Video Game Sphere

In keeping with the mission of Calvin College to recognize the lordship of Christ over all things, the Video Game Sphere seeks to bring a Christian worldview and insight into the world of video gaming.

Video gaming is a popular pastime at Calvin. It is also a major aspect of our culture and as Christians we have a responsibility to engage, participate in and create the culture around us. We must also take it upon ourselves to discern the good and the bad of gaming. Our mission is to approach video gaming from a Christian viewpoint and analyze what it means to be a Christian gamer while avoiding the common danger to merely condemn video gaming as evil. We offer our knowledge and our love of video gaming to the larger Calvin community in order to create a space for dialogue about the value and delight that playing video games has to offer. Through video gaming events, we hope to challenge and support students on their way to a fuller understanding of the importance of video gaming. We gather. We game. We engage.

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John Williamson

John Williamson

Research and Program Coordinator
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