Brent Aldrich


Brent Aldrich is a graduate of the Herron School of Art in his native Indiana. His art practice derives from his experienced landscape in Indiana and the disconnected representations of the land all around. He is currently pursuing community-based art projects, including a public art project with the Arts Council of Indianapolis and curricula for Art and Agriculture classes with Englewood Christian Church, of which he is a member.

Taking Pop Culture Back to the People: The Church as a Catalyst of Local Culture

The effects of several centuries of individualism and several decades of globalization, have served to disconnect us from our neighbors and from the places in which we live. Brent Aldrich, Chris Smith and Ragan Sutterfield will make a case that churches, as communities of God’s people guided by the redemptive mission of God, are not only essential to the reclaiming of the identity of their specific places, but can also serve to nurture a distinctive local culture that is of the people (i.e., popular). Brent, Chris and Ragan will also share stories from our own adventures in embodying this vision of the Church – Ragan as a farmer, Brent as a visual artist and Chris as a community developer and urban naturalist.