Thank you to Anne Zaki

Thank you for the interview with Anne Zaki, a remarkable young woman with a coherent sense of the world, inspiring and encouraging. God bless her and her family.

Tom Eggebeen ’66
Los Angeles, Calif.

German language and American football

I identified with Eunice Meyer Vanderlaan’s letter to the editor [“Another non-Dutch president,” fall 2012]. Her father and my dad were best of friends in Renville, Minn., and Emden and Bunde Christian Reformed churches were German communities. In fact, my twin brother and I had to be taught English when we began first grade because we only knew the Plaat Duitsch that was spoken in the home.

In those early days, there was much discussion about whether German or Dutch should be a language to hold on to for one of the worship services, as the other one would be in English. When German was not selected, families who lived near our Emden country church actually drove by it to go to Bunde, where German was to be maintained. Now, we look at it as “straining at the gnat and swallowing the camel,” but for those folks it was very real and almost considered as tampering with God’s Word, literally.

Also, I found very satisfying Calvin postponing the football decision. I really believe that more research needs to be done, especially with the increased information about major injuries. Obviously, there are not easy answers, but it is so much wiser to make fully informed decisions before beginning a season of college football. While there must be lots of pressure, I am confident that Calvin will make the wisest decision. Something for the new president to tackle, right?

George J. Groen ’59
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

ReCommending in 1950

Re: “ReCommend ONE,” fall 2012 issue

Enclosed is a cute picture I took in 1950 in Bellflower, Calif., when I was home during the Christmas break from Calvin during my senior year.

I bought Christmas presents for all my nieces—Calvin T-shirts, of course! Pictured are Anne Marie Fridsma Danhoff, age 3 (top of mailbox), and her sister, Joyce, age 2 (in the mailbox). Anne Marie later became a member of the Calvin Class of 1969. Do you think the T-shirt put her on the path to Calvin?

Coby Fridsma Cok ’51
Grand Rapids, Mich.

A life celebrated

Thank you again for the kind words in the Spark (“Swimming the Channel for Uncle Wally,” fall 2012). You did a wonderful job showcasing my uncle, the Chicago Diabetes Project and the swim. It has been humbling to have people all over the country contact my family and me because of the thoughtfully written article.

I also wanted to let you know that my Uncle Wally passed away at the end of September. A memorial service was recently held, and it was wonderful celebration of his life with dear family and friends. Though we are all sad that he is no longer with us, we are thrilled that he is finally healthy. He will never need another shot, break another bone or encounter another malady. We are even more thrilled to know that he is with God, praising Him. Nothing could be more perfect.

Thank you again for being a part of my swim, and for inviting the rest of the Calvin community to join me. I truly appreciate what you did for me and for my family.

Marian Cardwell ‘11
Wheaton, Ill.