At God’s Table/하나님의 식탁

At God’s Table/하나님의 식탁

Basic information

  • Author(s):
    • María Eugenia Cornou
    • Carrie Steenwyk
    • John D. Witvliet
    • Joel Schoon-Tanis (Illustrator)
  • Published: January 15, 2018
  • Publisher: CICW Books an imprint of Calvin College Press
  • Page count: 40
  • ISBN: 978-1-937555-27-6
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At God’s Table/하나님의 식탁

This bilingual children’s book (Korean/English) explores the richly symbolic practice of the Lord’s Supper as a multi-faceted event that nourishes our faith and stirs our imagination to see the gifts of grace and signs of God’s ongoing work in our lives and God’s world.

한국어와 영어, 두 언어로 쓰여진 이 그림책은 여러 풍부한 상징들로 가득 차 있는 우리의 성찬 예식에 대해 탐구합니다. 이 책은 성찬 예식이 어떤 다양한 의미들을 가지는지, 또 어떻게 우리의 믿음을 성장하게 하는지 살펴보며, 성찬 예식이 과연 지금도 우리 삶과 온 세상 가운데 일하시는 하나님의 은혜의 선물의 상징임을 우리가 보며 상상할 수 있도록 도와줍니다.

The illustrations are also available for purchase as digital files, individually or as a complete set.


"At God’s Table is a great help to parents and an engaging gift to young children. The mystery of the Lord’s Supper is something children sense from the earliest years of congregational worship with the family of faith. This vibrantly illustrated and thoroughly biblical explanation of this sacred meal will help build anticipation as well as understanding for children participating at any level of sacramental practice and denominational breadth. The bilingual text is helpful for building a sense of the world-wide reality of the Christian church and the guide for parents included in the back of the book helps build the engagement of children with the supper over a good span of time without being complicated. The real depth and strength of the book is how the Lord’s Supper is connected creatively with the whole of Jesus’ ministry in a look-n-see manner. I heartily recommend this book for helping parents in the pew engage their children in approaching sacramental practice in the church with faith and wonder." 
—Robbie F. Castleman, author of Parenting in the Pew (IVPress)

"I am enthused about the book At God's Table, It has the rare virtue of being able to serve as a children's book and as a catalytic for many a profound adult conversation. And—an even rarer virtue—it is likely to provoke and sustain many a cross-generational discussion in which children can participate jointly with adults. Try using it!"
—Justo L. González, Methodist historian and theologian. He is a prolific author and an influential contributor to the development of Latino/Latina theology

"At God’s Table has many beautifully sketched, full color pictures that tease out multiple layers of meaning for the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist and salvation. The words in this children’s book are few, but they, too, pack layers of meaning. This is a theologically sound ecumenical book that can be used in many contexts to teach many things about the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist. The picture search challenge at the end of the book is captivating and will certainly hold children’s attention while teaching them new insights about important Bible stories that bear on salvation. A children’s book? My bet is that many adults will enjoy this book, too!"
—Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S., author of Worship with Gladness: Understanding Worship from the Heart

"At God's Table is a beautifully illustrated and written children's book that is sure to help families better understand the rich meaning and appreciate the great gift of the Eucharist."
—William H. Johnston, Ph.D., University of Dayton

"This book offers a wonderful invitation to children and adults alike to engage with the Lord’s Supper. Bright illustrations, warm colors, and down-to-earth verse all make this an incredibly appealing introduction to one of our most powerful acts of worship—eating bread, drinking the cup, and receiving God’s love and triumph over our fears, trials, and death itself. And don’t miss the final pages where the book creatively connects this story to the rest of scripture through pictures that will send kids hunting for biblical stories hidden in the pages just read."
—Bonnie Miller-McLemore, author of Let the Children Come: Reimagining Childhood from a Christian Perspective and In the Midst of Chaos: Care of Children as Spiritual Practice

"As parents of small children and pastors of a multilingual congregation we believe every culture ought to hear of the magnificent gift of grace in their native language. In En la mesa de Dios/At God's Table, we have a powerfully illustrated and beautifully told narrative that inspires a new generation of disciples to embrace the power and grace of the Lord's Supper."
—Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero, Co-Founders of National Latino Evangelical Coalition, Pastors of Calvario City Church.

About the Author

María Eugenia Cornou is program manager for international and intercultural learning at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. She recently completed her Ph.D. in theology with the Free University of Amsterdam. She is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Carrie Steenwyk is children's ministry director and lead curriculum writer at Harderwyk Ministries in Holland, Michigan. She teaches at Kuyper College and edits for several publishers, including the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. With CICW, she has been co-editor for the Church at Worship series, and co-author of At Your Baptism.

John D. Witvliet is director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and professor of congregational and ministry studies, music, and worship at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, respectively. He is co-editor of Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship, with Joyce Borger and Martin Tel (Brazos Press and Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2012).

About the Illustrator

Joel Schoon-Tanis has written and illustrated several books (recently 40: the Biblical story), painted murals around the world (including Kenya, Zambia, the Separation Wall in Palestine), and painted nearly a gazillion paintings in his career. In 2016 one of these was presented to the Pope.


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