In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Calvin’s Center Art Gallery is hosting “Stirring the World: Printmaking in the Age of Martin Luther.” The exhibit features more than 75 works, includes original prints, woodcuts and engravings by prominent artists from 16th-century Germany.

The exhibition addresses a variety of Reformation-era concerns: the imminent end of the world, the growing power of woman, and the dangerous presence of witches and demons.

The exhibit also incorporates paintings of Luther, including a Lucas Cranach portrait from 1520, and books, including first-edition Martin Luther texts.

“People should come to the exhibit to learn more about the Reformation, which defined the identity of most, if not all, Protestants,” said Henry Luttikhuizen, the exhibit curator. “If the idea is that we, as Reformed Christians, are always reforming, we have to know what we’re reforming.”

The exhibit runs Sept. 5 to Oct. 14 and is free and open to the public.