Enlightening issue

The winter Spark was more than fascinating. Though the people featured in this issue are unfamiliar to me, I found the entire issue enlightening and offering hope for the future. The article about global service communicates an expanding thought process within Calvin College, the report on the work of Margaret Njuguna and Kenya’s children offers insight into life beyond Calvin, and the information about student research projects exemplifies a high level of ingenuity. Of course, the story about Emmy Award winner Kirsten Kelly demonstrates the continued growth of the Calvin community as well.

Carol Lindsay ex’65, Calsbad, California

Geography lesson

I currently serve as the Regional Security Officer for the United States Embassy in Juba, South Sudan, and looked forward to the Spark cover article, only to be dismayed at reading the introduction: In the second sentence, the writer refers to “The Sudan.” Sudan and South Sudan have been distinct countries for more than five years. Referencing the pair or region as The Sudan may have been appropriate prior to Sudan’s independence. However, in the world of diplomacy and relief work, such references are not used, and the two, Sudan and South Sudan, are entirely separate and should be referenced as such.

Albert De Young ’83, Silver Spring, Maryland