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Dance to your heart’s content

At Calvin you will seek academic excellence at a world-class university. You can also follow your dreams towards dance with the many amazing opportunities across our campus.

  •   Author: Jessica Hewitt
  •   Published: September 27, 2019
  •   Categories: Academics
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Dance Minor Showcase

The annual Dance Minor Showcase celebrates dance minor students and their accomplishments. This event gives dancers a chance to express the knowledge and gifts they’ve gained through their courses and practice sessions.

Individual dance courses

Choose to engage in a wide assortment of creative dance classes ranging from sacred dance to modern and social dance styles. You can even take square dancing! You’ll find many different dance classes available to you throughout the year—as a part of your academics or just for fun!

Dance Guild

Dance Guild is the largest student organization at Calvin, offering creative expression for anyone. You will experience a new culture in each performance and gain friendships that will last a lifetime. Many students also discover doors opened to them through their Dance Guild journeys. Some have even found leadership positions, becoming costume coordinators or media managers for the group.


Rangeela, which means “colorful” in Hindi, is the epitome of cultural experience at Calvin. The event adorns the stage once each year in the early spring. Students take the stage to represent their individual countries with a unique dance performance. Each routine incorporates elaborate costuming and choreography that enriches the Calvin dance experience.

Our Daily Dance Crew

Our Daily Dance Crew, or ODD, believes dance is a gift God wants us to explore. They encourage everyone to give it a try. The crew works on dance routines focused around hip-hop and breakdancing.

Dance Marathon

Participants in Calvin’s Dance Marathon dance to help people in need. As a member, you’re not only experiencing the creative arts, you’re also supporting a good cause. You may dance to raise money for kids in the Helen Devos Children's Hospital or another group in need of support. With this crew, you know your dancing makes a difference.

Chapel and L.O.F.T services

If you feel a calling to ministry, Calvin's Chapel and L.O.F.T services may be the place to exercise your creative talents. You’ll express God's divine message of joy and peace through the art of movement.

Calvin’s Got Talent

Our campus wouldn’t be the same without Calvin’s Got Talent! This event celebrates skills and performances of every type. It also offers the chance to express your dancing dreams. Every year, students choreograph creative routines with their friends for this event.

  •   Author: Jessica Hewitt
  •   Published: September 27, 2019
  •   Categories: Academics


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