Please check the appropriate box that describes the rationale for why you are choosing to appeal.*

To determine whether the original hearing was conducted fairly in light of the charges and evidence presented, and in conformity with prescribed procedures giving the complaining party a reasonable opportunity to prepare and present evidence that the Student Conduct Code was violated, and giving the responsible student a reasonable opportunity to prepare and to present a rebuttal of those allegations.

To determine whether the decision reached regarding the responding student was based on substantial evidence, that is, whether the facts in the case were sufficient to establish that a violation of the Student Conduct Code occurred.

To determine whether the sanction(s) imposed were appropriate for the violation of the Student Conduct Code which the student was found responsible. To consider new evidence, sufficient to alter a decision or other relevant facts not brought out in the original hearing, because such evidence and/or facts were not known to the person appealing at the time of the original hearing.

Please e-mail any statements or other information that supports your appeal to Sarah Visser at or Martin Avila at

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