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All Sons & Daughters


Once we have looked into the darkness and named it, how do we as Christians emerge from the brokenness and respond to it? That is the question neo-folk inspired band All Sons & Daughters seeks to answer through their music. The music associated with the folk revival, such as Mumford and Sons, has a tendency to acknowledge the darkness that is present in this world while looking for the light, and All Sons & Daughters does just that. Now that we have seen what we are up against, we are given the responsibility to respond to it. This band seeks to find how best to repair the brokenness.

They go about this by offering solutions to the problems that we face without trying to simplify them. This appears in the song “Reason to Sing”, which laments an inability to see past the pain, while realizing that God is still worth our trust and praise because he is still at work. It says,

When the pieces seem too shattered
To gather off the floor
And all that seems to matter
Is that I don’t feel you anymore…
I need to know that you’re still holding
The whole world in your hands
And that is a reason to sing.

Although this song is mainly an examination of the pain of the world and a feeling of separation from God, it recognizes that God’s continued work in this world is enough to give his people hope.

This appears again in their song “Let it Shine”,which acknowledges hurt and shame, but encourages listeners to find the light and use it to banish the dark. It says,

There are a million truths for every lie
So speak it out loud and let it lift high
There are a million reasons to cover your eyes
But the light is shining
Through the darkness we hide

This song recognizes that the darkness that we have seen is present, and that it is easy to get swept away by it, but that it is not the end. Even in the pain of the world, there is hope that we can hold on to.

Through their music and work that they have done outside of it, All Sons & Daughters seeks to find answers and ways to diminish the darkness. When we have encountered the hurt of the world, we are encouraged to remember that it is not the end. There is still a light to be found, but it is our responsibility to seek it and to help spread it.

- Avery Johnson

Calvin Performances

  • October 11, 2013; 8pm, CFAC