September 2012


September 18

Nicole Bromley "Our Little Secret"

Research suggests 1 in 4 women in America is a victim of sexual assault in her lifetime. Author, speaker, and survivor, Nicole Bromley is returning to Calvin this fall to tell her story about the 'little secret' of sexual abuse. Nicole's story is one of painful honesty, truth-telling, courage, and hope. Join us, and be part of a Christian community that makes a difference!

Nicole is founder and director of ONEVoice Enterprises

Cosponsored by SAPT, Residence Life and Campus Ministries

8:00 p.m.

September 26

Carol Simon "Bringing Sex into Focus: The Quest for Sexual Integrity"

Carol Simon, professor of philosophy at Hope College, MI, describes six different lenses through which our culture views sex and sexuality: covenantal, procreative, expressive, romantic, power and "plain sex." Guided by a virtue ethic, she applies those lenses to a variety of sexual scenarios, helping us to see what filters we run issues of sexuality through and how, properly ordered and weighted, they can help us achieve sexual integrity. Carol develops a holistic, biblical sexual ethic that brings into focus the bewildering array of cultural sexual presentations we're surrounded by every day.

Professor Carol Simon specializes in ethics, with an emphasis on the use of narrative in moral reflection. She publishes under her full name, Caroline J. Simon. Her most recent books are Bringing Sex into Focus: The Quest for Sexual Integrity, and Introduction to Ethics: A Reader. She is also the author of The Disciplined Heart: Love, Destiny and Imagination and has published many articles on moral knowledge, virtue ethics, friendship and sexuality. She also oversees the Office of Teaching and Learning at Hope College.

Cosponsored by the philosophy department, Gender Studies, Residence Life and Campus Ministries

Listen to the audio here.

7:00 p.m.
Recital Hall

September 27

The Invisible War

Join us for a public screening of the award-winning new documentary The Invisible War. Hailed as a groundbreaking investigation into what Newsweek has called "the most underreported crime in America," the documentary reveals the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military and exposes the humiliating choice many service members are forced to make between speaking up and serving their country. Nonpartisan and fair minded, The Invisible War exposes these devastating crimes and calls for long overdue political and cultural change. (US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta viewed the film in April and almost immediately announced policy changes regarding the handling of cases of military rape). All are invited to the screening, which will be followed by an informal discussion (with refreshments) in the Bytwerk Theater lobby. Sponsored by Calvin Gender Studies, Department of Political Science, and SAPT.

7:00 p.m.,
Bytwerk Theater

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October 4

Till Porn Do Us Part?

Grand Rapids couple Dave and Sara Hoekstra speak frankly about the effects of porn on their marriage, and a Calvin student shares his perspective. Q&A to follow.

Cosponsored by Campus Ministries and Residence Life.

Listen to the audio here.

7:30 p.m.

October 11

Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence "Female Embodiment: Madison Avenue vs. Christian Theology"

This image-packed presentation explores the messages we receive about the female body from the fashion and advertising industries, and from popular culture, and brings them into conversation with important themes in Christian theology.

Consponsored by Residence Life and Campus Ministries

7:00 p.m.
Alumni Board Room

October 17

Film "Miss Representation"

In a society where media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms, the collective message that our young women and men overwhelmingly receive is that a woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader. While women have made great strides in leadership over the past few decades, the United States is still 90th in the world for women in national legislatures, women hold only 3% of clout positions in mainstream media, and 65% of women and girls have disordered eating behaviors.

This 2011 documentary by Jennifer Siebel Newsom includes stories from teenage girls and provocative interviews with politicians, journalists, entertainers, activists and academics, like Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem.

Discussion after the film facilitated by Elisha Marr, Sociology
Cosponsored by SAO, Residence Life, Gender Studies, and Campus Ministries

7:00 p.m.
Commons Lecture Hall

October 24

Exploring Life Choices: A Women's Discussion Panel

Daunted by the options you face regarding career, education, service, marriage, and family? Women of all ages wrestle with these realities and how they shape our lives. Come and hear the stories of women whose lives have followed different paths, whether by choice or by circumstance. Ask hard questions, and explore your own hopes and possibilities for the future.

The panel includes: a woman who quit her teaching career to be at home with her children, a woman who job-shares with her husband, a single woman who still faces these choices about marriage and family, a woman with a prestigious career in Fortune 200 companies, a woman who raised her children and went on to a career, a woman who completed her M.Div. over a course of 10 years, a woman who never had children, a woman who awaits adoption.

Panelists: Theresa Heethuis, Nyna Sykes, Nicole Parker, Aminah Bradford, Linda Naranjo-Huebl, Ebonie Atkins. Refreshments are provided!

Sponsored by the Calvin College Mentoring Office and the Sexuality Series

3:30 p.m.
Alumni Board Room
October 31

Sexuality Series Chapel

The Sexuality Series Advisory Team will lead chapel on the theme of what we lament and what we celebrate about our sexuality.

View the video here.

10:00 a.m.

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November 7

LGBT Survey Presentation

In fall 2011 the Sexuality Series conducted a survey of current students to take the pulse on attitudes to sexual orientation, questions of faith and sexuality, and Calvin's climate for LGBT students. Julia Smith, Sexuality Series Director, and Mark Vander Heide, Sexuality Series Programming Assistant, will present key data from the survey. Join us to learn more about students' perceptions of and engagement with LGBT people and issues.

Sponsored by the Sexuality Series and Residence Life.

3:30 p.m.
Meeter Center Lecture Hall

November 19

Singled In

In 2008 there were 104 million unmarried Americans, representing over 45% of the adult population. Most of us will live singly for stretches of our lives, even if we get married. The Sexuality Series invites you to join six Calvin students and staff members for a discussion on living well in the single seasons of our lives.

With Justin den Ouden, Jeremy Smith, Rebecca Laarman, Laura de Jong, Susan Datema, and Bart Tocci, and moderated by Bob Crow.

3:30 p.m.
Meeter Center Lecture Hall

November 30

Everybody's doing it: shining the light on sex, relationships, and abortion in the Church

Tony Campolo is the keynote speaker for this day conference on sexuality and the church.

  • Session 1: We have met the enemy and he is us: promiscuity and abortion in the church, Tony Campolo, Ph.D.
  • Session 2: Our kids are dying to have sex, Kelly Kaight, M.A.
  • Session 3: How "playing house" damages family and the church, Tony Campolo, Ph.D.

Cost: $15 (includes lunch)
Register: or call (616) 259-1522
Location: Living Word Christian Center, 1534 Kalamazoo Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Sponsored by Alpha Women's Center, Lakeshore Pregnancy Centers, Muskegon Pregnancy Services, and the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Rapids.

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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January 9

"Half the Sky" documentary (Part 1)

Description: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide is a four-hour PBS primetime documentary film and national broadcast event inspired by the widely acclaimed book of the same name by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

Filmed in 10 countries, the series follows Nicholas Kristof and celebrity activists America Ferrera, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Gabrielle Union and Olivia Wilde on a journey to tell the stories of inspiring, courageous individuals. Across the globe oppression is being confronted, and real meaningful solutions are being fashioned through health care, education, and economic empowerment for women and girls.

The linked problems of sex trafficking and forced prostitution, gender-based violence, and maternal mortality — which needlessly claim one woman every 90 seconds — present to us the single most vital opportunity of our time: the opportunity to make a change. All over the world women are seizing this opportunity.

Part 1: gender-based violence, sex-trafficking, education

Cosponsored by the Social Justice Coalition, INTRO, Sociology, Philosophy, International Development Studies, and Gender Studies.

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

January 10

"Half the Sky" documentary (Part 2)

Part 2: maternal mortality, forced and generational prostitution, economic empowerment

Cosponsored by the Social Justice Coalition, INTRO, Sociology, Philosophy, International Development Studies, and Gender Studies.

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

January 17

LGBT Survey Results (Repeated from November 7, 2012)

Presentation by Julia Smith and Mark Vander Heide

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center 115 (Choir Room)

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February 5

"Transforming the LGBT Conversation: Ten Practical Tips for Christlike Dialog"

At very late notice, Justin Lee is providentially able to present tonight's talk in person instead of on video! He will lay the groundwork for a healthy conversation in the church about homosexuality.

Justin Lee is the founder and executive director of The Gay Christian Network (GCN), a nonprofit, interdenominational organization serving LGBT Christians and those who care about them. Justin grew up as a conservative evangelical, preaching against homosexuality until questions about his own sexuality forced him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. Today, he focuses on building bridges between those who disagree. He has been featured in numerous print, radio, and television venues including Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Headline News, The Washington Blade, OUT magazine, the LOGO network, the Associated Press, and a front page article in The New York Times. Justin co-hosts the popular podcast GCN Radio and speaks frequently at conferences, churches, and college campuses. His first book, "Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate" has just been published.

Cosponsored by SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Awareness)

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

February 6

"Transforming the LGBT Conversation: Part II"

Tonight we'll be showing the second video of a two-night presentation given at Pepperdine University by Justin Lee and Ron Belgau. In the video, Justin and Ron explore two different perspectives on what the Bible says about homosexuality. There'll be an opportunity for discussion after the video, led by Calvin College Chaplain, Mary Hulst.

Justin Lee is the founder and executive director of The Gay Christian Network (GCN), a nonprofit, interdenominational organization serving LGBT Christians and those who care about them. He is the author of "Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate."

Ron Belgau teaches philosophy of religion and philosophy of the human person at St. Louis University. He has served on the steering committees for Bridges Across the Divide and the Seattle Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Ministry, as a group leader for Multifaith AIDS Projects, and as leader of The Gay Christian Network’s celibacy support forum.

Cosponsored by SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Awareness)

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

February 6 (For 6 Weeks)

Men's Discussion Groups: What does it mean to be a man in today's culture?

Free Lunch!

Honest talk about how our families, faith, culture, and media have shaped our ideas about being men

Wed 12:30pm, HH 468
Led by Associate Chaplain Aaron Winkle

- and -

Wed 12:30pm, student senate meeting room
Led by Broene Counselor Rick Baez

Email Aaron or Rick to sign up.

Aaron's Group
HH 468

Rick's Group
Student Senate Meeting Room

February 6 (For 6 Weeks)

Honest Conversations for Women

We know men and women are equal, but often our experiences and choices can look pretty different. This six-week discussion group is about being female--what does this actually mean? How has our view of femininity been shaped by our family, friends, the media, and our faith? How do we navigate dating, marriage and singleness? Groups meet at different days and times. Contact Mentoring Coordinator Lisa Jousma for details.

Space is limited - email to sign up.

Cosponsored by the Mentoring Office

Where: TBD

February 13

Intersex: Neither Male Nor Female, God Created Them

Professor Bouma (biology) will give a presentation about intersex - the general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.

Refreshments provided.

Sponsored by SAGA

Where: Commons Lecture Hall

February 27

Doing Marriage Well

A panel discussion of what makes for a healthy, successful marriage. Three couples share their stories and advice.

This promises to be a varied and interesting discussion covering communication, gender roles, marriage as hard work vs. finding your "soul-mate", challenges of having and not having children, how couples fight well, the realities of divorce and second marriage, and navigating a cross-cultural relationship.

Cosponsored by the Broene Counseling Center and Campus Ministries

Refreshments provided.

Where: Meeter Center Lecture Hall

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March 1-2 and 7-9

Look Me in the Eyes: Stories of Intimacy and Sexuality

The play Look Me In The Eyes: Stories of Intimacy and Sexuality is an honest, challenging exploration of interpersonal intimacy and sex's place within it. As a piece of ‘verbatim theater,’ the script consists entirely of the words of people who were interviewed for the project – in this case eleven members of the Calvin community (students, alumni, and faculty) who spoke about their life experiences pertaining to intimacy and sex.

Look Me In The Eyes is produced and directed by David Ellens. There will be an optional talk-back session after each performance. All performances are free and non-ticketed. The play is produced in partnership with campus ministries and gender studies.

7:30 p.m.
Gezon Theater

March 6


Join the Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT) as we testify to God's work in the lives of survivors of sexual assault. Listen with us, as we break the silence and hear five stories from the Calvin College community. For more information related to SAPT visit The Sexual Assault Prevention Team's web site.

10:00 a.m.

March 7

LGBT Panel

Calvin students and friends tell their stories of dealing with sexual difference.

Sponsored by SAGA, the Sexuality Series and Gender Studies

7:00 p.m.
Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

March 27

Men's & Women's Groups Joint Lunch Discussion

A mixed-gender follow-up for students who participated in the men's and women's discussion groups.

Cosponsored by the Broene Counseling Center and Campus Ministries

12:30 p.m.
Alumni Boardroom

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April 17-18

Flag Display for Sexual Assault Awareness

This week the Sexual Assault Prevention Team (SAPT) will be creating a flag display on the Commons Lawn, applying the national statistics on sexual assault to our community. The flags will serve as a visual representation of how many students, faculty, and staff at Calvin may be impacted by sexual assault in their lifetime. Members of SAPT will be at a table near the display throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday (weather permitting). At the table you can find out more information, learn about resources, and find out how you can be involved.

Sponsored by the Sexual Assault Prevention Team

Commons Lawn

Thursday, April 18

Sexual Assault Prevention Prayer

Come and pray with us as we lift up those in our midst who have been impacted by sexual assault, and as we seek God's direction on prevention and care for our community.

Sponsored by the Sexual Assault Prevention Team


Commons Lawn

Monday, April 22

Ilonka: A Singer's Story of Sexual Abuse and Restoration

Join us to hear the story of Ilonka Deaton, South African recording artist and sexual abuse survivor. Ilonka was a pop star in South Africa at age 12. She endured five years of rape and abuse at the hands of her manager, who, when she finally found the strength to fight back, destroyed her career. Her journey led her to the States, and through more agonizing setbacks Ilonka eventually found hope and healing in Jesus. She now speaks and sings around the country at conferences and women’s groups.

Ilonka will also be singing for this event, and there'll be refreshments provided.

Sponsored by the Sexual Assault Prevention Team, Sexuality Series, and Student Activities Office


Meeter Center Lecture Hall

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Thursday, May 2

A Woman's Work is Never Done: Wilderness, Labor, and Apprenticeship

Don't miss the on-campus talk by Calvin Alumna ('95) Christine Byl, whose new book Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods just released April 16, 2013. The book is "a lively and lyrical account of her unlikely apprenticeship on a national-park trail crew and what she discovers about nature, gender, and the value of hard work.

Sponsored by the English Department, Gender Studies, and Sexuality Series.


CFAC 222

May 9, 10, and 11

The Laramie Project

In October 1998 Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming. Five weeks later, Moisés Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie, and over the course of the next year, conducted more than 200 interviews with people of the town. From these interviews they wrote the play The Laramie Project, a chronicle of the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder.

The performance at Lowell High School is directed by Calvin senior Tyler Baas in conjunction with his teaching practice.


Lowell High School