Rachel Zylstra ’02 said that her fourth recording, The Tacit Turn, “deals in unsettled stories—of faith crisis, of mitigated heartbreak and of blunt desire, of dawdling around in the pursuit of one’s calling and of accepting and attending to what is, versus what can’t be and what should have been.”

After 10 years living and performing in New York City, she is living life on the road, playing shows large and small to present her music. She has also compiled Songs on Faith and Doubting, a collection of theologically bent originals and new hymn arrangements, which she plays in churches, schools and other ministry settings.

Zylstra said The Tacit Turn “is a deeply personal album, and each of these true tales and occasional fabrications can be attached to real mess-ups, heightened hopes, moments of clarity. It’s very late 20s/early 30s, very unmarried, very scrambling, very living in the big city. I had a passing anxiety before I released it that I was telling too much.”

There’s more on the artist and her music at rachelzylstra.com.