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We want to connect you to the business world as soon as possible. That’s why stepping into real businesses in Grand Rapids is part of your curriculum.

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  •   Author: Michal Rubingh interviewed Taylor Asfour
  •   Published: October 2, 2019
  •   Categories: Academics, Alumni
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Taylor Asfour is an auditor for Crowe LLP. Here’s what he shared about his experience as an accounting major at Calvin:

How did you discover that accounting was the right fit for you?

One important turning point for me was getting an internship at an accounting firm. It’s easy to think that a certain career is for you just by taking the classes and hearing about the job, but until you actually get out there and do it, you never really know. Going through that and succeeding in it gave me a lot of confidence that I had chosen the right career.

How were you connected with real-world experiences before you graduated?

There were numerous times in my business classes when we’d do projects for actual companies. And we’d get to actually present in front of them. I can honestly say that every time was quite intimidating. I didn’t feel qualified to be presenting in front of professionals, but it helped build my confidence.

How were you mentored during your time at Calvin?

Professor Marilyn Stansbury was my advisor from day one, and she had a tremendous impact on my time at Calvin. She helped guide me to where I am today. One thing that I really appreciated about her is how she truly advised me. She encouraged me to start studying for the CPA exams while still in school. And she would help me think about what I really wanted to do with an accounting degree and weigh the pros and cons of different classes or firms with me.

What do you do now? 

I am an auditor for a public accounting firm, Crowe LLP, that’s in downtown Grand Rapids. The cool thing about auditing is that every day is different and you are always working with different clients with unique businesses. Because of this variety, you learn A LOT in auditing and learn it very quickly. I plan on continuing my career as an auditor and becoming a more effective team leader. Eventually, I would love to take everything I’ve learned to a leadership role in a smaller, private organization.

What do you think is a strength of the business department at Calvin?

I know one huge perk of Calvin’s business department is the smaller classroom sizes—I was often in classes of fewer than 20. This made the entire experience much more personal, and it helped me develop strong relationships with my classmates. They are still some of my best friends today because of it.

  •   Author: Michal Rubingh interviewed Taylor Asfour
  •   Published: October 2, 2019
  •   Categories: Academics, Alumni


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