Steve Stockman


Steve Stockman hosts his own show on BBC radio Ulster from his home base in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Following two years hosting The Big Top at the Greenbelt Festival in the UK, he is now one of the directors of Greenbelt. Stockman has written songs with the likes of Sam Hill, Horsey Morgan and Iain Archer; published several collections of poetry; and is a regular speaker at Universities, schools, churches, conferences and festivals. On top of all that, Stockman works full time as the Dean of Residence at Derryvolgie Hall, the Presbyterian residential centre at Queen's University in Belfast which houses 88 students and young workers. He is married, unsurprisingly to his wife, Janice (a.k.a. The Badger) and has two children called Caitlin and Jasmine.

iPodic Obedience
What impact does the music on your iPod have on your soul and society? And if The Beatles and Bob Dylan had a part to play in 60s revolution, why has Christian music been revolting rather than fueling revolt? Steve Stockman ups the importance of your music taste and what world formative Christians should be making.