There are many different ways to be involved in Rare Disease Research.

Summer research opportunities

Every year, we hire students to do research in our lab for 10 weeks over the summer. Find out more about on-campus summer research opportunities.

Rare disease research during the year

Even if it doesn’t work for you to do research with the Rare Disease Research group over the summer, there are other opportunities for you to contribute to rare disease research at Calvin. Our research projects are integrated into:

  • Genetics (BIO 321) with Professor Wilstermann
  • Biochemistry Lab (CHEM 383L) with Professor Baker
  • Physiological Systems (BIO 230L) with Professor Caulfield

Help with the Rare Disease Symposium

Interested in helping plan and run the next Rare Disease Day symposium? Find out more at our symposium website.

Other local research labs

Visit our local researchers page to learn more about other Rare Disease research projects happening in the West Michigan area.