Complete your corrections officer training—and transform your career

Are you a new corrections officer in need of 15 college credit hours to complete your training? At Calvin University, we know your job is busy, demanding, and not always flexible. That's why we’ve designed an education program tailored specifically for your needs.

As part of the Calvin University’s Corrections Officer Leadership Cohort, you’ll become a transformational leader, both within and beyond corrections institutions. You’ll gain insights into systemic issues related to incarceration. You’ll contribute to a justice system that provides restoration and be equipped as a leader for the Michigan Department of Corrections and beyond.


  • Meets Michigan Correctional Officer’s Training Council requirements
  • Offers a certificate for 15 college credit hours, credits which count toward a future associate’s or bachelor’s degree
  • Provides career direction with one-on-one guidance from Calvin’s dedicated advisors
  • Uses a combination of face-to-face and online learning for maximum flexibility for the MDOC officer’s variable schedule while ensuring high quality standards
  • Focuses on your success, with individual attention and personalized guidance for each leadership cohort student

Quick facts

  • 8 weeks per course; 3 credits per course; complete 5 courses in less than a year
  • Apply the credit hours you earn toward an online degree
  • Substantially discounted tuition rate for this brand-new program (reduced rate of $400 per credit, though officers who register for the first class beginning on May 3 receive a further discounted rate of $150 per credit for the first two courses)

Apply now

Important note: The Corrections Officers Leadership Program is currently on hiatus, and is not accepting applications at this time. Please check back later for news and updates. Thank you for your interest!

What courses will you take?

Designed to equip you with practical skills needed on the job daily, you will participate in the following classes:

  • First Year Seminar: Start your education with an overview of restorative justice while building the skills you need to succeed in higher education.
  • Ethics: Gain an introduction to moral reasoning and how it plays out in criminal justice.
  • Intercultural Communication: Learn how to communicate effectively with a variety of people, from leaders to peers to prisoners.
  • Social Work: Develop skills and the ability to resolve interpersonal conflict.
  • Leadership: Gain practical leadership skills to use on the job and in your personal life.

Contact us

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