Calvin talks to a lot of high school students. But we can't talk to all of them.

What could happen if anyone felt equipped to talk to the high school students they know—the students who want to think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly as Christ's agents of renewal in the world?

Every Calvin alumni, parent, student and teacher knows a high school senior who would benefit from Calvin’s “heart and mind” education. Consider connecting with that student in an informed and relevant way and encourage them to apply to Calvin.

We all need to Recommend Calvin.


We need your help

Our gift to you

After you've started this conversation, let us know about it and we'll send you a gift if this student is someone we don't already know:

  • Current students will receive a coupon for a free burrito at the conveniently located MOE'S restaurant on the East Beltline 
  • Alumni, parents, faculty and staff will receive a pair of those spiffy Calvin socks if this student is someone we don't already know

Are you an alumni teacher?

Thank you, alumni teachers, for the important work you do to open hearts and minds to God’s word and world!

If you are a Calvin alumni high school teacher, we’d love to know where you teach and if you are willing to promote Calvin in subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways. The Recommend program has a special “alumni teacher form” that alerts us to you and your high school and gives you the chance to ask for Calvin promotional gear for your classroom.