International PASSPORT is a six-day program designed for new, international students, as well as adult family members. It takes place just before the school year begins. International PASSPORT eases the transition to North American culture and introduces new students to Calvin.

Dates & Schedule


Saturday, August 25 – Thursday, August 31.

International PASSPORT begins with breakfast at 8 a.m. on Saturday, August 25. We suggest students plan to arrive on campus on Friday, August 24 to avoid any issues when Orientation starts the next day. Please do not plan to arrive before August 24. Housing is NOT available before August 24.


View a tentative schedule for International PASSPORT.

Register online using your Applicant Status page

If you need to make changes to your orientation registration, fill out the Orientation Changes webform.


A $450 orientation fee will be charged to your student account in early September. This fee covers costs associated with orientation, with the majority covering meals.

More information

What to expect

Calvin’s orientation programs have three objectives

  • Introduce you to Calvin's purpose, people, and programs
  • Help ensure your smooth transition to college
  • Prepare you academically for your years at Calvin

International PASSPORT is designed along two tracks—one for you and one for your family members. You’ll attend a few of the sessions together. Here’s a sampling.

Participate in

  • Academic advising and placement tests so you can plan your fall schedule
  • Campus worship and group activities
  • Trips to places such as Lake Michigan, a nearby mall, and downtown Grand Rapids

Learn about

  • Calvin’s core curriculum and your major
  • The cultural transition to American academic and social life
  • Setting up your banking and managing your finances
  • Living in the residence hall or off-campus

Hear from

  • Calvin’s President
  • A panel of faculty members
Before you arrive
  1. Register yourself and your family members for the program on your Applicant Status page
  2. Pay your enrollment deposit, if you haven’t already
  3. Be sure you have received three confirmation emails from the Campus Involvement and Leadership Office:
    • Two weeks following your registration
    • One month prior to International PASSPORT
    • One week prior to International PASSPORT
  4. Fill out your travel arrival form if you need us to pick you up from the airport, bus station or train station.

Travel Plans

Please plan to arrive on Friday, August 24. Our first orientation program will begin on Saturday morning, August 25. If necessary, someone from Calvin can pick you up from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport or Grand Rapids bus station.

Please note that you will need to find your own transportation to Grand Rapids if you fly into Chicago or Detroit. The most convenient way is by a connecting flight. It is not recommended to take a taxi, as it is very expensive.

We are sorry, but no on-campus housing is available prior to August 24. If you arrive before August 24, you will need to stay at the Prince Conference Center or other accommodations at an additional expense. Be sure to make reservations in advance. As soon as you know your travel plans, let us know by submitting the travel arrival form.

Checking In

Upon arrival follow the road signs to the residence halls. Make your way to the Knollcrest Circle where you'll check in and receive:

  • Resource packet
  • Room assignment (if staying on campus)
  • Personalized schedule


For Students:

You will move into your permanent dorm room on August 24 (first day of International PASSPORT). Please note that housing is NOT available before August 24.

For Parents:

See our Parents and Family International PASSSPORT page for information.


All meals are served in Knollcrest Dining Hall and require your International PASSPORT nametag for entrance. Meals begin at lunch on Friday, August 24 and continue through Thursday, August 31.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to attend International PASSPORT?

Students with citizenship outside of the U.S. or Canada and here on student visas must attend International PASSPORT. It is optional for permanent residents or U.S. or Canadian citizens who have lived abroad for much of their lives.

If I am an American/Canadian who has lived abroad, how do I know whether I should attend PASSPORT IV or International PASSPORT?

If you identify strongly with a non-American culture, then International PASSPORT is probably the right choice as there are several workshops on cultural adaption and more help given with setting up for life here in the U.S. However, if you are quite comfortable with the American culture and would just like an opportunity to meet with others like you, then PASSPORT IV might be a good choice as there will be an evening where you can meet with other “third culture students” and then later, all the new international students.

How do I register?

Register online using your Applicant Status page.

How much does International PASSPORT cost?

The total cost is $450. Regular PASSPORT is $250, and there is an additional $200 for students attending International PASSPORT.

When should I arrive?

We strongly suggest that you plan to arrive on campus on Friday, August 24, as there are several important orientation activities scheduled for early next day: a trip downtown, campus tours, and setting up your Banking. International PASSPORT officially begins with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 25. Housing is NOT available before August 24.

What if I want to arrive early?

International PASSPORT housing begins Friday, August 24. If you arrive before Friday, you must make your own arrangements for accommodations. Programs for International PASSPORT will begin on Saturday morning.

How do I get to Calvin?

If you are arriving at the Grand Rapids airport (Gerald R. Ford International), train station, or bus station, Calvin will make arrangements to pick you up. Any other city is too far for us to pick you up. You may want to look into connecting transportation. Please complete the travel arrival form. When you get to campus please come to the Knollcrest Circle for registration.

Where will I stay and eat?

Students will move and stay in their permanent dorm rooms throughout the orientation program. Meals will be provided in the Calvin Dining Hall or by outside vendors.

When do I find out who my roommate is?

If you submitted your housing form before May 1, you will find out your roommate in July. Those who applied after May 1 will receive notice in August. For questions, please contact the housing office at or (616) 526-6120.

When will I be able to move into my permanent residence?

You will move in the first day of International PASSPORT on Friday, August 24.

Can my parents attend International PASSPORT?

Yes, they are certainly welcome to accompany you. Parents follow their own schedule, which includes special workshops and presentations designed just for them. We have parent programs from Aug. 25, but they are very casual, get to know other parents, and sparse. The rigorous parent program starts on Wednesday, Aug. 29 and ends Thursday morning, Aug, 30. However, none of the parent programs are mandatory, and thus many parents come and go as their schedule allows.

What about my younger siblings?

There are no events specifically designed for younger siblings. They may find parent sessions to be uninteresting and following around their older sibling may be awkward. This decision is left to the discretion of the parents. Please be aware only two family members are included in the orientation fee. There is an additional $50 fee for each additional family member.

Where will my parents stay?

Parents must find their own accommodations. We recommend that parents stay in the Prince Conference Center, a hotel owned and operated by Calvin College. The parent rate is $99 a night. If you would like to make a reservation and receive this rate, you need to call the Prince Conference Center, which is open 24 hours a day. Specify that you are coming for “International PASSPORT” and indicate that you are a family member of an incoming student.

There are also plenty of other lodging options available near the campus. However, if you find a place to stay outside of Calvin’s campus, please note that public transportation is very limited and you will need arrange your own transportation to get to and from campus.

When do events for parents officially end?

International PASSPORT ends on Thursday, August 30 at 5 p.m.

What should I bring?

Please take some time to review the "What to Bring" checklist.

Can I send a package of my belongings prior to arriving on campus?

Yes you can. Even if you don’t know your residence hall assignment you can send packages to Calvin and we will forward it to your dorm address. Address packages as follows:

    (Your Name)
    3201 Burton Street SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    United States of America

Will there be an opportunity to shop?

Yes, on Saturday, August 25, students and parents will visit a local grocery and home essentials store where you can find supplies for your dorm and classes.

What will I do during International PASSPORT?

A Tentative schedule of planned events is available to you online.

When do I register for classes?

You will meet with an academic advisor who will assist you in reviewing a list of classes for the fall semester. After this meeting, the Academic Services Office will create your fall semester schedule.

What if I want to audition for a music group?

Complete the music auditions portion on the registration form, and we will schedule an audition for you.

When do classes begin?

Tuesday, September 4.

How can I pay my tuition fees?

You can make payments in the Financial Services Office (Spoelhof Center) when you arrive on campus. Online payments can also be submitted.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Esther Kwak
Program Coordinator of International Student Development
Phone: (616)526-7121