You might be a Calvin alum if...

1. Climbing into your lofted dorm bed was an acquired skill.

2. Your alma mater's athletes are amazing. (Volleyball, anyone?)

3. ...even in non-traditional events. (Cardboard Canoe Races, the Cold Knight Plunge...)

4. You've been in the campus tunnels.

5. In the last week of each semester, you worked non-stop until your last final.

6. ...and turning it in felt this good.

7. You had a fantastic Calvin mentor.

8. You became overly excited for Grilled Cheese Wednesdays and Breakfast Equivalency.

9. You looked like this when the dining hall had your favorite dessert.

10. You were pretty sure this happened behind the scenes at Uppercrust.

11. You did a lot of waving to people you knew as you walked the path. (Seriously, how did I get so many friends?)

12. You “give your five” to support the next generation of Calvin students.

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