Community water pump, Sudan

As heath care changes are implemented, opportunities for careers in public health are expected to grow over the next ten years. At Calvin, you’ll not only be trained in big-picture health concepts, but also in specific areas based on your career goals. A degree in public health can lead to job opportunities including:

  • Research epidemiologist
  • Health educator
  • Community health worker
  • Legislative policy advisor
  • Restaurant inspector
  • Occupational health and safety technician
  • Communications specialist
  • Federal environmentalist
  • Tropical disease specialist
  • Public health lawyer
  • Nutritionist
  • Nurse educator

Preparing you

A degree in public health at Calvin will equip you to go directly into the workforce—or, to take the next step with a graduate degree. Upon graduation from Calvin, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply biostatistical skills to address population-wide needs.
  • Assess how biological, psychological, social and cultural factors impact disease production and health promotion. Then, think through how to minimize and prevent that disease.
  • Understand public health from a global perspective in developing countries.