Amazing story

I want to thank you for the well-written article about Kati Pohler (“The Steps, the Paper, and a Bridge,” spring 2018). Because I commuted to Calvin for my four years, I didn’t get to know very many “new” people on campus. I do remember Kati’s father, Ken Pohler, and was amazed at this story and what he and his wife have gone through. God uses many ways to remind us that he is in control of all things. With this remarkable reunion, we are again reminded of his great love for us. May we always know that in events great or small, our Savior guides our steps. May we always put our trust in him!

– Gail Hinken Wories ’73

   Lansing, Illinois

Captivating issue

I enjoyed the spring issue of Spark. In particular, I found the article on Debra Freeburg’s production of “The Amish Project” compelling. I know the show and reading the article about the production (“Project: Forgiveness”) made it come alive for me. The design of the piece was also sensitive and effective.

When I turned to the last page of Spark, I got a surge of emotion. There was my dear father (John VandenBerg)—a much younger man than I had said good-bye to over the last year, but utterly familiar and endearing. My family history is thoroughly bound up in Calvin and its traditions and the institution means a great deal to me.

– Patricia VandenBerg ’73

   Sarasota, Florida