• Who can I talk to confidentially about what happened?

    On campus, you are able to talk to counselors at the Center for Counseling and Wellness, Health Services and Campus Ministries.

    Off campus, go to Pine Rest or the YWCA to speak to someone confidentially. You can also call the 24-hour Campus Conduct hotline at (866) 943-5787.

  • I'm a mandatory reporter and a student disclosed an incident to me. What should I do?

    As a mandatory reporter, you have a responsibility to let someone know about the incident. You can email a Safer Spaces coordinator at saferspaces@calvin.edu or contact a coordinator personally. While you cannot guarantee that you will keep information confidential, you can assure the student that they can request that nothing is done about the incident and their information will be kept private to those directly involved in the case.

    Coordinator contact information

  • Is what happened serious enough to report?

    If something is negatively affecting you or your ability to study or work, it is worth reporting. We often tend to downplay the impact of negative experiences, but Calvin has the resources to help relieve stress from a negative experience and resolve an issue, regardless of its severity. The Safer Spaces coordinator who will respond to your report is trained in what qualifies as sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment or retaliation and will determine whether the incident fits under Safer Spaces at a meeting with you. If it does, they can discuss potential next steps with you.

  • Is Calvin really going to do anything about the situation if I make a report?

    Calvin acts by fully investigating every reported incident and is committed to working towards a fair and impartial resolution that aligns with your vision for the investigation. After you report an incident, a Safer Spaces coordinator will contact you for a meeting to discuss your options in pursuing an investigation. Before contacting the other party, your preferences for the investigation will be discussed and you will be updated throughout the investigation process to make sure that it is being conducted in a way that respects your experience.