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Ways to Give

Area of Greatest Need

Let’s face it. We all need a little help sometimes.

Giving to the area of greatest need is a show of solidarity with the rest of the Calvin community and a promise to be there when students need you most. Support the area of greatest need »

Financial Aid

You make students feel like a million bucks. Even when they don't have a million bucks.

Our community is committed to making a Calvin education affordable. Currently, 95% of students receive financial aid. This is a testament to supporters like you who do not want prospective students to miss out on the Calvin experience. Support financial aid »

Student Life

A safe place to grow. A challenging place to be stretched.

Calvin’s Student Life division has a holistic view of the student experience. Spanning from service-learning experiences to world-famous concerts, Student Life at Calvin offers students a wealth of opportunities to choose from. In faith, fellowship and fun, we celebrate all of the amazing gifts that students bring to campus and provide an atmosphere where those gifts can flourish. Support Student Life »

Capital Improvement and Technology

Every single day, we aim for improvement.

We are committed to seeking God's renewal in our hearts, our minds and our physical campus. Venue restorations, technology upgrades and classroom renovations all create spaces where professors can teach effectively and students can learn deeply. Support capital improvement and technology »

Energy Efficiency

The earth is the Lord’s. Every square inch.

We are dedicated to caring for and preserving God's creation. At Calvin, our respect for creation is an extension of our respect for the Creator. Through the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund, you can help find sustainable (and affordable!) solutions for campus energy. Support energy efficiency »

Faculty Research

Never underestimate the power of discovery.

Side-by-side with faculty, students research cancer treatments, discover stars and publish in renowned medical journals. Faculty research enables our top-notch professors to investigate their passions and bring students along for the journey. Support faculty research »


Singing in the shower. Dancing in the rain. We're all artists at heart.

As a liberal arts college, we find it vital to pursue the arts in every avenue. Whether sculpting ceramics, choreographing dances or producing theatre, Calvin students are instilled with the sense that art is an inherent piece of God’s creation. And in all our endeavors for excellence in the arts, we remember that God is the paramount artist and we are his created. Support the arts »,


It's the little things in life. Team road trips. Beating Hope.

Calvin Knights are different than the rest. Combine a passion for performance with a genuine care for teammates and you’ve created an atmosphere where success goes beyond wins and losses. From volleyball to diving, our awe-inspiring athletes perform to the best of their abilities. Support athletics »


Put a face to a name! Meet student callers from our Phonathon call center, or fulfill a pledge you made over the phone.

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