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IMPACT is a new student orientation program for Mosaic Award recipients and other students who identify as Asian, Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern, multi-racial, Native American, Pacific Islander, or simply as a student of color.

IMPACT is designed to help students explore, learn and immerse themselves in the Calvin community. With the guidance of your first-year peers, Mosaic Student Success Specialists (if you have one), and Calvin staff, you will build a support system to help you make an impact at Calvin University. We invite you to bring your interests, personality and passion with you, to learn, to laugh and to meet your classmates through a multitude of activities. You will begin your Calvin journey with a greater sense of connectivity, support, and campus awareness.

A note for Mosaic Award recipients

  • IMPACT is required for Mosaic Award recipients
  • If you have any questions regarding your fit for IMPACT, please contact Esther Kwak,

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  • Cost
    • A $100 fee will be charged to your student account. This is in addition to the $250 orientation fee. This covers all costs for that student associated with orientation at Calvin.
    • Up to two adult family members can also attend PASSPORT at no further cost. Additional family members are $25 each.
    • Housing for family members not included.
  • Why you should attend

    There are many added benefits that come with participation in the IMPACT program.

    1. Learn about the Mosaic Award.
    2. Connect to a diverse group of fellow students.
    3. Learn the rich and inspiring history of IMPACT alumni at Calvin.
    4. Develop, explore, and appreciate your own God-given cultural identities.
    5. Glean wisdom from former and current successful students, faculty and staff.
    6. Fulfill your requirements for the Mosaic Award.

    Expect a warm, challenging, and one-of-a-kind welcome to your new school, Calvin!

  • Dates & Schedule

    Registration is Sunday Aug 23, 2020 between 1–3 p.m. in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Lobby.

    Impact is held from August 23–26 and is followed by Welcome Week on August 28–31. These programs are required for all incoming Mosaic Award recipients.


    A finalized schedule will be provided at registration and posted on the website. If you need more information as you make your travel plans. please contact us at

Calvin University is committed to being proactive and intentional in reaching underrepresented groups on campus to increase their sense of belonging and campus involvement. IMPACT aims to be one of many initiatives to help address these issues.


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