The Award

Past recipients

2017 Recipient

Congratulations to John Witvliet (Congregational & Ministry Studies; Calvin Institute of Christian Worship), the recipient of the 2017 Collaborative Change Award:

John is probably best known for his work with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. His vision has shaped the institute from its founding; his collaborative spirit has brought many people into the work of the CICW, people from the college and seminary, from congregations and denominations--professionals and lay persons, faculty from nearly every department in the college. Under John’s leadership, the CICW has furthered its mission to promote the scholarly study and practice of Christian worship and to renew Christian worship across the globe.

Purpose of the Award

The Teamwork Award recognizes the positive effects that teams of colleagues can have on shaping the professional, academic culture of Calvin College. Many of ways in which faculty teach, conduct research, offer service, practice collegiality, mentor students and colleagues, and so on, have their origins in the work of small groups of people who developed a vision and dedicated themselves to implementing that vision.


This award is open to groups comprised of college faculty or staff or both. The groups may have been formally established and given a clear mandate or informally gathered around a common interest. Examples include a committee (standing or ad hoc), a reading group, leaders of a summer seminar, etc. This is not necessarily an annual award.

Selection Criteria

Award recipients will have initiated and given traction to some idea that resulted in changes and improvements that eventually became part of the college culture and landscape. The award will be based on the following criteria:

  • The group will be found to have effected clear and lasting change in the professional practices of Calvin College faculty and staff.
  • The group members will have devoted at least a full year to working together to develop concepts and plans and to implement change.

Although preference is given to cross-disciplinary changes, major changes that take place within a department will also be considered.

Process for Selection

The dean for institutional effectiveness will take the lead in soliciting possible nominations from all members of the Academic Council. In looking for appropriate nominations, council members will look for noteworthy changes that have been in effect for a number of years, changes that can be traced back to a group of people. In consultation with the provost and the Academic Council, the dean for institutional effectiveness will present a slate of up to three groups of colleagues who might merit the award to the Professional Status Committee. The Professional Status Committee will select the award winners by December 1.

Past Recipients


  • Claudia Beversluis
  • Bruce Berglund
  • Martin Bolt
  • Crystal Bruxvoort
  • Kristin DuMez
  • Herb Fynewever
  • Jennifer Holberg
  • Jim Jadrich
  • Irene Konyndyk (now emerita)
  • Mike Stob
  • Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk
  • Julie Walton, Dean Ward