Consider balancing the environmental impact of your trip through a contribution to the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund.

Many everyday activities, such as using air conditioning or driving, produce greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. Travel, including off-campus program travel, academic conferences, and personal trips, is a significant source of additional greenhouse gasses. A passenger flying from Chicago to London, for instance, generates 2.8 tons of carbon dioxide—more than an average car generates in 6 months!

You can offset the impact of these emissions with a donation to an environmental cause, such as the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF). This fund, created in 2009, improves energy efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emission on Calvin’s campus.

When calculating your carbon offset donation, consider the following examples:

Trip CO2 Emissions (tons) Suggested Donation
Grand Rapids to Britain 2.8 $70
Grand Rapids to China 5.0 $127
Grand Rapids to France 3.1 $79
Grand Rapids to Ghana 4.3 $109
Grand Rapids to Honduras 1.5 $37
Grand Rapids to Hungary           3.5 $88
Grand Rapids to New Mexico .9 $24
Grand Rapids to Netherlands 2.9 $73
Grand Rapids to Peru 3.0 $77
Grand Rapids to Spain 2.8 $71
Grand Rapids to Thailand 6.5 $164
Grand Rapids to LA 1.3 $37
Grand Rapids to New York .4 $11.50
Grand Rapids to Dallas .6 $17.30
Grand Rapids to Washington D.C. .4 $10

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