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Read the following very carefully and answer the questions. Whether or not you are scheduled for a foreign language assessment will depend on your answers.

Calvin students are required to complete two years of college level foreign language in the same language study. Exceptions are made for the following programs: Accountancy, Engineering, Nursing, Recreation, and the Visual Arts (BFA). For these programs, a student must have two years of a high school foreign language with grades of C or better, OR they must take one year of a foreign language at Calvin. Students should consult the college catalog for more specific information.

Four years of high school foreign language study with grades of C or better (in one foreign language) may be used to meet the college foreign language requirement. This is a language exemption. International students who have English as a second language are also exempt from the language requirement.

I have a first language other than English. I will have taken a foreign language in High School. I will have AP (advance placement) or college transfer credit. I plan to study the following languages at Calvin. Please check all that apply.
Calculus Readiness Test Please check any and all boxes that apply to you. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
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Students should consult the college catalog for more specific information on all of the above procedures. Students who have been assigned to the Access Program will receive additional information from Student Academic Services.