The term “first lady” has historically referred to the female spouses of heads of state. Over the years that title and its counterpart—“first gentleman”—have trickled down to the spouses of governors, business leaders and even university presidents. However, the spouse of the Calvin University president prefers that this title be reserved for the rightful occupant of the White House and chooses to be known by her name: Andrea Nelson Le Roy.

Andrea takes seriously her role as spouse to the president of Calvin University, but understands that her purpose is to empower and encourage every member of the campus community. She is convicted by the call to serve the university wholeheartedly, as she walks alongside others to do the same. She sees her work at Calvin as a partnership with her husband, Michael, saying: “We have the best job in the world, celebrating Calvin’s story and the way that it influences people.”

Andrea is a follower of Jesus who encourages others to see God at work daily. Andrea’s bachelor’s degree in religion (Taylor University) and master of education degree in developmental psychology (Vanderbilt University) informed her years of service in social work, where she journeyed with women and children coming out of homelessness, families seeking stability, and young adults overcoming barriers to success.

Andrea and Michael have three adult children, son Dana, and daughters, Hannah and Astrid. They enjoy traveling as a family to hike, ski, camp and backpack. Andrea trained the family dog, Gus, who is a favorite around campus.

While Andrea forgoes the title “first lady,” faculty, staff and students look to her as a person of significant influence, always among the first to encourage, educate and empower the campus community.