Be well—mind, body and spirit

In order to make the most of your education at Calvin, you’ll want to find ways to stay healthy in every area: body, mind, and spirit. Calvin provides services in each of these areas—from the talented providers in our Health Services office to the caring staff at the Center for Counseling and Wellness. Additionally, Calvin provides a safe campus environment where you can thrive both as a student and as a person.

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Center for Counseling and Wellness
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Campus Safety office
Official safety notifications, legal information, vehicle registration

Spoelhof Fieldhouse
Students, staff and faculty have many options to stay physically healthy.

In Their Own Words
Remember the primary reason you are here: to receive the gift that is a Calvin liberal arts education. Exercise. I’m serious. It will keep you healthy and stave off the blues that many fresh-people [freshmen] experience.” Kevin Corcoran, Faculty


Healthy bodies

It’s important to stay active and maintain good physical health during your college years (and beyond). With great fitness options and a professional health services office, you’ll have all the tools you need to be well in this busy time of life.

Fitness options

Get fit in Calvin’s 10,000 square-foot fitness center, take a fitness class (e.g. spinning, yoga, zumba) or run the indoor track. Outside you’ll find dozens of athletic fields, tennis courts, a track, and miles of jogging/walking paths. Learn more.

Health Services

Calvin’s on-campus Health Services office can help if you get the flu, need an immunization, or hurt your ankle playing wiffleball. They’ll also be there to help you manage allergies, ADHD, and more. Learn more.

Nutrition Counseling

Schedule an appointment with Calvin’s nutrition counselor, who can help you with healthy eating, food allergies, special diets, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, and sports nutrition. Learn more.


Healthy minds and spirits

College can be a stressful time. That’s why the Center for Counseling and Wellness provides a wide range of free supports to help you cope with difficult life events, reduce psychological symptoms, and be successful in your academic and personal endeavors. Services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Therapy groups to support student flourishing and to address a wide range of struggles, including perfectionism, substance abuse, pornography addictions, and more
  • Psychiatric consultation (fee applies)
  • Artistic expression groups, mindfulness meditation groups, and body image discussion groups
Learn more about the Center for Counseling and Wellness »


A safe place to live and learn

Calvin’s Campus Safety office provides a range of services that create a safe and well-ordered campus environment. From continuous officer patrols to indoor and outdoor video surveillance, you can rest assured that you are protected. For more on safety at Calvin (including a copy of the Clery Act), please see the Campus Safety website »


Other support options

Calvin also provides extensive academic services to make you the best college student you can be. This includes everything from connecting you with a tutor for a specific class to providing an academic coach to help with time management, study skills, and organization. Visit the Center for Student Success and see how they can help you succeed.


Just want someone to talk to in an informal setting? Check out Calvin’s mentoring program »