Community built to last

Each residence hall has built a lasting relationship with a local organization. The partnership is facilitated by two of your fellow residents called Community Partnership Coordinators (CPCs).

Students and organization members work closely together to plan activities (both one-time and weekly) and ensure that both groups needs and expectations are being met. CPCs also work with their residence hall’s Community Life Council (CLC) to help coordinate other opportunities for service-learning, civic engagement, and social justice. These include participating in the ACCESS county-wide food drive each October, (re)Vision days, and the annual service auction to raise money for the hall's partner organization.

The Residence Hall Community Partnerships Program received the 2017 Best Practice Award from the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values! Read more here!

Find your residence hall below to see who your hall is partnered with and who to contact to get involved.

Explore hall partnerships

  • Boer-Bennink

    Boer-Bennink with Cook Library Center

    This is a privately funded library of the Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities program that serves as an after school center for youth from nearby schools. We have a Cook Library Scholars Program where we serve 36 students with homework help, enriching programs, leadership activities, and family engagement. Building relationships with the children is emphasized, so come help with homework, read, play games, and make new friends.


    Community Partnership Coordinators

    • Kassandra
  • Bolt-Heyns-Timmer

    Bolt-Heyns-Timmer with Madison Square Church

    The vision of Madison Square Church is that we would be a diverse community following Christ together. Therefore besides diverse and Christ-centered worship and opportunities for people to go deeper in their relationships with Christ and with each other, at Madison, we also intentionally focus on racial reconciliation, multi-cultural living, being a part of our neighborhood community, and community development. BHT students have the opportunity to be a part of all of these different areas through Sunday morning worship, Wednesday night classes about racial reconciliation and community development, and being part of programs such as Bible Club, tutoring, and lunch buddies at Dickinson Academy, Madison Girls, and Cadets, which allow us to build relationships with our Madison neighbors.

    Madison Square Church

    Community Partnership Coordinators

  • Beets-Veenstra

    Beets-Veenstra with Ready for Life

    The Horizons program works with mentally impaired adolescents and adults by providing weekend activities and programs, such as outings, games, activities, and parties.

    Ready for life

    Community Partnership Coordinators

  • Kalsbeek-Huizenga-VanReken

    KHVR with Supper House

    North End Community Ministry's NE Supper House program offers a hot meal to approximately 175 people every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Come to help in the kitchen, serve the meal, do crafts with kids, or simply enjoy fellowship over a meal with the families who attend.

    Ready for life

    Community Partnership Coordinators

  • Noorderwier-VanderWerp

    Noorderwier-VanderWerp with Oakdale Neighbors

    Oakdale Neighbors is a Christian community development organization. Its goal is to create a neighborhood of grace and vitality by discovering, developing, and connecting skills and resources. We see ourselves as a community, building community, within a community.

    Oakdale Neighbors

    Community Partnership Coordinators

  • Rooks-VanDellen

    Rooks-VanDellen with Baxter Community Center

    A longstanding partnership exists between Calvin and the Baxter Community Center. Help continue the tradition by lending a hand. This program provides child care services to families in the neighborhood surrounding Baxter. The children are always eager to meet new Calvin students.

    Baxter Community Cetner

    Community Partnership Coordinators

  • Schultze-Eldersveld

    Schultze-Eldersveld with Schools of Hope

    Schools of Hope is an after school literacy ministry for 1st-3rd graders. Students from SE will get to build relationships with the students through the year as you help them improve their reading.

    Community Partnership Coordinators