Ric Hordinski, aka Monk, is a guitar virtuoso who can make a whole album’s worth of textured guitar soundscapes, but also be one of the band. The latter role is one Hordinski has played with various artists such as Victor Wooten and, most notably, Over the Rhine. As a member of Over The Rhine, Hordinski deepened the band’s sound with his rich guitar work. But now Hordinski is solo, having adopted the moniker Monk, and he and his guitar take center stage.

While Hordinski does sing on some of his songs, his guitar is the primary voice. Similar to Phil Keaggy, a kindred spirit with whom Hordinski has worked before, when you talk of Ric Hordinski you are assuming the guitar in his hands. And Hordinski’s guitar sings beautifully: cinematic melodies rise out of washes of sound. As Monk, Ric Hordinski and his guitar form a chorus of voices greater than the sum of its parts.

Supporting this concert is Calvin’s Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC). Restoring Eden, a Christian environmental advocacy group, will also be present at the show.

- Ben Dixon

Calvin Performances

  • and Daniel Martin Moore
    Oct 22; 7:30pm, Ladies Lit
    $10 public; $5 w/ Calvin ID