Rhea Van Heest Arnold ex’45
Dec. 6, 2015, Zanesville, Ohio

Robert Baker ’51
June 19, 2016, Byron Center, Mich.

Thelma DeWeerd Bergsma ex’60
April 4, 2016, Zeeland, Mich.

Syne Bierma ’48
May 27, 2016, Hudsonville, Mich.

Winston Boelkins ’52
March 27, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Ivan “Ike” Boerman ’59
May 24, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

William Borst ex’56
Jan. 11, 2016, Kirkland, Wash.

Jean Estie Bosman ex’48
March 14, 2016, Lynden, Wash.

Lorraine Bossenga ’49
April 18, 2016, South Haven, Mich.

Marilyn DuMez Brill ex’48
Dec. 10, 2015, Oostburg, Wis.

James Bultman ’50
May 3, 2016, Kalamazoo, Mich.

William Camping ex’48
Feb. 22, 2016, Norco, Calif.

Eleanore Ploeg Chapel ’50
Sept. 3, 2015, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Silas Cheuk ’62
March 25, 2016, Valparaiso, Ind.

Silas was a Distinguished Alumni Award winner in 2014.

DeMaris “Debbie” Ostrander Childs ’62
Dec. 10, 2015, Ceresco, Mich.

Lillian van Baalen Coppock ex’39
July 29, 2015, Lake Oswego, Ore.

R. Jack De Vos ’51
May 7, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Alma Vander Lugt De Vries ex’57
Sept. 3, 2015, Mokena, Ill.

Henrietta Kornelis DeWaard ex’47
April 24, 2016, Ferndale, Wash.

James De Young ’53
April 23, 2016, Sanborn, Iowa

Harriet Van Der Puy Fisher ’48
April 26, 2016, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Roger Greenway ’55
April 30, 2016, Rockford, Mich.

Jeanette “Jenny” Bult Grooters ’64
April 27, 2016, Empire, Mich.

Glen Haan ’62
April 27, 2016, Rockwood, Tenn.

Senetta Helder Havinga ex’43
June 14, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Wilhelmina Kalsbeek Hiemstra ex’51
April 9, 2016, Prescott, Ariz.

June Boersma Holtvluwer ’47
June 1, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Thomas Holwerda ’63
May 1, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tom Hoogeboom ’62
June 4, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Nicholas Huizenga ’50
June 19, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

William Huizingh ex’37
March 18, 2016, Scottsdale, Ariz.

George Jager ’65
June 30, 2016, Cutlerville, Mich.

Phyllis Mulder Klyn ’64
May 24, 2016, Jenison, Mich.

Sophie Terpsma Koolhaas ex’43
June 14, 2016, Ripon, Calif.

Ronald Korthuis ex’58
Sept. 12, 2015, Lambertville, Mich.

Henderik “Henry” Munneke ’61
April 14, 2016, Mounds View, Minn.

Hal Ravesloot ex’52
May 26, 2016, Longmont, Colo.

Grace Staal Reyneveld ex’50
Oct. 29, 2015, Ripon, Calif.

Eleanor “Non” Kieft Rycenga ex’41
Aug. 31, 2015, Grand Haven, Mich.

Raymond Schapp ex’41
Jan. 13, 2016, Beresford, S.D.

Lorraine VanderWel Schoolland ’65
March 17, 2016, Ripon, Calif.

Howard Schuitema ’52
June 11, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

William Schultze ’45
Nov. 17, 2015, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Gordon Stuit ’51
Oct. 19, 2015, Albuquerque, N.M.

David Spyker ex’64
June 11, 2016, Holland, Mich.

Leonard Sweetman

Leonard Sweetman

Prior to coming to Calvin College as a professor in 1964, Leonard Sweetman Jr. had been a pastor and a missionary in Japan. But it was the quarter of a century that Sweetman spent as a professor of religion at his alma mater that was the best part of his career, said his son Bob Sweetman.

“He loved Calvin,” said Sweetman of his father, who passed away on July 31, 2016. “He pinched himself every day that he got to be at Calvin. They gave him a chance; they gave him a home, a work home. He felt like his work at Calvin was what he was put on this earth to do.”

Bob Sweetman added that throughout his career, Leonard Sweetman had a deep conviction that his church and his college should mirror the justice and peace of the Lord they existed to serve.

Sweetman graduated from Calvin College in 1948, attending on the G.I. Bill, and then Calvin Seminary in 1951. Over the years, he received additional formal education at Union and Hartford seminaries, and at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Sweetman is survived by his children, Angelique (Clarence) Dottery, Robert Sweetman (Rosanne Lopers), and Nora (Steve) Cooper; nine grandchildren, 12 greatgrandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

Jack Tromp ’48
June 27, 2016, Lake Odessa, Mich.

Carl Van Appledorn ’59
April 29, 2016, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Marlys Weg Van Beek ex’58
Oct. 20, 2015, Belgrade, Mont.

Norma Brink Van Beek ex’52
June 8, 2016, Lynden, Wash.

Peter VandeHaar ’64
June 29, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Martin Vanden Berg ’50
May 29, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tom Vanden Bosch ’54
March 31, 2016, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Albertha “Birdie” Den Herder Vander Broek ’49
Aug. 29, 2015, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Agnes Oppenhuizen Vander Molen ’34
March 14, 2016, McBain, Mich.

Helen Vanderveen ’58
May 19, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

James Vander Velde ’61
March 4, 2016, Plymouth, Ind.

Wilma Nonhoff Van Dyk ’59
June 26, 2016, Ontario, Calif.

Helen Sikkema Van Harken ’53
April 2, 2016, Waldwick, N.J.

Earle Van Heyningen ’43
June 23, 2016, Holland, Mich.

Vernon Van Heyningen ex’43
Sept. 28, 2015, Seattle, Wash.

Paul Van Kooten ’48
May 29, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jane Kuipers Veenstra ex’46
May 5, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Richard Venema ’51
Nov. 30, 2015, Helena, Mont.

Clarence Vos

Clarence Vos

For Clarence Vos, his life’s work was serving the church. It’s something he did from the pulpit and the lectern. He served in the pastorate of nearly 20 churches and on the Calvin College faculty for 20 years.

On July 28, 2016, Vos died at the age of 95.

After serving in the Air Force during WWII, Vos completed his degree at Calvin College in 1947 and Calvin Theological Seminary in 1950. He later received his master’s of theology from Westminster Theological Seminary.

In 1961, Vos joined the Calvin faculty, where he served as a professor of Bible. In 1963, Vos took a leave of absence to pursue his doctoral degree in Old Testament at the Free University of Amsterdam. He returned to Calvin in 1968, where he taught as professor of religion and theology until his retirement in 1985.

During his time at Calvin, Vos focused his teaching and scholarship in such areas as biblical studies, Reformation theology and Old Testament. He developed several challenging interim courses combining Old Testament insights and contemporaneous issues such as hunger, poverty, justice and worship.

Vos is survived by his wife, Jeanne; children: Timothy (Mary) Vos, Paul (Kerri) Vos and Carol (Jeff) Bremmer; and four grandchildren.

Elizabeth “Marie” Nieuwdorp Warmels ex’41
May 10, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Luella Menninga Warnshuis ’53
Feb. 24, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Marilyn Wezeman Webster ’66
May 9, 2016, Lowell, Mich.

Wilmer Witte ’48
May 10, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

David Wright ex’58
June 23, 2016, Caledonia, Mich.


Patsy Holleman Bode ex’68
Nov. 7, 2016, Puyallup, Wash.

James Cooper ’69
Dec. 14, 2015, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Margaret Sypkens Eldridge ’68
Aug. 21, 2015, St. Petersburg, Fla.


David DeVries ’76
May 14, 2016, Byron Center, Mich.

Susan Eldersveld ex’70
May 1, 2016, Chicago, Ill.

Harlan Sipma ’71
March 21, 2016, Pipestone, Minn.


Julie Brinks Holtrop ’89
May 3, 2016, Silver Spring, Md.

Tom Hooyer ’86
May 4, 2016, Arvada, Colo.

Everett Kuiper ’82
Jan. 15, 2016, Racine, Wis.

Wilma Vander Helm Vande Guchte ’83
June 17, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.


Elisabeth Diepersloot Schnitzler ’94
Feb. 13, 2016, Visalia, Calif.


Brian Genzink ’08
July 12, 2016, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Vicki Schofield ex’00
March 30, 2016, Aurora, Colo.

Andrew Vache ’05
June 26, 2016, Baltimore, Md.