Lei
Dr. Scott and Dr. Marie Vander Linde
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Donna Vander Linde
Mrs. Melvina Vander Linde
Mrs. Mary Vander Linde
Mr. Marion and Mrs. Marilyn Vander Linden
Mr. John and Mrs. Joanne Vander Lugt
Dr. Garret and Mrs. Marie Vander Lugt
Dr. James and Mrs. Susan Vander Lugt
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Laura Vander Lugt
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Shontel Vander Lugt
Ms. Linda Vander Lugt
Mr. James and Mrs. Judith Vander May
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Beverly Vander Meeden
Dr. Peter and Dr. Diane Vander Meer
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Janice Vander Meer
Dr. David and Mrs. Doris Vander Meulen
Ms. Joanne Vander Meulen
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Tammy Vander Meulen
Mrs. Mary Vander Meulen
Mrs. Sylvia Vander Meulen
Mr. James and Mrs. Cheryl Vander Mey
Rev. Calvin and Mrs. Marjorie Vander Meyden
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Janice Vander Molen
Mr. Brian Vander Molen
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Phyllis Vander Molen
Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Richard Vander Molen
Mr. William and Mrs. Grace Vander Moren
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Jessica Vander Naald
Rev. Dr. Clair and Mrs. Elsa Vander Neut
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. David Vander Plas
Mrs. Gretchen Vander Plas
Mr. Wilden and Mrs. Sandra Vander Ploeg
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Daniel Vander Ploeg
Ms. Sally Vander Ploeg and Mr. Edwin Vander Schans
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Dixie Vander Ploeg
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Brenda Vander Ploeg
Miss Margery Vander Ploeg
Mr. George and Mrs. Rika Vander Ploeg
Mrs. Harriet Vander Ploeg
Mr. John and Mrs. Marie Vander Ploeg
Mrs. Carol Vander Ploeg
Miss Susan Vander Ploeg
Mrs. Cora Vander Ploeg
Mr. David and Mrs. Sheryl Vander Ploeg
Mr. David Vander Pol
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Maribeth Vander Pol
Mrs. Bernice Vander Pol
Mr. Alden Vander Pol
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Trudy Vander Puy
Mr. David and Mrs. Linda Vander Schaaf
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Judy Vander Schoot
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Joyce Vander Sloot
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Joan Vander Sloot
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Christine Vander Sloot
Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Jackie Vander Spoel
Dr. Dirk and Mrs. Jean Vander Steen
Mrs. Carolyn Vander Stouw
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Glenda Vander Tuig
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Lois Vander Tuin
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. John Vander Veen
Mrs. Greta and Mr. Edward Vander Veen
Mrs. Alice Vander Velde
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Vander Vennen
Dr. Kathleen Vander Vliet
Ms. Janys Vander Vliet
Mrs. Rennie and Mr. Marten Vander Wal
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Donna Vander Wal
Mrs. Noreen and Mr. Bruce Vander Wal
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Vander Wal
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Cynthia Vander Wal
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lynne Vander Wall
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Jessica Vander Wall
Mr. Douglas Vander Wall
Dr. Francis and Mrs. Joan Vander Wall
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Virginia Vander Wall
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Phyllis Vander Weele
Ms. Karen Vander Weide
Miss Joyce Vander Weide
Mr. William and Mrs. Diane Vander Weit
Rev. Brian and Mrs. Elizabeth Vander Wel
Mrs. Lois Vander Wel
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Deanna Vander Werf
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Norma Vander Werf
Ms. Louann Vander Wiele Martin and Mr. James Martin
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Susan Vander Woude
Mr. Hugh and Mrs. Eleanor Vander Woude
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Vander Yacht
Rev. Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Ruth Vander Zee
Mr. Keith Vander Zee
Ms. Wanda Vander Zee
Dr. Delmar and Mrs. Lois Vander Zee
Mr. Chester and Mrs. Betty Vander Zee
Ms. Sandra Vander Zicht
Mrs. Lois and Mr. Melvin Vander Zwaag
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Deloris Vander Zwaag
Mr. James and Mrs. Pamela Vander Zwaag
Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Ryan Vander Zwart
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Laurina Vanderaa
Mr. David and Mrs. Nancy Vanderaa
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Phyllis VanderArk
Ms. Jacquelyn VanderBrug and Mr. Bradford Johnson
Dr. Duane and Mrs. Adele VanderBrug
Dr. David and Mrs. Beverly Vandergoot
Dr. Tjalle and Mrs. Evelyn Vandergraaf
Dr. Laurens and Mrs. Katherine Vandergrift
Ms. Ruth VanderHeide
Dr. Matthew and Ms. Marjorie Vanderhill
Ms. Laura Vanderhill
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary VanderKam
Dr. William and Mrs. Lorna Vanderkooi
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Michelle VanderKwaak
Rev. Nicholas and Mrs. Jean VanderKwaak
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Vanderlaan
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Susan Vanderlaan
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Heidi Vanderlaan
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Pamela VanderLeest
Dr. James and Mrs. Sandra Vanderploeg
Dr. Rodney Vanderploeg and Dr. Sandra Logan
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Mary Vanderschoot
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Jannie Vanderschoot
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Judy Vandersteen
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Lisa Vandertol
Dr. Theodore and Mrs. Joan Vanderveen
Mr. James and Mrs. Marsha Vanderveen
Mr. Michael and Mrs. June Vanderveen
Mr. David Vanderveen
Ms. Helen Vanderveen
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Anna Vanderveld
Mr. Jonathan Vandervelde and Ms. Miriam Bartleson
Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Michael VanderWall
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Phyllis VanderWall
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Eleanor Vanderwell
Mr. George and Mrs. Karen VanderWindt
Ms. Elizabeth and Mr. Glenn VanDerWoude
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Paula Vanderzee
Mr. George and Mrs. Anne Vandezande
Ms. Marlene VanDyk Greenberg and Mr. Ward Greenberg
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Cathy VanDyken
Mrs. Katie and Mr. Chad VanDyken
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Steven VanKooten
Mr. Avert and Mrs. Brenda Vannette
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Lynn Vanoostveen
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Susan Van't Hof
Mrs. Ellen and Mr. David Van't Hof
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Doris Van't Hof
Mr. John and Mrs. Jo Van't Land
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Teri VanTongeren
Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Laura VanWyk
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Susan VanZanten
Mrs. Rebecca and Mr. James Veal
Ms. Valerie Veen
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Rhonda Veen
Ms. Jeanette Veen
Mrs. Shirley Veen
Dr. Jeremy and Mrs. Laura Veenema
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Beth Veenema
Mr. Melvin and Mrs. Marilyn Veenema
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Rebecca Veenje
Ms. Janice Veenstra
Ms. Charlene Veenstra
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Rebecca Veenstra
Miss Charlotte Veenstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Cynthia Veenstra
Mr. James and Mrs. Jeri Veenstra
Mrs. Helen Veenstra
Pastor John and Mrs. Lise Veenstra
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Debra Veenstra
Dr. Bernard and Mrs. Janice Veenstra
Miss Gretta Veenstra
Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. Dianne Veenstra
Dr. Maurice and Mrs. Nellie Veenstra
Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Roger Veenstra
Mr. Albert and Mrs. Dorothy Vegter
Ms. Katrina Vegter
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Wilma Veldheer
Rev. Cynthia Veldheer DeYoung and Rev. Terry DeYoung
Mrs. Audrey Veldhof
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Lynn Veldhouse
Mr. Lee and Mrs. Nancy Veldhuizen
Mr. Loren and Mrs. Nelly Veldhuizen
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Veldkamp
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Veldkamp
Mr. Versile and Mrs. June Veldkamp
Mr. William and Mrs. Lynn Veldkamp
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Kay Veldkamp
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Lynn Veldman
Mrs. Martha Veldstra
Dr. George and Mrs. Henrietta Veldstra
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Joyce Velgersdyk
Dr. Heidi Vellenga
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Cornelia Vellenga
Dr. David and Mrs. Ellen Vellenga
Mr. David and Mrs. Carol Veltema
Mrs. Shirley Veltema
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Wilma Veltema
Mrs. Aileen and Mr. Philip Velthuis
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Diane Veltkamp
Mrs. Lynn and Mr. Marc Veltkamp
Mrs. Arlene Veltkamp
Mrs. Vicki Veltkamp Larson and Mr. James Larson
Dr. Laura Veltman and Mr. Mark Peterson
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Carol Veltman
Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Ronald Veltman
Mrs. Jacquelyn Venegas
Mrs. Beth and Mr. Dale Venema
Mr. Wilbert and Mrs. Barbara Venema
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Nancy Venema
Dr. Cornelis and Mrs. Nancy Venema
Mrs. Thelma Venema
Dr. William and Mrs. Lois Venema
Ms. Susan Veneman
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Nancy Venhuizen
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Bette Venhuizen
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Elizabeth Venhuizen
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Barbara Ver Hage
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Bernice Ver Hage
Miss Judy Ver Meer
Mr. Dann and Mrs. Judy Ver Velde
Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. John Verbeek
Mr. Theo and Mrs. Alice Verbeek
Rev. Arthur and Mrs. Margaret Verboon
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Julia Verbrugge
Dr. Calvin and Mrs. Pauline Verbrugge
Mrs. Lori Verbrugge
Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Berniece Verbrugge
Captain Kenneth and Mrs. Judith Verbrugge
Dr. James and Mrs. Marcia Verbrugge
Ms. Kathleen Verbrugge
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Patricia Verduin
Mr. Ronald Verduin
Dr. Harold and Mrs. Betty Verhage
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Norma Verhey
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Linda VerHill
Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Nan Verhoef
Ms. Gladys Verhulst
Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Kristen Verhulst
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Nancy Verkaik
Rev. Richard and Mrs. Virginia Verkaik
Mr. Brett and Mrs. Michelle Verkaik
Rev. Mark and Mrs. Lori Vermaire
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Marcia Vermaire
Dr. Todd Vermeer and Ms. Samantha Hodgkins
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Carrie Vermeer
Lt. Timothy Vermeer
Mr. Evert and Mrs. Mary Vermeer
Mrs. Bernice Vermeer
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. David VerMerris
Mr. John and Mrs. Linda Vermeulen
Mrs. Carol and Mr. John VerMeulen
Dr. Victor and Mrs. Isla Vermeulen
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Barbara Versluis
Mr. David and Mrs. Janis Versluis
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Shirley Verspoor
Mr. John and Mrs. Marcella Verstraete
Mrs. Sonja and Mr. Frederick Verwijs
Mr. John and Mrs. Adeline Verwolf
Mrs. Kathryn Verwolf and Mr. Douglas Verwolf
Mrs. Ellen Verwys
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Suzanne Veurink
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Veurink
Mr. David and Mrs. Alison Veurink
Mrs. Sheryl Veurink-Balicki and Rev. David Balicki
Mrs. Ann and Mr. Gregory Videtich
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. J. Richard Viel
Rev. Julius and Mrs. Zita Vigh
Mrs. Shereen and Mr. John Vinke
Mrs. Jana and Mr. Paul Vinogradov
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mary Vinson
Dr. Diane and Mr. Randy Virden
Mrs. Ruth Vis
Mr. James and Mrs. Kathy Vis
Mrs. Anne Vis
Mr. John and Mrs. Bertha Vis
Mr. David and Mrs. Cynthia Visbeen
Mrs. Sharon and Mr. Kenneth Visbeen
Rev. Nathan and Mrs. Sara Visker
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Marcia Visker
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Carolyn Viss
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Janice Visscher
Mrs. Sadie Visscher
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Henry Visser
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Marilyn Visser
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Susan Visser
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Renee Visser
Mr. David and Mrs. Ruth Visser
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Paige Visser
Ms. Elonna Visser
Rev. Duane and Mrs. Joan Visser
Mr. Joel Visser and Dr. Gayle Byker
Ms. Michelle Visser and Mr. Jason Freedman
Mrs. Gertrude Visser
Mr. Freeman and Mrs. Shirley Visser
Mrs. Marjorie Visser
Mr. John and Mrs. Felicidad Visser
Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Wilma Visser
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda Visser
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Mayra Visser
Mrs. Henrietta Vissia
Rev. Hank and Mrs. Chris Vlaardingerbroek
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Vlietstra
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Bonita Vloedman
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Sara Vloedman
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Patricia Voetberg
Mr. James and Mrs. Claire Voetberg
Mrs. Deborah and Mr. Glenn Vogel
Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Bethany Vogel
Mr. George Vogel
Mr. Robert Vogel
Mr. Grant Vogel
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Melanie Vogelzang
Mr. Abraham and Dr. Jody Vogelzang
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Betty Volkers
Mrs. Sandra Volkers
Ms. Susan Volkers
Mr. James and Mrs. Eunice Volkers
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Sarah Volkers
Mr. Evert and Mrs. Linda Volkersz
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Julie Vollink
Mrs. Judy Von Dobschutz
Dr. James and Mrs. Sharon Vonk
Mr. Justin and Mrs. Mary Voogt
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Jean Voogt
Mr. Ryan and Dr. Shannon Voogt
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Voogt
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Anne Voortman
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Marcia Vos
Mr. James and Mrs. Gail Vos
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Cindy Vos
Mrs. Janet and Mr. Peter Vos
Mrs. Lisa and Mr. Roger Vos
Mrs. Joan and Mr. Matthew Vos
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Christine Vos
Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Jeannette Vos
Rev. Jacob Vos and Mrs. Debbie Van Leusen
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Marvin Vos
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Grace Vos
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Joyce Vos
Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Ruth Vos
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Bonnie Vos
Mr. Clarence Vos and Mrs. Maren Carpenter-Vos
Dr. Jolene Vos-Camy and Mr. Pierre Camy
Miss Barbara Voshel
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Jon Voskuil
Mr. Marinus and Mrs. Sandra Voskuilen
Mrs. Wendy and Mr. Steven Voss
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathryn Voss
Mrs. Carolyn Voss
Mr. John Voss
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Joan Vredeveld
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Christy Vredevoogd
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Linda Vredevoogd
Dr. Tanya Vreeke and Mr. James Reinhart
Mr. Michiel and Mrs. Susan Vreman
Mrs. Wilhelmina Vreman
Mr. Max and Mrs. Marilyn Vreugdenhil
Mr. William and Mrs. Albertha Vreugdenhil
Mrs. Harriet Vreugdenhil
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Jane Vrieland
Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Loretta Vrieland
Dr. Gail and Mrs. Eleanor Vrieland
Mrs. Barbara Vriesema
Rev. Aaron and Mrs. Deirdre Vriesman
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Sandra Vroegop
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Susan Vroegop
Mr. William and Mrs. Ruth Vroegop
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Randall Vroom
Mrs. Joyce Vroon
Mrs. Rosemary Vroon
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marilee Vroon
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Frances Vryhof
Rev. Jochem and Mrs. Marlene Vugteveen
Miss H. Vugteveen
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Alice Vyfvinkel
Mrs. Brenda and Dr. Gregory Vyletel


Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Joyce Waalkes
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Jennifer Waalkes
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Sally Waalkes
Mr. William and Mrs. Patricia Waanders
Mr. John and Mrs. Judith Waanders
Mrs. Marilyn Waanders
Dr. Theodore and Mrs. Helen Wagenaar
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Barbara Wagenmaker
Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Elizabeth Wagenmaker
Rev. Louis and Mrs. Mary-Anne Wagenveld
Mr. Mark Wagenveld and Ms. Theresa Mond
Mrs. Mary Wager
Dr. David and Mrs. Linda Wagner
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Ruth Wagner
Mrs. June Walcott
Ms. Beverly Walcott
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Kay Walcott
Ms. Joan Walcott
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Stacey Waldo
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Dorothy Waldo
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jackie Waldyke
Dr. Kathryn Waldyke and Mr. Roger Fliege
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Mary Waldyke
Dr. Clarence and Mrs. Janice Walhout
Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Patrick Walker
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Nicole Walker
Dr. Holly and Mr. Sandell Wall
Mr. Max and Mrs. Kay Wallace
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Karen Wallace
Ms. Kelly Wallace-Vernago
Mr. Lester and Mrs. Dorothy Wallinga
Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Amy Wallish
Mr. Glen and Mrs. Joyce Walstra
Mr. Kent and Mrs. Vanessa Walstra
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Carol Walter
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Donna Walter
Mr. John and Mrs. Vicki Walter
Mr. Ward and Mrs. Muriel Walters
Mr. John and Ms. Diane Walters
Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Michael Walters
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Julie Walters
Rev. Curtis and Mrs. Sue Walters
Mr. William and Mrs. Cynthia Wandland
Dr. Dean and Mrs. Nancy Ward
Mrs. Jane and Mr. James Ward
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Kenneth Warners
Mr. James and Mrs. Sheila Warners
Dr. David and Mrs. Teri Warners
Mrs. Arlene Warners
Mrs. Jane Warners
Rev. Douglas and Mrs. Judith Warners
Mrs. Luella and Mr. Roger Warnshuis
Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Benjamin Warolin
Ms. Elizabeth Warsen
Mr. Duard and Mrs. Pat Warsen
Ms. Phyllis Warsen
Ms. Jean Washington
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Sharon Wasmer
Mrs. Nancy Wasmer
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Shirley Wassenaar
Mr. Michael Wassenaar
Mr. David and Mrs. Lucille Wassenaar
Mrs. Elsie Wassenaar
Mr. James Wassenaar
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Jean Wassenar
Rev. Brent and Mrs. Glenda Wassink
Ms. Kathlyn Wassink
Mrs. Arlene Wassink
Mrs. Marilyn and Dr. Jerome Wassink
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Delores Wassink
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Mary Waterloo
Mr. David and Mrs. Kathy Waters
Mr. David and Mrs. Judy Watson
Mrs. Carolyn Watson Aukee
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Madeline Watt
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Tena Wattez
Mrs. Gretchen Weaver
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. James Weaver
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Kurt Weaver
Mrs. Susan and Mr. Alan Weaver
Mr. Andrew Webster
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Deborah Webster
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Joan Wedeven
Dr. Lavern and Mrs. Carol Wedeven
Miss Barbara Weeber
Rev. Jacob and Mrs. Linda Weeda
Mr. John and Mrs. Alice Weeda
Mr. Neal and Mrs. Linda Weemhoff
Mr. Ross and Dr. Deborah Weener
Mrs. Shirley Weersing
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Gretchen Weesies
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Heidi Weesies
Mrs. Eleanor Weesies
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Talitha Weiden
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Marilyn Weidenaar
Mrs. Maryke and Mr. Dale Weidman
Mrs. Edith Welles
Mrs. Amy and Mr. Paul Wellman
Dr. Ronald and Dr. Barbara Wells
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jennifer Wells
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Glenda Welmers
Mrs. Wynnita and Mr. Ronald Welsh
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Brenda Wenerski
Rev. Jeffrey and Mrs. Heidi Wenke
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Marcia Werkema
Mrs. Jane and Mr. Thomas Werkema
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Evelyn Werkhoven
Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Brooke Werkhoven
Mr. Leroy and Mrs. Libby Werkhoven
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Joan Werkhoven
Mr. David and Mrs. Judy Werkman
Mrs. Marie Werner
Mrs. Arlene and Mr. Kenneth Werner
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Linda Wesseldyke
Mr. Justin Westbrook
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Martha Westdorp
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Denise Westenbroek
Mr. Edgar and Mrs. Joan Westenbroek
Rev. Robert and Mrs. Jean Westenbroek
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Duane Westenbroek
Mr. David Westendorp
Mr. Vince and Mrs. Sandra Westendorp
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Jan Westendorp
Mr. Scot and Mrs. Lori Westerbeek
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Stacey Westerbeek
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Barbara Westerbeek
Rev. Jack and Mrs. Patricia Westerhof
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Janet Westfall
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Mary Westhouse
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Karen Westing
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Evelyn Westmaas
Mrs. Elizabeth and Mr. Raymond Westra
Mrs. Linda and Mr. Steven Westra
Ms. Nancy Westra
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Sandra Westra
Mr. Eugene and Dr. Helen Westra
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Jessica Westra
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Keri Westra
Mr. Doug and Mrs. Beth Westra
Mr. Leonard Westra
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Shirley Westra
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Georgia Westra
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Judith Westra
Mr. Gregory Westra
Mrs. Patricia Westra Pinkster and Mr. Jerry Pinkster
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Bonnie Westrate
Ms. Patricia Westveer
Mr. Robert Westveer
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Marilyn Wevers
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Nancy Wezeman
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Natalie Wheaton
Mrs. Aletta and Mr. Dennis Whipple
Mr. Mark and Dr. Cynthia White
Mrs. Theora and Mr. Roger Whitman
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Janyce Whitten
Dr. Jeremiah and Mrs. Kaye Whittington
Dr. Howard and Dr. Ann Wiarda
Mr. Wilbert and Mrs. Berendina Wichers
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Edythe Wiebenga
Dr. William and Mrs. Audrey Wiebenga
Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Claudia Wiegers
Mrs. Edna and Mr. Dean Wiegers
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Denise Wiegers
Mr. Ernest and Mrs. Georgia Wiegers
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Nancy Wiegers
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Wieland
Dr. Stacey and Rev. Ryan Wieland
Miss Christine Wielenga
Mrs. Arlene Wielenga
Mrs. Marcia and Mr. Kenneth Wierda
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Norma Wierenga
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Wilma Wierenga
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Diane Wierenga
Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Michael Wierenga
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Rebekah Wierenga
Dr. Carol Wierenga
Ms. Gladys Wierenga
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Arlene Wierenga
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Debra Wierenga
Mr. George and Mrs. Ruth Wierenga
Mr. Kenneth Wierenga
Mr. Berton and Mrs. Jeanne Wierenga
Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Wierenga
Miss Ruth Wierenga
Ms. Leanne Wierenga
Dr. Wendell and Mrs. Pamela Wierenga
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Janet Wierenga
Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Norma Wieringa
Mr. Blake and Mrs. Lindsey Wieringa
Ms. Judith Wieringa
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judith Wiers
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Suzanne Wiers
Mrs. Theresa Wiers
Miss Bonnie Wiers
Mrs. Violet Wiersema
Miss Alva Wiersma
Dr. David and Mrs. Brenda Wiersma
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Cynthia Wiersma
Mr. Burnie Wiersma
Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Emilie Wiersma
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Wiersum
Mrs. Lois Wiersum
Mrs. Joanne Wiertella
Mr. Christopher Wiesehan
Mr. John and Mrs. Marilyn Wiesehan
Mr. Jonathon and Mrs. Christine Wiest
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Paula Wigboldy
Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Kyle Wigboldy
Rev. Homer and Mrs. Betty Wigboldy
Mrs. Betty Wigboldy
Mr. Jerry Wild and Ms. Mary Bishop
Mr. Arie and Mrs. Sylvia Wilgenburg
Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Richard Wilkie
Mrs. Susan and Mr. David Wilkins
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Mary Wilkins
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Rebecca Will
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Linda Williams
Mrs. Yvonne and Mr. Kenyon Williams
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams
Mr. R. Thomas and Mrs. Betty Williams
Mrs. Anna and Mr. Mark Willoughby
Mrs. Carol and Mr. Warren Wilmoth
Ms. Alicia and Mr. Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom
Mrs. Theresa Wiltjer
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Wilma Wind
Mrs. Geraldine and Dr. Dirk Windhorst
Mr. John and Mrs. Sharon Winkel
Mr. Frederick and Mrs. Betty Winkle
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Judy Winkle
Mr. Terrence and Mrs. Louanne Winkle
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lynne Winkle
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Michelle Winkle
Mr. Jeremy Winkle
Dr. Becky Winkle
Mr. Gerard and Mrs. Beverly Winkle
Mrs. Marcella and Mr. Alan Winter
Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Nancy Winters
Dr. John and Mrs. Patsy Wispelwey
Mr. Charles and Ms. Julie Wisse
Rev. Donald and Mrs. Ethel Wisse
Mr. Kenton and Mrs. Melanie Witt
Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Stanley Witte
Mr. Johannes Witte and Mrs. Lynda Barendse-Witte
Mr. John and Mrs. Rachel Witte
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Thressa Witte
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Rebecca Witte
Mr. Christopher Witte
Mrs. Ena Witte
Mrs. Pat and Mr. David Witte
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Karen Witte
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Curtis Witte
Mr. Leon and Mrs. Hermina Witteveen
Mrs. Esther Witteveen
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Kathleen Wittingen
Mr. Dale Wittingen
Rev. John and Mrs. Betty Witvliet
Dr. John and Dr. Charlotte Witvliet
Mrs. Rosalyn and Mr. Dennis Wolbers
Mr. Jay Wolbert
Mr. Herman and Mrs. Colleen Woldhuis
Mr. James and Mrs. Annette Woldman
Mrs. Geraldine Woldman
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lanae Wolf
Mrs. Thelma Wolffis
Miss Andrea Wolffis
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Sherrie Wolffis
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Sandra Wolffis
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. Bruce Wolffis
Mrs. Catherine and Mr. Timothy Woller
Mr. Norlyn Wolterink
Mr. John and Mrs. Tammara Wolters
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Dorothy Wolters
Mr. Dale Wolters
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Karen Wolters
Dr. Richard Woltersom
Mr. Duane and Mrs. Christina Wolterstorff
Mr. Cornelius and Mrs. Leola Wolterstorff
Mr. William and Mrs. Delores Wolterstorff
Mrs. Henrietta Wolterstorff-Hamersma
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Sherelyn Wolthuis
Dr. Randall and Mrs. Linda Wolthuis
Mrs. Tina and Mr. Richard Woltil
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Carol Woltjer
Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Tricia Woltjer
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sarah Woltjer
Mr. David and Mrs. Sheryl Wondergem
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Sara Wondergem
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Jacquelyn Wondergem
Mr. M. James and Mrs. Muriel Wondergem
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Marlene Wondergem
Mrs. Susan and Dr. Rawson Wood
Mrs. Phyllis and Mr. Gerard Wordhouse
Mrs. Irene Wordhouse
Mr. John and Mrs. Linda Workman
Mrs. Carol and Mr. John Workman
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Workman
Ms. Darlene and Mr. Paul Workman
Ms. Barbara Workman
Ms. Laura Worst and Dr. Robert Bracey
Dr. Sierd Woudstra
Mrs. Cynthia and Mr. Kirk Wright
Mr. Derek and Mrs. Julie Wright
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Lisa Wright
Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. Arthur Wrisley
Mrs. Arlene Wustman
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Joyce Wybenga
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Sandra Wybenga
Mr. Gary Wybenga
Mr. Wayne Wyckoff
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Linda Wykstra
Mr. Albertus and Mrs. Joyce Wyma
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Suzanne Wynalda
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Marietta Wynands
Mrs. Karen and Mr. John Wynbeek
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Marjorie Wyngarden
Mr. Richard and Mrs. MaryLou Wynja


Rev. Peter and Mrs. Li Ui Yang
Mrs. Elizabeth Yen
Mrs. Ruth Yeomans
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Melanie Yff
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Joyce Yntema
Dr. Julie and Mr. Jeffrey Yonker
Mr. Chad and Mrs. Lorien Yonker
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Joanne Yonker
Dr. Davis and Mrs. Dorothy Young
Mr. David Young
Ms. Elizabeth Young
Mrs. Marilyn Youngner
Mrs. Marjorie Youngsma
Mr. Kenton and Mrs. Carrie Ypma
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ruth Ysseldyke


Ms. Phyllis Zaagman
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Viola Zaagman
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Marybeth Zaagman
Mrs. Ruth and Mr. Joseph Zalewski
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sally Zandee
Mr. David Zandee
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Patricia Zandstra
Mr. Kent and Mrs. Kristin Zandstra
Mr. Jay and Mrs. Carol Zandstra
Mrs. Thelma and Mr. John Zandstra
Mr. Bartel and Mrs. Kristen Zandstra
Mrs. Julie and Mr. Darin Zaruba
Ms. Ingrid Zeerip
Mr. John Zegers
Mr. William and Mrs. Nancy Zeilstra
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Karen Zeilstra
Mr. Marcus and Mrs. Jessica Zeilstra
Mr. Donald and Mrs. Verna Zeilstra
Mrs. Barbara Zeitter
Dr. Chris and Mrs. Barbara Zichterman
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Anna Ziegler
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Martha Zietse
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Evelyn Zietse
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Bonnie Zigterman
Mrs. Rose Zigterman
Mr. Kent and Mrs. Kathleen Zigterman
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Elaine Zimmerman
Ms. Donna Zimmerman
Ms. Janet Zinnen
Mrs. Janice Zisa
Rev. Laryn and Mrs. Leta Zoerhof
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Beverly Zoerhof
Mr. David and Mrs. Judy Zoetewey
Ms. Evelyn Zoetewey
Mrs. Karen Zoetewey
Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Mynie Zondag
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Mavis Zondervan
Mr. David and Mrs. Marilyn Zondervan
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Karen Zoodsma
Mrs. Mary-Jane and Mr. Benjamin Zubick
Ms. Doris Zuidema
Mrs. Janice and Mr. Douglas Zuidema
Mr. Roy Zuidema
Mrs. Virginia Zuidema
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Anne Zuidema
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ellen Zuidema
Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Zuidema
Mrs. Carol Zuidema
Mr. Delmar and Mrs. Linda Zuidema
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Angelyn Zuidema
Mrs. Linda Zuidema
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Verla Zuiderveen
Mr. Gary Zuiderveen
Mr. Conroy and Mrs. Joanie Zuiderveen
Mrs. Marilyn and Mr. John Zuiderveen
Mr. John and Mrs. Kathleen Zuiderveen
Ms. Mary Zwaanstra
Dr. John Zwaanstra
Mrs. Judy and Mr. Steven Zwart
Dr. John and Mrs. Laurey Sue Zwart
Mrs. Corry and Mr. Melvin Zwart
Dr. Rodger Zwemer
Mr. Clair and Mrs. Elaine Zwiep
Mrs. Myra Zwiep
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Marlene Zwier
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Vicki Zwier
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Julie Zwier
Mrs. Eleanor Zwier
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Joyce Zwiers
Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Judith Zwiers
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Carolyn Zwiers
Mrs. Judith Zwiers Huizenga and Mr. William Huizenga
Captain David and Mrs. Stephanie Zyga
Dr. Uko and Mrs. Jane Zylstra
Rev. David and Mrs. Claudia Zylstra
Mrs. Jane and Mr. David Zylstra
Mr. Daniel Zylstra
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Lisa Zylstra
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Linda Zylstra
Mrs. Sian and Mr. Jason Zylstra
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Elisabeth Zylstra
Mr. Reuben and Mrs. Rachel Zylstra
Mrs. Thelma Zylstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Beatrice Zylstra
Mr. David and Mrs. Phyllis Zylstra
Mr. Gerrit and Mrs. Alida Zylstra