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New Yorker
Rostam Batmanglij Defines His Musical Identiy

On the Vampire Weekend co-founder’s début solo album, “Half-Light,” he mingles elements of his American upbringing with the textures of his Iranian background. “Because of who I am, and how open I am, there’s something inherently political about just writing love songs,” — by Hua Hsu

New York Times
25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going

A wide variety contributors dissect the soundtrack informing today's zeitgeist—for better and for worse.

What Sincerity Looks Like (Chance the Rapper)

Sometimes pop culture seems completely prepackaged and professionalized, so when somebody steps out and puts on a display of vulnerability, trust and humility, it takes your breath away. —by David Brooks

Julien Baker Bravely Confronts Her Traumas and Fears

Julien Baker’s second album, “Turn Out the Lights,” moves beyond inner turmoil and takes on a wider perspective. —by Jon Pareles

Christianity Today
‘Blade Runner 2049’ Finds Hope Within Its Bleak Dystopia

Denis Villeneuve's ambitious sequel is a life-affirming spectacle of noir and neon. —by Joel Mayward