Basic information
  • Dates: Feb 2017 – present

Team science is a collaborative research effort that leverages the strengths and expertise for researchers from a variety of fields to tackle important and challenging scientific questions.

Team science at an undergraduate college or university

Team approaches to science are valued in the broader scientific community. As biological problems become more complex and require multidisciplinary approaches, team science offers opportunities to extend the impact of individual scientists. Team science also offers attractive strategies for doing research in a small college environment, prioritizing efficiencies in space, time, and money, increased productivity, and mentoring. If you would like to explore if this type of project might work for your setting, please feel free to contact us.

Using Christian practices to improve team outcomes

A scientist’s approach to doing science is informed by culture, beliefs, and values. As researchers at a Christian university, we wonder what the culture, values, and practices of our faith can add to the team approach to science. Christians have been thinking about how to live and work in community for centuries and we believe that Christian perspectives and established practices can inform conversations about how to do team science well. We are exploring key observations and insights obtained from visits and discussions with Christian living communities across the country and considering their applications to team science conducted at Calvin University.

Financial support for research

We are grateful for the financial support we have received from:

  • Kuyers Institute
  • Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship
Rachael Baker Research
Christian practices have value for the team science field as it currently stands, but they can also be used to better equip the next generation of scientists to solve complex scientific problems. More broadly, in community, as Christian scientists and scholars, we have the opportunity to live out a scientific practice shaped by a vision of the Kingdom.Rachael | Project Leader