For the first time, Calvin’s Zuidema soccer field will be available after dusk for men’s and women’s soccer, lacrosse, track and field, and other events, thanks to new lights that are scheduled to be installed by early September.

Evening competition will allow sports schedules to flow more smoothly, and students won’t have to miss class. Family members, friends and community members will be able to more easily attend events outside of typical work and school hours. Jim Timmer, Calvin athletic director, believes this change will also make spectating more accessible and exciting for Calvin students.

“The time change [of the competition] will allow students to stay for the game instead of having to leave early or come late, which is typical now,” Timmer said. “We’re hoping this will bring more excitement and an overall better atmosphere to sporting events.”

It’s expected that the $400,000 light project, funded by donors, will be installed in time for Homecoming 2017, when there will be a tailgater and a doubleheader of men’s and women’s soccer.