There are many different ways for students at Calvin University to be involved in advocating for and supporting the rare disease community.

  • Camp Casey
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    Camp Casey is a non-profit organization that provides horseback riding lessons to children with cancer and red blood disorders. They provide services across Michigan, often taking horses to families' homes to provide an afternoon of fun activity for the families and friends. Please visit their website, and consider volunteering to help this organization.

    • Energy for Life Walkathon
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      EFL Walkathon is a fundraising event of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation that brings individuals and families affected with mitochondrial disease together to raise awareness and money for critical research needed to find effective treatments and cures. Find a walk near you or consider organizing your own.

      • Rare Disease Symposium
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        This symposium brings together community members affected by rare diseases, healthcare professionals that treat rare disease, researchers who study rare diseases, and those interested in learning more about how to support people affected by rare diseases. Find out more about how you can contribute.