In Calvin’s residence halls, you’ll find a vibrant community–a place of Christian discovery and faith formation. Our leadership includes 15 professional staff members, nearly 70 paid students and more than 100 student leaders volunteers. Our different roles, faith journeys and experiences all contribute to the on-campus housing environment here.

Resident Directors

The Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time, non-student staff members living in the hall who supervise the overall operation of their residence hall communities. They are responsible for enacting Residence Life’s mission within the halls. RDs act as advisors to the RAs and student leaders as well as promote adherence to community expectations. They administrate the staff and services of the reception desk and are available to assist, counsel and advise individual residents.

Resident Assistants

The Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who live on each floor. They are well acquainted with the facilities and services at Calvin and are trained to help residents navigate college life and assist with challenges that may arise. Each one has demonstrated a desire to share their knowledge and experience with others in order to encourage them in their personal and spiritual growth. RAs are responsible for enforcing policies in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to studying and Christian community.

Social Events Teams (floor-focused events)

Social Events Teams (SET) are composed of a small group of first- and second-year students and the floor RA. The team plans floor outings and activities with the purpose of building relationships and developing a floor identity. Participating in the SET can be an excellent way to get involved with hall leadership and positively impact your community.

Community Life Council

The Community Life Council (CLC), facilitated by the Resident Director, is composed of Resident Assistants, the Barnabas team, Cultural Discerners (CDs), Multicultural Activities Coordinators (MACs), Community Partnership Coordinators (CPCs), Sustainability Coordinators (SCs), Academic Help Ambassadors (AHAs) and the Residence Hall Executive Team (RHET). CLCs exist to embody the “ta panta” concept: that all of our work is interconnected and directed at the goal of student learning and growth towards discipleship in God’s all-encompassing kingdom. The CLC model puts a high value on community and partnership. All of this happens to better support God’s redemptive work on earth and the overall mission of Calvin College.

  • Residence Hall Executive Team (all-hall events)

    The Residence Hall Executive Team is made up of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and publicity coordinator. The team is selected in the spring and serves their hall the following academic year to implement community-building events for the hall. Examples of RHET programs:

    • September – Chaos Day
    • September/October – community retreat (collaborative effort with CLC)
    • October – hay ride/square dance
    • February – Siblings Weekend
    • April – hall banquet
  • Barnabas

    Campus Ministries hires a volunteer staff of Barnabas members who are responsible for providing weekly community worship and empowering small groups for Bible study, prayer, accountability and/or a book study.

  • Multicultural Activities Coordinators

    The International Student Development hires volunteer staffs of MACs to engage residential communities in the areas of cultural engagement. Empowered by their Student Development mentor, MACs serve as liaisons between campus-wide programs (UnLearn week, Rangeela, International Treasure) and residential communities.

  • Cultural Discerners

    The Student Activities Office hires volunteer CDs to engage residential communities in the areas of cultural discernment. Empowered by their Student Development mentor, CDs serve as liaisons between campus-wide programs (movies, concerts, etc.) and residential communities. CDs also facilitate discussion around popular culture: movies, concerts and new albums.

  • Community Partnership Coordinators

    The Service Learning Center hires volunteer staffs of CPCs. These students have committed to organizing residence hall service-learning partnerships with community organizations. Each residence hall has a unique partnership, ranging from tutoring to daycare to ESL to afterschool programs to playing games with those with special needs.

  • Academic Help Ambassadors

    Student Academic Services hires a volunteer staff of Academic Help Ambassadors to help students practice academic faithfulness, achieve academic success and maximize their learning. In order to accomplish this, AHAs serve as a resource to students to direct them to academic offices, help them with time management and study skills, and work to create an environment where study is valued.

  • Sustainability Coordinators

    Residence Life hires a volunteer staff of Sustainability Coordinators to promote creation care in the halls. SCs attend SC meetings, assist with the planning of Mad Farmer Food Fest and Kill-a-watt, support campus events related to sustainability and encourage sustainable lifestyle practices.