While there are many options available to Calvin staff and faculty for business travel, Calvin also has a partnership with CWT to meet your business travel needs. CWT provides essential tools that assist you in planning, booking and managing your business travel.

  • MyCWT mobile app – download the app to your device by searching the App Store or Google Play for MyCWT (formerly CWT To Go), and install.
  • MyCWT online – visit mycwt.com and sign in with your calvin.edu email address
  • Phone: 763-923-6505
  • Email: travel.mi.us@contactcwt.com

Download MyCWT

Calvin employees save money, time, and effort on travel!

MyCWT is the highest-rated travel management app on the market today. Download it free on iOS and Android – including Fire tablets – to save time on your next trip.

Baggage fees: In light of the fact that airlines are now charging for checked luggage for domestic travel, the university will pay for the first piece of checked luggage for all standard business travel. Please pay attention to weight limits on luggage because the university will not cover any “over the limit” weight fees. Please remember to keep your receipts for reimbursement. (Students traveling for semester and interim abroad programs are responsible for their own baggage fees.)

Travel services
Web: mycwt.com