Faculty and Professional Research


Indicator species characterization and removal in a detention pond in the Plaster Creek Watershed

Luke Vander Meer, Katherine DeHeer, Joseph Mellinger, Sarah Gibes, Bradley Paasch, Julie Wildschut, William L Miller, Sheng-Yang He, Kelly N DuBois
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Relative Success of Native Plants in Curb Cut Rain Gardens

Ana Singh, Jonathan Walt, Patrick Jonker, Rachel Warners, and David P. Warners
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Stomatal Conductance and Reed Canary Grass Suppression of Native Michigan Trees

David E. Martinez Vasquez, Martin L. Vanderschoot, and David P. Warners
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Rate of Transpiration Across Different Species Over 3 Years

Ana Singh and David P. Warners
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Plaster Creek Bacterial Monitoring and Source Tracking Project

Randall DeJong
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Plaster Creek Hydrology Study

Julie Wildschut
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Biological Surveys of Selected Lower Grand River Streams

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Water Resources Division
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A Summary of Three Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Studies of Plaster Creek

YeaEun Lee and David P. Warners
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BMP Planning to Address Urban Runoff Plaster Creek Watershed SUSTAIN Pilot

Tetra Tech Inc., 2012
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Biological Survey of Plaster Creek

State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources Water Quality Division Biology Section
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