Principles and Forms for Class Observations

Classroom Teaching Observations: Principles to Consider (by Ann Singleton, Union University)

Classroom Observation Form: Sample | Template
(developed by Ann Singleton, Union University)

Teaching Observation Report (DOC | PDF)
(adapted from Calvin Education department's form for secondary-education observarions)

The Peer Review of Teaching Project (PRTP) provides faculty with a structured and practical model that combines inquiry into the intellectual work of a course, careful investigation of student understanding and performance, and faculty reflection on teaching effectiveness. (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)

Observation for Summative (Evaluative) Purposes
(North Carolina State University) Summative evaluation describes activities that are conducted to gain information needed to make personnel decisions such as promotion, reappointment, tenure, or comprehensive review of tenured faculty relative to teaching performance.

Observation for Formative (Developmental) Purposes (North Carolina State University) Formative evaluation describes activities that are to provide teachers with information that they can use to improve their teaching. The information is intended for their personal use, rather than public inspection.

Peer Review of Teaching: Summary of Best Practices (North Carolina State University)

Post-Observation Meeting, c/o Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR)

Peer Visit/Observation Programs

Ideas for Teaching Portfolios

Teaching Portfolios: an Overview (Claudia Beversluis, Calvin College)
Advice on constructing a portfolio and guidelines for drafting a reflective statement.

Peer Review of Teaching Project's Portfolio Collection (University of Nebraska at Lincoln):

Portfolios within the Peer Review Process (PRTP)
Topics addressed include: Benchmark Course Portfolio, Inquiry Course Portfolio, and Creating a Course Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio Resources (University of Chicago Writing Program)

Other Development and Evaluation Instruments

IDEA Center (Individual Development and Educational Assessment) at Kansas State University

Faculty Inventory: Inventories of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education

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