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Arts Collective FAQ

Engage with a community that thinks deeply about how art can transform lives, inspire justice, and improve the world around us.

  • Author: Staff (Michal Rubingh, Hannah Smith, one-pager writer)
  • Published: March 16, 2020
  • Author: Staff (Michal Rubingh, Hannah Smith, one-pager writer)
  • Published: March 16, 2020

The Arts Collective (formerly Artist Collaborative) is a selective two-year program for incoming students who have a passion for the arts. When you join the Arts Collective, you’ll be part of a community that takes classes together, studies abroad together, and connects with the arts in Grand Rapids together. It’s a perfect opportunity for students who want to look at issues of justice and reconciliation through the lens of art.

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

Do I have to major in art to be part of the Arts Collective?

Not at all! Student Carlisle Patete explained that “the students in the Arts Collective are not necessarily art majors, but they are interested and invested in the arts. The melding of all these perspectives together makes for some really interesting art.”

Are there any field trips?

Yes! Travel abroad with your fellow collaborators on a three-week interim course to a destination such as Ireland or Indonesia. You’ll immerse yourself in the art and culture of the area, explore the intersection of social justice and the arts, and create responsive work with others. 

How can I connect with the arts in Grand Rapids?

As a member of the Arts Collective, you’ll discover the vibrant arts scene in Grand Rapids by attending events together each semester. You’ll work with others to create and present artwork that meaningfully contributes to conversations on current issues—locally and globally.

Explore the arts in Grand Rapids

How will the Arts Collective help me discover my purpose as an artist? 

In the Arts Collective, you’ll take courses that ask big questions about what it means to create as you grapple with ideas about faith, vocation, and calling. Together you’ll study visual culture, creative thinking, arts entrepreneurship, and leadership.

“We talk a lot about truth, reconciliation, and social justice, and that’s so important right now,” shared Carlisle. “I enjoy talking about those kinds of things, and I enjoy art, so fitting those two together is right up my alley.”

How else can I get involved in the arts at Calvin?

Calvin offers a wide range of arts-focused programs, events, and leadership roles for students like you. Whether you want to create, explore, appreciate, or support, Calvin has you covered.

We invite students to dwell together in the presence of God, one another, and the art we create. Calvin is host to over 100 concerts, films, exhibitions, plays, and other arts events throughout the year as part of the Create.Unite.Renew initiative.

  • Author: Staff (Michal Rubingh, Hannah Smith, one-pager writer)
  • Published: March 16, 2020


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