Policies and forms

Find out how much you can spend on meals per day, how much to tip doormen and what to charge to your corporate account when you travel for Calvin. View Calvin’s travel policies and forms.

Planning your business-related travel

Calvin is partnered with CWT to meet your business travel needs. When possible, for individual reservations, travel should be set up on the MyCWT mobile app or via MyCWT online. If you are not comfortable booking on the app or online, or if you have a travel need involving a guest to Calvin, more than one traveler, or a student, please contact Calvin’s travel agent.

If you have traveled for Calvin before you should have a travel profile already set up at www.mycwt.com. Once you are at the website, if you are a first time user you will need to Register (not sign in). To register enter your Calvin email into the registration section and then an email will be sent to you with direction for logging in. Registration will not work if you do not have a travel profile currently set up.

If you have not traveled for Calvin before, you need to have a profile set up. Please contact CWT and ask to be set up with profile.

Travel by car or train

If your destination is relatively close to Calvin, so that the cost of driving is less than that of flying, consider renting a car or taking Amtrak.

Book a vehicle or train via MyCWT or contact travel services for assistance.

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Travel using your own vehicle

You may use your personal vehicle for college travel if your trip does not exceed these day and mileage limits:

Days Miles
1 125
2 251
3 377
4 502
5 628
6 753
7 879
8 1,004
9 1,130
10 1,255
11 1,381
12 1,506
13 1,631

Calvin’s policy on traveling with your own vehicle »


Document mileage, beginning and ending location, parking fees, road tolls and any other expenses directly related to your trip in your Travel Expense Report.


Anyone using a personal vehicle at any time for college-related travel must carry the following as minimum insurance coverage on their personal vehicles:

  • Liability: $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence, and
  • Collision: standard, with $500 deductible liability insurance on their personal vehicles.

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