Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain


"Crain's inviting blend of country twang and indie-rock earnestness makes it good music for Saturday-night honky-tonking and the lazy, rainy morning after." (NPR)

"Galvanizing every performance, regardless of arrangement, is Crain's sirenlike voice -- a keening instrument that, in terms of timbre and phrasing, is utterly narcotic." (Washington Post)

"For those of you who think Oklahoma hasn’t birthed much musical talent since Woody Guthrie, prepare to be wowed by Choctaw singer-songwriter Samantha Crain.... Crain’s melancholy alto—delicate and tender at times, but always strong enough to deliver her words with conviction—is reason enough to become a dedicated fan." (Performing Songwriter)

Are you convinced yet that Samantha Crain's performance at Ladies Literary Club tonight is worth the $5 Calvin ID ticket price? A small price to pay to discover such wonderful new music--via a live performance, to boot. So come on out. The show starts at 8pm with opening artist Katy Bowser.


Calvin performances

  • Oct 23, 2009; Ladies Lit
    with Katy Bowser, Kenny Hutson and Jake Bradley